Dispensationalism, Its Development, Its Beliefs, Its Consequences Part Three: Its Consequences

There are many dire consequences to dispensationalism, we shall look at a few of the most important ones. First, dispensationalism tends towards antinomianism. Antinomianism is belief that the law of God (the Ten Commandments) is not important since we live under “grace and not the law.”

Dr. R. C. Sproul said that antinomians sing, “Free from the Law, O blessed condition, I can sin as I please and still have remission.” This attitude is fostered by the alter-call decisional salvation which is unique to American evangelicals. The antinomian would say, “I walked the aisle of the First Baptist church on May 10th in 2015 and repeated the sinners prayer, so now I can live as I please!” This attitude is dealt with by St. Paul in his letter to the Romans. It flies in the face of all orthodox Christian teachings. While keeping the law (if it were possible) can in no way save a person; genuine faith must exhibit fruits (good works). And these fruits result from a continual repentance in one’s life as the believer strives to conform to the standards of God’s law.

Antinomianism can also lead to the opposite effect. Since the dispensationalist rejects God’s law as his standard, he must find another one. Many Free Will Baptist churches place emphasis on a set of man-made laws. For example: don’t drink alcoholic beverages, don’t dance, don’t smoke and don’t play cards. Well, you get the point. The Ten Commandments provide us with a standard which we can use to judge ourselves each day. They are the underpinning of our civil society. Without them, we drift into situational ethics and ultimately into statism (that most dangerous religion). The big Marxist state defines what is sin (political correctness) which ends in enslavement of the population and the absolute destruction of liberty.

A second consequence of dispensationalism has been the feminization of the Church. The idea that the believers will be raptured before the great tribulation begins is one of the culprits. How many times have you talked to a dispensationalist about a problem in this country only to be told, “Well, I am not going to worry about that, after all, the Rapture will soon come.” This do-nothing attitude is pervasive and the results are terrible. The “touchy feely” services are replacing good solid liturgy. Emotional manipulating choruses replacing the hymns. And, psychobabble replacing concrete Bible teaching. What is the result? Men are leaving the churches in droves and women are taking over key positions. True doctrines are being replaced with “inconclusiveness” and vapid social relevance! These trends started in liberal main line denominations, but have rapidly invaded dispensationalist evangelical churches.

The last result of dispensationalism which we will consider is the belief that – true Israel and the Church are totally different. Different roads to salvation. Since the establishment of the nation of Israel, this Zionist Christian view has accelerated into absolute madness and in some cases, heresy. Yes, I did use the “h” word.

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No one is allowed to criticize Israel or Jews in general. We are told that we must support Israel even if it means sending our young men to die for the illegal Zionist state. So called Christian Zionist constantly lobby in favor of a foreign state. We are told that we cannot have an ethnostate for White folks, but we must give our money and our blood to support the Jewish ethnostate! We are told that building a wall on our boarder is racist, yet the Jews have constructed one that surrounds Israel. How many wars, how many conflicts, how many terror events could have been avoided had we not supported Israel? Just think of the lives and treasure thrown away and for what? The end of this has been to help folks that genuinely hate us and want to rid us from the earth. I could go on and on, but I think you all understand the madness of Zionist Dispensationalism.

If you are interested in more information, I recommend to you the works of Gary DeMarr. You can listen to hours of lectures on YouTube.

Keep the faith,

Guy de Vries


  1. Thank you for filling in the gaps of my knowledge in your three-part series on Dispensationalism. I previously understood the basics of this thinking but lacked the details. It is a VERY COMMON belief system in the South, particularly among the Baptists. Perhaps this belief system has played a large part in why it was the Baptists that recently moved to condemn both the CROSS of St Andrew and the Alt-Right?