Your Future: Your Family

If you desired to eradicate an identity, where would you start? Do you start with their monuments, their relics, and their symbols? No, this war began long before that. Then you attack the history of their people? It’s a good start, but still too broad.

You attack the point at which strength is derived from. You remove the tribal instinct from an individual and the aforementioned objectives follow suit. What a difficult task that seems, you say; how would you even begin to deconstruct what should be such a tight bond?

Simple: appeal to greed, narcissism, and immediate gratification.

Tell the youth that having a family is too expensive and then repeat it until it they believe it, until they rally behind it. Force it down their throats until it is their very core mission statement.

Glorify the “party life” and soul crushing individualism in 10-second frames. Chastise the image of the person striving for a career so that they may be a provider for a beautiful wife and children – that isn’t fun, you don’t need it. Now, drink this and let my friend take you home for the night.

This isn’t speculation or theory, there is no hypothesis to test. I can write this because it’s happened. The narrative pushed by Hollywood and Silicon Valley has never been more clear: they don’t want your values or your morals passed down. You want a strong family in which your identity is passed from generation to generation and your values and morales are upheld? This isn’t the 1920’s, bigot, and a white family has no place here.

Instead they push experimentation, materialistic satisfaction, and immediate gratification over responsibilities. They do this all in the name of progress.

And that is perhaps the greatest lie we were ever sold.

Instead of strong men and faithful women with loving families, we received flaming soyboys who are incapable of figuring out if they should wear boots or a dress. We’ve been sold crippling walking nihilism in the form of individuals who aren’t worth their weight in the booze that they faced the night before. Silenced and swatted on the nose, we’ve been scolded and ensured that the endless degenerate behavior and blatant mental disorders parading through our streets is normal and even courageous.

So how do we combat this?

Protect It.

In my opinion, perhaps one of your greatest duties to this movement should be ensuring the strength of your family. Men should be acting like men and not clowning around in nightclubs, orbiting the most attractive female in the room. Instead we should be striving for qualities that make a lady yearn for us. We should chisel an image that commands respect and is deserving of the love of a good woman.

Once that is checked off your list, you get to work on your future. You have a wife to provide for so that job at the car wash just won’t cut it. Get yourself a trade or a skill that will be useful. Once you’ve accomplished that, work that trade or skill so that it’s perfected and fruitful; you have more to provide for in your future.

Queue your future. Your children will carry on your legacy and the legacy of the fathers before you. They can only do this, however, if you instill the importance in them from the start. This can also only be achieved if you have them.

I wish I could write that birth rates are only stagnating, but the truth is much worse. Birth rates are declining with no plateau in sight. This isn’t affecting all ethnicities in America, though, and, in fact, this trend appears to be exclusive to the white population. In 2016, the birth rates of every ethnicity in the United States outnumbered that of solely white families. As I sit here writing this now, I can’t help but make the connection to the weekly Huffington Post or Vice article which instructs its followers, in very plain English, not to have children. This has to change if we can hope to gain any more ground in the future.

That being said, having children for the sake of bumping up numbers would be irresponsible. What we need is a return to core values that have been instilled in all of us. We must combat the current trend of senseless existence with the glory of purpose and we must ensure our children understand why it is so important. We must pass down the traits that make us proud and not what gains us acknowledgement in social groups.

When you have achieved your family it’s crucial that you take the time to craft and build it into something worthwhile. I don’t mean feeding your children books and information until they are incapable of any further knowledge. Experiences are key to building character. One of my fondest memories from my childhood has always been the weekends that my family would spend camping in the woods with another family. Those weekends taught me some of the most beneficial survival skills and that’s something that no amount of research can measure up to.

Most importantly, we cannot be swayed by this myth that we are unable to afford a family. For generations our ancestors have birthed many children and structured healthy families with far less opportunity than the Current Year provides us. Few things in life worth doing are easy and we must not be afraid of this. Perhaps by doing this, however, we can turn the tide in our favor. By achieving these goals, you have the ability to convey to those around you or to those that you grew up with, still paralyzed by these social pressures, that the narrative being pushed is a false and dangerous one. We must fight back and proudly display the rewards of a strong and healthy family and that they are far more gratifying than any promiscuous night out, any drunken stupor, or any other degenerate activity mislabeled as “empowering” or “progressive.”

It’s easy in this movement to be pulled in multiple different directions and they can all prove to be beneficial. We must not, however, let this distract us from what’s really important. We are all working so hard to provide a better future, whether it be countering the overreaching neo-Marxists or keeping our race from virtue signaling itself out of existence, but we need to understand the most important aspect of our goal.

As hard as we are fighting now, we need to ensure that we have a future to fight for.


  1. 2 absolute musts….

    No TV in the house…
    Home school…
    If you don’t do this…
    Good Luck. 90+++% failure rate.

    And – limit or not have- hand-held devices.
    I regret the time I spent at IBM research making these
    personal interaction killers possible.
    Also – no cell calls on nine e leven. That was the
    pink panther project and it came out in 2005-6.
    No box cutt ers and a rabs call by Barb O lson to T ed.
    Juice did nin e 1 1.

  2. Nice article Mr. Bishop. The family is the core base of any civilization. I would like to add one observation.
    We did not go straight from traditional families to money obsessed career people and the whole “childfree” stuff. There was an intermediate step. The intermediate step was the mainstreaming of divorce and remarriage. Divorce fractured God ordained family bonds, removing children from the counsel of both parents. Remarriage then created unnatural families, where you were not blood kin to your “brother”, and your little sister only shared one parent with you. Family integrity became about lust gratification and financial comfort -not about traditional relationships and carrying on ones people in a God ordained and stable way.
    My brothers, choose your wife wisely, and do not divorce!