Be a Man Among Men, Part One: Man as Protector

We have a crisis of masculinity. For the last half century, we have left the definition of masculinity up to Jews and feminists, who have used the opportunity to redefine masculinity as something toxic and destructive. The roles of men in society have been outsourced to soldiers, police officers, teachers, and other agents of the state. Jewish media has transformed the portrayal of men from the alpha in control into the dopey, stupid slave to women. On the off chance that a man is portrayed fulfilling his proper roles, he’s cast as an evil Nazi or some other form of undesirable or malcontent.

Modern media isn’t the only culprit. When disaffected men seek to reclaim their position as men, they often come across publications that do no better at allowing men to fulfill our true purpose, instead leading them to believe that a man is defined by his sexual conquests, his athletic accomplishments, or his financial worth.

Both systems are inherently flawed. The first system creates a class of browbeaten cuckolds, men in name only who refuse to speak up when their wife forces them to raise her mulatto children while she’s getting railed by Tyrone and his pack of negroes; the second, a permanent sodomitic bachelor class that only seeks sexual gratification without marriage and procreation.

In the following three part series, we will address the traditional roles of men in society, both in relation to the family and the community-at-large.

Part One: Man as Protector

The drive to protect is natural to males. Many of man’s roles involve protection; our minds and bodies were designed with this purpose in mind.

Protection of the Family

Protect your family physically: We are designed physically to be the protector of our wives and children. Men are naturally stronger than women, making us especially suited to this task. When danger arises, we are the first into battle, protecting those entrusted to us with everything we have. It is never the duty of the woman to confront danger head on.

"The Rifleman" Johnny Crawford and Chuck Connors star in th hit show, "The Rifleman."

This protection moves beyond protection from imminent danger in the moment, but also proactive protection; we address any situation, both online and offline, in which our family could be targeted for predation.

Protect your family from subversion: In this modern era, we are surrounded by subversive behavior. Guarding the minds and hearts of our families against subversion is nearly as important as physical protection. Avoid allowing yourself, your wife, or your children to become influenced by “bad seeds.” This extends now from personal relationships to the media that we consume. My mom used to say, in regards to this, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

Protect your family from itself: A threat that can often be overlooked is the threat from within. I’m not talking about full on DEFOOing someone in your family; that would be the opposite of actually protecting them. Much like it is the role of clergy to protect their congregation from internal division, the man must protect his family from disunity. Firm, guiding discipline is the strongest form of protection inside of the family. We cannot allow sin to take root in our families, for fear that it will spread. Promoting respect of hierarchy within the family is the most efficient way to protect the family from within.

Protect your family from yourself: All of the protection in the world cannot save a family whose head is rotten. By setting these examples, becoming the man you were meant to be, and leading a life of holiness, we can protect our families from our sinfulness. We all sin, but a good man must strive to live a life free of sin, lest he be the subversive element within his own family. Put to rest your sinful nature and pursue a life of holiness.

Protection of the Community

Protect your community physically: The community is the scaled up version of the family. Ensuring the physical survival of the community is our first responsibility outside of the family. The formation of a Männerbünde is the easiest way to create a protective force for the community. Men can train together in combat in order to make the community a “hard target” and avoid attacks. In many areas throughout Dixie, the foundation of the Männerbünde is laid- the fraternal order.

Protect your community economically: We must help our communities to thrive economically. The Jews are especially good at this; nepotism in white communities is an institution that must be reestablished if we ever hope to regain our foothold. Mutually beneficial barter of goods and services can do well to protect members of the community from outsiders who would exploit us economically.

Protect your community from subversion: Removing subversive elements from society not only protects society, but also removes subversive influences that may affect your family. Stiff penalties for behavior deemed by the community to be detrimental can have a chilling effect on our family members, keeping them from potentially harmful situations.


  1. This is an excellent article!

    It takes a real man to stand up against the powers that threaten not only his individual world but also the greater of society. We do this because it is the right thing to do and no one else is willing. The far-right in general is one of the few areas left in society where you’ll still find a man among men.