The Eternal Immigrant: For Their Corporate Masters

In 1860, about 13 percent of the U.S. population was born overseas, which is roughly what it is today (different colour now, though). At least one in every four members of the Union army was an immigrant, some 543,000 of the more than 2 million Union soldiers (10% were German and 7.5% were Irish alone). Another 18 percent had at least one foreign-born parent. Together, immigrants and the sons of immigrants made up over 40% of the U.S. Armed Forces. Nearly one in 10 was also a Negro freedman. The North simply would have lost the war without this alien cannon fodder.

The Northern Industrialists wanted paper money (counterfeiting), protectionist tariffs (cartels), internal improvements (corporate welfare), and immigrants (low wages). They won the Civil War and got it all. They proceeded to have a corporate orgy known as the “Gilded Age”. Their control continues to this day. Whom, do you think, compose the gentile half of the 1%? The United States Government was not a “Blood & Soil Reich” fighting for lebensraum in the Civil War. It was a nation of immigrants fighting for their corporate masters. Their reward was the consumer serfdom we enjoy today.

Now look at what Yankee industrialists have done to the North with the immigrant. Harvard went from being a seminary for a White Christian theocracy to being a progressive haven for Jews and Asians. Imagine the Founders securing a nation for their own posterity just to have it taken by a bunch of European peasants who never cared about English Liberty. They came for the land and to make money, not for the Magna Carta. Immigration replaced Englishmen in the North with obedient Germans. The Empire then used those new German Americans to destroy the South and then Germany twice. If you deracinate and mix Europeans, then their Whiteness is all they have left. This is why American nationalists are not “American Nationalists”. They are White Nationalists. Are all Whites interchangeable?

Apparently, all Christians are interchangeable too. Immigration has replaced the old WASPs and German Lutherans with Catholic Irish and Italians, then Orthodox Slavs. The Catholic church has always been international in the U.S. Spanish, French, English recusant, German, Irish, Polish, and Italian Catholics are all just “Catholic”. The only thing they had in common was their Whiteness. Now, all those different flavours of White Catholic are being replaced with Latinos. This is justified as a way for Rome to defeat Protestantism, of course. Is this mixing inconsistent with being an American Catholic? No, it is the essence of American Catholicism. Having different Catholic nations divided between Maryland and Louisiana and California no longer exists thanks to the Civil War.

All of this ethnic cleansing was done to make a buck while the charlatans blabbered away about the “Brotherhood of Man”. Once they dispensed with our sovereignty, they mixed Whites and Christians into a generic serf class. Now it is easy to mix non-Whites and non-Christians in there too. This is why the U.S. isn’t a real country, but a propositional one.