Notes From An Episcopal Exile

This is why I have a hard time with the Current Year Christianity (but more specifically, the Episcopal Church). Note the (((Tribe member))) in front as well. This picture was from a Richard Spencer event in Texas. The below is just my personal experience, I consider myself a Christian, but I currently have no physical church. I’m an Episcopal Exile. Below are a series of personal observations that illustrate a depressing future for Christendom.

1. When I went to a Trump rally in Richmond during the primary, out of the small amount of protesters, two stood out to me – two female Episcopal reverends with bull dyke hair and probably sexual degenerates of the highest order.

2. A guy I went to college with is now a Catholic priest – he posts anti-white rhetoric and communist talking points on a daily basis on Facebook. He’s posted somewhere in Texas and based off his comments it seems like his parishioners hate his guts. I believe him to also be a homosexual with mental illness. Imagine my shock.

3. My wife’s childhood friend is in Episcopal seminary – I’ve never met a more left wing person. He once told me that he questioned if Christ was the son of God. He’s also never worked a real job in his life.

4. I haven’t heard the word “sin” in a sermon in over 5 years. The last sermon I heard was about the depopulation of honey bees and the one before that was about “love” (I couldn’t remember anything else).

5. The church I grew up in is now transitioning from High to Low. Our last two rectors have been women. The average age is probably 60. The last three churches I visited all had female reverends and their focus was on their youth group. Their mission trips were to Africa, meanwhile almost 10% of my county lives below the poverty line.

6. A guy I grew up with is now a mega church pastor in Florida. I’ve listened to some of his speeches, they just sound like self-help TED talks. I haven’t heard anything even related to the Bible, it’s about “empowerment.” It comes off as strange and off putting.

7. Only one of my normie friends even goes to church semi-regularly. Of my normie friends, only he and my family say grace before meals and before bed. The rest find it either quaint or bizarre that people thank God before eating.

8. Of all the weddings I’ve ever attended, only three (including my own) have been in an actual church. Of all the weddings I’ve ever attended, only those three actually knew the person officiating the wedding. The locations were either beaches, vineyards or chic country (in a field or barn). The officiate was usually some rent-a-preacher.

9. Other than Alt-Right Christians, I’ve yet to meet a normie Christian® that still thinks homosexuality is a sin. Not IRL, anyway. They seem to be more interested in potluck and coffee hour than salvation.

10. I’ve attended too many Christian fellowship meetings. Nothing of actual importance is ever discussed, other than the next Brunswick stew drive.

I could go on, but I’m concerned for the Church. We need to save it, but can it be saved – with respect to the Episcopal Church?


  1. I think you may be looking for a “Continuing Anglican” parish.

    They are those who broke communion with the Episcopal Church in the 1970’s when the first so-called female priest was ordained. There are several separate denominations under that label. They practice orthodox Christianity in the Anglican tradition with parishes all over the USA (and many here in the South). They have historically been pretty fractious, but things are in motion now that (I believe) will lead to a great re-union among several of the more high-church groups–maybe just in time to soak up the more “Anglo-catholic” dioceses that aren’t quite happy with the level of prog in the ACNA.

    It’s really worth a look. There are thriving orthodox communities out there (I know for a fact that there is at least one continuing Anglican parish in Dixie flying the First National in the back of the nave). Don’t despair. Don’t forsake meeting together with the brethren as some have done. Merry Christmas!

  2. A group of loyal readers have one account to post comments with. Hell, we’re too lazy to all make WordPress accounts (having to make an account to comment is gay).

    Don’t get despondent out there, brother. There is always a remnant that have not bowed the knee to Baal (sodomites, female clergy, and “progress”). I’ll be worshipping with some of that number tomorrow. Your post spoke to me, and saddened me to think of all the disaffected young men out there who want to do right, and are sick of a feminized, anemic version of the Gospel. Like my boy posted above, there are options for you, but it’s not going to be in the converged synagogue of Satan that the mainline Episcopal Church has become. I have no clue how to get in touch with you, but I know faithful clergy who could probably help drum up some contacts of churches practicing the orthodox faith in your area (God help you if you are in the Philistine North). Like my friend said, get your ass to a church. Find a place where you can go to the communion rail and meet with your real Lord and King as we celebrate his nativity. These apostates don’t own the Church. Christ does. He will never give up on His Bride! It looks bleak, I know, but you aren’t alone out there. To quote a fat German, “He must win the battle.”

    Merry Christmas!

  3. The independent congregations known as the ‘churches of Christ’ started
    in the 1800s pre-war south as a restoration to the original first-century
    church. No popes, cardinals and all that kind of government. Just congregations,
    with men doing all the leadership in each congregation. No creeds, just the
    New Testament. Try to find one and see what you think…..