One thought on “Wolfman’s Activism & Entertainment: Ave Imperator

  1. Sheep are stupid. Herding them is a pain in the ass, they’ll tear down fences to get to feed when they already have plenty in their own pens, they’re absolutely hopeless against any predators this side of a large cat. If you’re going to raise any serious number of them, you pretty much have to be a full time shepherd.

    Goatherds can be part-time if they want to be. That’s good if you’re a low-agency savage who’s happy to live on a subsistence level, but it’s also good if you’re high-agency and want to do something more with your life than raise livestock: plant crops, learn a trade, be a wagecuck as most modern small farmers have to be, whatever. So sheep might be better overall, but goats are more versatile.


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