End Their Suffrage

Rock the Vote! Do your Duty! Exercise your Right! Slogans commonly used to get the masses out in order to impose their will over the few. Voter rights are something that should be sincerely looked at in-depth. I think that asking someone to prove that they are eligible to vote (non-citizen, felon or dead) or that you live in another voting district or state is a no-brainer – you don’t get to vote. Unfortunately, this is not the case as there are constant cries of outrage against The People’s™ ability to vote.

I personally do not think that voting is a universal right, but is a exclusive privilege and that it should be reserved for those with both above-average intelligence (which weeds quite a few out of the voting pool) and also those that financially sustain our Republic (a republic in name only, sadly). Which basically means male land owning tax-payers. After all, it is men who go to war and are sent to far flung foreign lands to fight the American Empire’s failing wars. And, it is the land owners who lose their property with the expansion of government. Finally, it is tax payers who have to foot the bill for our parasitic welfare and government handout programs.

To me, it would seem anyone who is not in one of those three classes should not be allowed to vote. In fact, let’s be serious – there should also be an IQ test and basic history/government exam administered prior to voting. It is ridiculous that people not allowed to drive, have not completed and met the ridiculous low (and getting lower) standards of public high school and are unable to hold a job are able to offset my vote. These people simply vote for the gibs – and, the cycle continues every election. The earners and producers are offset by the dregs of society in “muh democracy.” To paraphrase Aristotle, “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.”

Do you really think that some mouth-breather that spends his days watching WorldStar videos and boosts stolen rims should be able to counter-act a tax-paying citizen’s vote? It’s absurd and is a flawed system that needs to be stamped out.

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This totally won’t run a nation into the ground, right?

We can do this by several different means though. One logical solution would be to repeal the 19th amendment, thus ending women’s suffrage, and at the same time we could decrease the means to be eligible to vote. Having to be able to provide proof of taxes paid by the voter and proof of meaningful employment would be a good start. Those who collect welfare and means tested benefits should be removed from the voter rolls, as well as, a literacy test. Another idea could involve land ownership – potential voters must provide proof of land ownership, such as a deed or title showing ownership and taxes paid on said piece of land. The final requirement being what the Founders originally intended – born a white male. If you are mentally ill, than you have lost your privilege to vote as well. Same for those convicted of a felony.

Under libertarianism there is something called the NAP (Non Aggression Principle) – this states that you live as you are and do not impose your will or any aggression towards another person. Like much of libertarianism, it’s not grounded in reality. Unfortunately, our current democracy breaks this whimsical fantasy called the NAP. Our democracy is a form of government that exerts the will of many over the few – we’re getting close to being that “few” also. Under hyper mass democracy, you have millions of people that are easily led to the polling booths to pull a lever or touch a screen in order to get something for free – colloquially known as “gibs me dats” or “dem programs.”

The American voter has become a lab rat who every four years goes out to flip the switch for another piece of cheese. They get a super sweet sticker and a chance to boast on social media that they have exercised their “Vote Muscle.” Gathering ‘likes’ and shares, while the ruling class and global elite rub their hands together and laugh all the way to the bank.

I have to admit that the ruling class is very clever – driving towns and cities in slums of crime and violence then coming around every few years saying, “We really care about you. You get that government help? That was me, that was my party. Get out there and vote. I will make it so you don’t need an ID to vote.” The election comes and goes and that party leader is gone or is still around bringing the city or state into worse financial and social ruin, only to blame the shortfalls of the government they created on the other party.

Let’s fix this problem, let’s end universal suffrage.

-By Joe Martinez


  1. Women always had the right to vote- it’s just that it was a Christian society. In those times man was head of the household as Christ leads the church. The “family” vote would be discussed between him and his wife but the man, as head of the household, would make the final decision. Of course, the USA is no longer a Christian society and can no longer be reformed beyond minor, meaningless changes.