Tim Wise: “It’s Time to Destroy White Alabama!”

What did he mean by this? It certainly appears that Tim Wise is advocating for the genocide of members of the white race from Alabama. What a minute, that’s right, White genocide is a myth. Besides, Tim Wise later issued a “clarification” in the form of another tweet. He said “Yesterday I tweeted that if whites elect sexual predator Roy Moore it’s time to financially destroy white Alabama. After careful reflection, I need to clarify. What I meant was: if whites elect sexual predator Roy Moore it’s time to financially destroy white Alabama. #Better?”.

Not better

To quote Doc Holliday from the movie Tombstone, “Your hypocrisy knows no bounds,” Mr. Wise. This is a typical tactic of the Judeo-Left. They back-peddle and issue some “clarification” laced with buzzwords that are as obviously insincere as they are flat out untrue. Let’s just examine what Mr. Wise, a self-proclaimed smart guy, said in his “clarification.”  He added the phrase “sexual predator” to add extra evil juju to Mr. Moore’s persona. Now, if I were to tell you about the Jewish sexual predator Leo Frank and how Southerners historically dealt with actual sexual predators, he would defend against Frank’s legacy with tales of an anti-semetic lynching and moanings of “blood-libel” before unleashing a mob of leftist golem to attack my character and get me fired from my job, so on and so forth. We’ve seen it happen to any white person who dares to speak up and stray from the well-beaten, approved path of correctness. However, if I were to defend an upstanding member of the community such as Roy Moore for engaging in traditional courtship, he would paint me as some morally deficient dumb Southern redneck who deserves to be genocided.

Tiny Tim goes on to clarify he only meant he wanted to “financially destroy white Alabama” like they should have done 150 years ago. Well, here’s the thing, White Alabama WAS destroyed financially 150 years ago. Surely such a smart man as the likes of Tiny Tim Wise would know all about how the entire economy of the South was laid waste and the enduring financial hardships the South faced during Reconstruction. After all, he’s (((Southern))) just like us! So, I ask again, what did he mean by “It’s time to destroy white Alabama like we should have 150 years ago”?

I’ll tell you what he meant. He means that if you are white, have no issue with white traditions and do not actively participate in denouncing a man who preferred a more wholesome Christian method of finding a wife, well then – you need to be destroyed. This is same method many of our grandparents and their parents before them also used, while Wise cannot destroy them presently, he and his ilk sure love destroying their legacy. He not only believes you deserve to be subject to genocide because you do not accept the Judeo-Left’s premise that Roy Moore, a life-long Christian and valuable public servant, is morally repugnant and should be considered a sexual predator, but also that you should accept, without objection, allowing a 4 year old child to undergo sexual reassignment surgery, lest you be labelled a bigot.

Do you see the hypocrisy yet, Southern man?

-By Spencer