Crush the Urbanite: Agrarian Identity

In previous entries on this manifesto of anti-urbanism, I discussed what the urbanite is, why the urbanite is in opposition to our goals as Southern Nationalists, ethnonationalists and traditionalists. I have explored how the urbanites from the North come to colonize Dixie, and how even our own urbanites will exploit us, sell our culture and people out for a handful of silver. In this article, I will discuss the most important question of all, how do we Crush the Urbanite? What acts should we, or must we, take in order to achieve this most lofty, and arguably, sacred of goals?

I must note, that much of my rhetoric and ideals are tinted with a Dixian outlook, as that is what my life experience will show. But it must be known and embraced that ALL ruralites in the United States, and across the world, suffer from the yoke of the eternal urbanite. In America, you will find decimated and desecrated former industrial towns in Pennsylvania and New York. You will find small farm towns that no longer have an economy due to the ever growing reliance on produce from outside the Empire. In Washington, you will find that the Democratic Political Machine has imported thousands upon thousands of illegal and legal immigrants to ensure their political power. There you will find formerly small cities with a bloated population doubled in size from several decades ago, with crumbling infrastructure unable to support this cancerous growth. Embracing and accepting of this truth leads me to my main point.

The first step to Operation: Crush the Urbanite, I believe, must be to foment and advance an agrarian identity. This identity must respect all of our various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, the Dixian, the “Amerikaner”, the Cascadian, the Southwesterners, even the yeoman of New England! Most importantly, we must define this identity ourselves, and not allow stereotyping. Nothing pleases the urbanite more than shoehorning a rural Dixian into foul and degenerate stereotypes, forcing us to feel ashamed of our identity, of our heritage. They use these insidious methods of the media and of rhetoric to force those who’s interests do not fit the stereotypes to migrate to the metropoli, in order to find a place to fit in. We must halt this denigration of our culture and heritage. My experience has shown me that much of the anti-rural stereotyping is directed at people who are more intellectual, creative, or technological in their interests and outlooks. This leads to a form of “brain drain” for rural areas, as the cultural pressures cause a divide and alienation of the ruralite and their true fellows, their blood and soil. The urbanite uses this devilish device of rhetoric to draw off talented people, and to turn them against their rural heritage, people, and even their own families!

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Urbanite Propaganda

The creation of this identity will give us a greater voice in comparison to the urbanite, and not only that, would amplify the voices of the various peoples. This agrarian confederation identity would only serve to make the actual voice of the Dixian, the Cascadian, the New Englander, louder. The Metropoli® have a way of dissolving true cultural identity for the sake of a theme park version of it. The urbanite will claim to be the true representative voice of America, but they are but a degenerated version of it. While we, the ruralites, are the true holders of our myriad cultures! This loose unity will show our differences, and in turn, due to the basic nature of the agrarian mindset, we will respect our differences. Without the centralization necessarily forced in this metropolitan society, the force of similarity becomes less and less important. Instead of putting forth the image of a stereotypical theme park, we can be true to ourselves and to our culture, our people, and our own traditions, without the fear of being looked down upon.

Once we have achieved this strong base and brotherhood of agrarian identity, we can begin to push aspects of Agrarian Nationalism economically, socially, and politically. It will become increasingly harder for the urbanite to undermine us, when we have a voice against the depredations committed against us. When a rural hospital closes, no longer will the urbanite masters be able to cling to financial reasoning, we will be able to glare them straight in the eye, and say with pride and conviction that they are putting profits before people. They will flinch as they see the rhetoric of their liberal ideology used against them, forced into a deep cognitive dissonance! When we are denied infrastructure, or coaxed into joining them in their multikulti death pits, we can say that we cannot abandon our people, an idea that the urbanite cannot comprehend. Force them into a corner that they cannot escape, trapped by the false ideals of liberalism, forced to face us on our own terms instead of theirs. We, as Dixians, are already capable of doing this to a degree. However, the urbanite has had over one hundred and fifty years to slander us, to demonize, to diminish us.

It is evident too, that all rural people suffer from the domination of the urbanite, this pan-agrarian movement is needed. We will not gain true freedom by simply being able to fully turn the urban arguments back upon them en masse, but this will be the building block. If we were to remain as one nation, then the urbanite will simply replace us all with their own, as we have seen in much of Virginia. If we were to secede as a Dixian nation, then it would be no trouble or moral qualm for the powers that be to put severe economic sanctions against us. Worse still would be the old playbook of the Empire that we have seen played across the world in many nations, of fomenting insurgencies and even terrorist cells to overthrow the rightful government of the people.

No, to crush the urbanite, we must achieve a pan-agrarian secession, so that by holding land, the basis of life itself, we put them in a compromised position. If we play by the rules of the urbanite, they will always win. We must change the rules, we must form an agrarian identity, and through an agrarian identity begin the ideas of an agrarian seccession. Without the Agrarian as the unwilling and unpunished servant, the urbanite will be compromised, the failing of their society shown.

Through these ideas, I dare say, I dare hope, we will Crush the Urbanite.

-By Dr. Kriegzahn


  1. Ruralites have a certain advantage over urbanites, in that we can grow our own (organic, non-GMO) food. They can’t, or at least it’s much more difficult for them to. This can and should act as a form of natural selection, and cause the urbanites, dependent as they are on GMO produce, to become extinct. Love the sound of that – the extinct urbanite!

  2. One of my favorite authors is Wendell Berry, as agrarian as you can get. American georgics / and the agrarian world-view has led me to truly appreciate the Confederacy and its cause.