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The Alt-Right is a movement advocating what was considered common sense far less than a century ago, for the explicit purpose of saving our people and civilization. Essentially, what we’re saying is the social/political equivalent of “Hey, please don’t lick your finger then stick it in that electrical socket”. It’s a critical message for your toddler.  But, if you needed to deliver it to a grown man, would he even have the capacity to receive it? Still, one feels compelled to try.

There are many white people out there who deem themselves smarter than their own eyes. This group is outnumbered by those who don’t care to pay any attention at all. They’d rather just roll up a joint and watch Netflix. These demographics are very tough to reach. We’re fighting an uphill battle to be sure, but don’t despair because we’ve got lots of allies working relentlessly to state our case. 

The Beltway

We need to severely disrupt a bipartisan political establishment in order to chart a new course away from suicide and towards survival. What better way could there be to illustrate gridlock then to give the Republicans control of both Houses of Congress, and then watch them act on none of the initiatives they’d been harping on for the better part of a decade? We can all count on one hand the number of DC politicians worthy of the slightest respect. They’re dedicated to doing nothing to change that perception.


Quite frankly, the constant hysteria is tiresome. It certainly can be frustrating to live in a country grappling with a set of pressing, existential issues while its most esteemed media institutions don’t deem them appropriate topics for discussion. When they actually do, it’s only to take a position contrary to reality. However, there’s proven to be an enormous silver lining in all of this.

Let’s consider two examples. First, think back on the thrilling rollercoaster that was the 2016 election. The relentless propaganda brought attention to their blatant dishonesty to an audience that was exponentially larger than what we had at the time. Nothing was ever the same afterwards. Prior to that, our crusade got its first huge boost from the absolute madness that was the BLM movement. Blacks rioted on an appalling scale and police officers lost their lives in mass shootings. Whites were blamed for everything. The contrast between the infuriating narrative and brutal reality propelled many to seek out honest commentary on the situation. We welcomed them with open arms. Ultimately, the MSM are using their platforms to discredit themselves. They can’t stop doing that any more than they can stop hemorrhaging money.


Take delight at reading daily reports of the madness percolating out of Academia. Our nation’s institutions of higher education have bloated-up with armies of diversity commissars and anti-white academic programs. It’s a great way to amplify the hostility of vibrants. Even better, white students who undergo indoctrination in one of these programs often turn out one of two ways: pissed-off, or devoted to pissing everyone off. It’s a win-win for us. Sadly, it’s also just more wood for their funeral pyre. The crippling debts incurred by students to fund these institutions have created a bubble well in excess of a trillion dollars. Clayton Christenson, a professor at Harvard Business School, estimates that over half of all universities will be bankrupt in the next 10 to 15 years. It could be much sooner than that. We’ve got to enjoy this boon while it lasts.

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For every absurd narrative laid out by the media about Islam, there’s a Muslim waiting to plow through it with a truck. They are absolutely unwilling to let anything positive said about themselves ring true. Whether it’s through Pakistani gangs raping British girls on a massive scale, or just garden-variety suicide bombings, they are genuinely committed to doing their part to prove us correct.


While they certainly are far less creative in the application of violence than Muslims, they make up for it on sheer volume. For anyone entertaining unrealistic expectations of black progress, there’s a pack of “teens” roaming around to beat it out of them. They’re essentially a human minefield waiting to maim anyone unfortunate enough to venture in their direction. They deserve to be considered our greatest allies.


What about the demographic that produces our greatest enemies? At this point, they make little pretense at being a force for good. The depth of their hatred and malevolent intentions for us are now on full display. Whether it’s out of sheer rage or simply arrogance, they only make slight attempts at dissimulation, if they care to do so at all.  Since the election, some of the worst among them have been making the most revealing public statements we’ve seen yet.

Take (((Bill Kristol))), for example. This truly evil man was one of the primary architects of the Iraq War, which sacrificed American lives for the purpose of improving Israel’s strategic situation. In frustration over the 2016 election, he’s come out and declared that the white working class should “be replaced”. After getting their children killed and squandering the national wealth that could have funded their retirements, he has little use for whites whose jobs have been exported. In his mind, the value of cannon fodder clearly doesn’t depend on its skin color.

Alabamians really dodged a bullet. (((Tim Wise))), an “anti-racism” activist and author, declared back in November that it would be “time to destroy white Alabama” if Roy Moore was elected to the Senate. It’s heartening that everybody is starting to get honest about what they want around here.

We’re a movement of realists who directly address reality. Our chief obstacle at present is the obstinance and apathy of the average person to recognize obvious truths.  We should really thank our allies for helping them to see the light. Our enemies are their own worst enemies. The future is bright. 

-By Tommy Shackleford

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