A White Line Nightmare

The first four articles in this series expounded on some heavy “doom & gloom.” I’ve never looked at it this way since reading Pat Buchanan’s “The Death of the West” back in 2001. My sentiments on the turmoil ahead are that it won’t be easy for anyone, but it’s a necessary process if we wish to get the masses back to addressing reality.  The insanity is so intense these days that a cure would have to be equally severe. At any rate, there’s nothing we can do to prevent it. What reasonable things can someone who is not independently wealthy do to insulate his family from it all?

Be Realistic

If some truly epic collapse really did happen, we’d all be screwed, so why bother worrying about that? Back in the 90’s, the Federal government did a study on what would happen if the electrical grid failed. Conclusion? 90% of the population would be dead in a matter of months. If the worst ever occurred, only the most isolated, secluded people would survive. There’s nowhere on the East Coast more than a day’s hike from an urban area. You live in the country? So what? Everyone has roads and power lines leading right to their house. You’d better have a militia ready for a proper shoot out. What I’m referring to in this article is what can be done as a precaution in case of civil strife brought on by an economic/financial crisis.

Proximity is of the Utmost Importance

The best safety measure is living amongst reliable people who might look out for each other during unrest. As we’ve seen in NOLA and many war-torn countries, men can organize to erect barricades and defend their neighborhoods. You need to be around guys willing and able to do that. Don’t worry about how “based” they are, that won’t even be a question when survival is on the line. Life threatening circumstances can easily propel a man to do things outside of this comfort zone. This is where normal whites have an edge on their wealthy counterparts. A middle class neighborhood full of cops, firefighters etc. will be much safer than a gated community of rich targets whose security has abandoned them to look after their own homes.

If that’s where you want to be, then this is where you don’t want to be: anywhere close to a large concentration of dindus. Think of trendy urban condos in Richmond or Atlanta. Very bad idea. A crisis will hit our nation’s dusky denizens like an atom bomb. If they’re not completely reliant on transfer payments, then they’re most likely employed in public or private make-work jobs. When a belt must tighten, the very first thing an organization will discard is its diversity bureaucracy. A potential lawsuit later doesn’t override payroll immediately. A meltdown could take the food right out of their mouths, right away. Ferguson or Charlotte is what happens when a criminal gets shot and they’re completely provided for at white expense. If they can’t proudly use their SNAP benefits to buy sugar water for a few days, then we’ll really experience some Africa-style mayhem. Simply domicile yourself outside of walking distance from these areas so it’s only something you need to watch on TV.

Don’t be trapped in your car.


There’s lots of talk about investing in precious metals in order to get a huge return down the road and protect your savings from calamity. Maybe that’s a good plan. Clearly the Chinese and Russian governments support the idea, seeing as they are amassing huge tonnages. However, Uncle Sam does not. He is an idiot, but he has power to do things like confiscate gold, which he has done in the past. In 1933, as a response to the Great Depression, FDR issued Executive Order 6102 ordering private holders of gold to hand it over to the Federal Reserve in exchange for dollars. That could happen again. Even if you don’t hand it over, how could you conduct daily transactions with an illegal medium of exchange? There’s not any infrastructure set up for that even if it remained legal. For a kilo of coke, sure I guess it would suffice. However, a bag of groceries or a piece of real estate? No way.


Should you stock up on freeze-dried food advertised on Infowars? It’s not the worst idea in the world, but maybe you should also consider getting some binoculars to watch for chem trails. Like I said before, if things got so bad that everybody was starving to death, then we’re all screwed. So yes, if you have a fortified compound out west, it’s a good acquisition. But, if you’re living back east, why bother since you’d be dead anyway? A reasonable measure would be to stock up on nonperishables that you could use up eventually. That way, you’re not risking any money. This could be stuff like sacks of beans and sacks of rice. They last for a long time. You can eat them along the way and just keep restocking. They’ll taste especially delicious if everybody else is fighting at Food Lion over gummy bears. What do you have to lose?

Flee to NZ

If you’re among our wise overlords, then you may wish to relocate yourself to a mostly white, rural country separated by vast amounts of water from 99.9% of humanity. That was Matt Lauer’s plan, until he got exposed for being a typical Jewish pervert. Now, he can kiss his 13 million dollar ranch dream goodbye. That bigoted country has a “good character test” for entry. He’ll just have to suffer with the rest of us. That failed purchase from a TV anchor making 25 million a year is like a normal guy buying a Bass Tracker because he doesn’t want to go fishing. The Elect have been buying NZ rural properties like crazy. That place is literally a day of flying away from NYC and at least 15 hours from SF. It’s plainly obvious that these farms are not weekend getaways. It’s almost like our betters are anticipating something opposite from what the television is telling everybody else.

-By Tommy Shackleford 

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