Chicago: Sophistry & Slaughter

Late last year, President Trump rhetorically asked “what the hell is going on in Chicago?” at an FBI graduation ceremony. Chicago is our nation’s 3rd largest city, so its “carnage” is certainly a valid line of inquiry. After all, the police pension fund, and probably the municipality itself, will be insolvent by the time he finishes his first term in 2021. It leads the nation in municipal population contraction and unfunded obligations. White taxpayers are already fleeing in droves.

A media chorus vociferously denounced him as a demented racist. Just like every other statement he makes, it was “debunked”. See, the murder rate in Chicago actually dropped by 15% from 2016. A mere 2,937 people were wounded and a slight 675 killed. Most of this occurred in just a handful of neighborhoods. USA Today has hailed it as “a grim sign of improvement”.

Here’s a recent press release by the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law.:

“Since day one in office, President Trump and his administration have wrongly pushed this idea of ‘American Carnage’ and a nationwide crime wave,” said Inimai Chettiar, the director of the Brennan Center’s Justice Program. “They appear to be trying to scare Americans into supporting some of the administration’s most controversial policies, from changes to drug prosecutions to aggressive immigration enforcement. But, numbers clearly undercut their claims. Crime rates this year remain near historic lows.”

Another academic, Rutgers University professor Lisa Miller, chimed in about Black crime to the AP: “This racist narrative remains alive and well, unfortunately. It defies empirical reality in every sense and is not hard to debunk, which tells you something about its durability.”

After being confronted with such sophisticated sophistry, my heart grew laden with heavy despair. What hope do realists like ourselves have to point out the obvious? Then, I recalled a meeting that occurred back in December. As it turns out, some rather prominent Blacks seem to be in agreement with us.

Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin presides over the nation’s premier combat zone. He wasn’t buying these narratives at all.  Last month, he traveled to NYC to beg the UN Assistant-Secretary General for Peacekeeping Support to deploy international troops in the self-embattled neighborhoods of his black constituents.  One of the areas he’s pleading to be placed under UN occupation includes the Southside of Chicago, which is the site of the future Obama Presidential Library.

According to Boykin, UN forces have “been able to help in places like Africa…to help minority and vulnerable populations”. To be frank, I’d probably try the same thing if I were in his position. Boykin doesn’t have many options. The mayor of Chicago, (((Rahm Emanuel))), cares little if Black Chicagoans live or die. He’d rather receive praise for declaring his spiraling city “a Trump free zone” on late night television. Something must be done to stop the “genocide”. This might actually be the last best hope for Chiraq. Too bad the US government would never allow it.

When the Establishment touts a “falling crime rate” in a place like Chicago, it’s not out of a desire to present an honest narrative to the public. The truth is that going from a horrendous level of violence to a slightly less horrendous level of violence doesn’t make anything even remotely “stable”. Also, one of the distinguishing features of genocidal internecine bloodshed is that it leaves progressively-fewer combatants. So, at some point, this sort of homicide has to reach a peak and begin declining as less and less live bodies exist.  That certainly could be the phenomena we’re currently observing in Chiraq.

At any rate, don’t expect the narrative to change.  The trouble for the media is that reality won’t either. Even this winter’s sub-zero temperatures are having little impact on the violence. Chicago rang in the New Year with a bang. After the ball dropped at 12, the first Chicagoan dropped less than two hours later.  2018 didn’t get a day old without ten senseless shootings in this dying city.

-By Tommy Shackleford