You Will Never Be One Of Us

We’ve all seen it, some tractor rap urbanite, hipster soyboy, or boomer claiming that they’re Southern. These claims are generally followed with inflammatory comments about Southern culture and history or nearly incomprehensible ramblings on how great the American Empire is. These people are not Southern, they are indoctrinated and they are Reconstructed.

These people are empty husks filled with a pseudo-identity that they either ripped off of the Marxist filth they praise on CMT or they wear it like a hat that they can put on when it fits their disgusting agenda. Having a lifted truck, dipping Copenhagen to impress your friends, listening to Florida Georgia Line, and wearing cowboy boots does not make you a Southerner.

A true Dixian stands by his Kith and Kin and honors those who came before him. A true Dixian went out and protested the removal of the monuments to our Southern Forefathers. A true Dixian wants to preserve the beauty of this glorious land that is his birthright. A true Dixian despises the imperialist invaders that have kept their boot firmly planted on the South’s throat.

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Commercialized Culture

None of that applies to you, yet you still try to wear the title like it’s a fashion statement. You only care about yourself, you didn’t lift a finger when they went after Robert E. Lee. You don’t say a word about our once beautiful agrarian society being covered by cement and rebar for a new suburban hellhole or strip mall. You happily welcome and praise a cultural abomination that has been tearing apart Southern culture for over 150 years.

You’re spineless, you’re weak willed, and you’re fake. You stand for nothing and your bent knee lifestyle proves it. You may have been born in the South, but you will never be one of us.

Deo Vindice,
– Tyler J. Thompson


  1. The thing that irks me most is how these people have dumbed down what it means to be southern. Being southern is no longer being a gentleman, being a self sufficient farmer, or being a defender of honor and virtue. Being a southerner is now someone who is obsessed with the nfl, someone who drinks Bud-Light, and someone who is a proud Merican’.

      1. I guess it depends what your definition of a gentleman is. Being a gentleman isn’t necessarily about class, but of how a man presents himself. Honor is also a big part of a gentleman’s worldview as well as chivalry and respect for others.

      2. Yup and you just doubled down on what most working class Southern Whites aren’t, haven’t ever been or ever will be

  2. Sounds like SFC Ton has an extremely low opinion of the 99% of Southerners past and present who fall into the working class label.An honest Christian man in 1900 who farmed his land and loves his family and way of life is the epitomy of a gentleman.If the only thing that comes to your mind when you hear gentleman is some materlistic,aristocratic oligarch then maybe you have been watching to much of the old electronic Jew(TV).I notice you didn’t comment on the well written and excellent article but instead choose to attack a fellow Southern commentor who made what most would think to be a thoughtful and sincere statement based in fact.Being a decent,working class White Southerner can mean either you embrace your proud history and learn and study it and pass it on to your children OR you can whine about semantics online while your kids listen to rap and take Spanish in school.And next time remember that you DON’T speak for most or any of us working class Southern patriots.So you go become the caricature that the Jews want and call yourself a proud redneck and listen to your rap while displaying a Confederate flag with a skull defiling it but don’t speak for me.

  3. Southeastgadescendant,please don’t mind the other commentor.I remember how my granddaddy who was the most kind decent Christian man ever would say that a certain person was a good old boy,and he meant it in the best possible way.Now we have the Jew media distorting that fond term from my childhood to refer to corrupt politicians,in particular corrupt politicians from the South.This is their way to destroy anything good and make everything tawdry and ugly.The Jews are truly like their father the Devil,destroyers.They can take any type TV program and insert a sex scene to embarrass and break down the viewer esp if its a “family”show.Notice the also have commercials for feminine products to ruin any sense of modesty amongst the viewers.Nothing is sacred to the filth that run our country but we must resist letting them ruin the idea that things can be good and everything does not have to be vulgar and coarse.Keep being the proud gentlemen you are and I shall as well,regardless of the comments of some uneducated,masking wearing fool named SFC Ton.God Bless you and take care Sir.