Reality is Never Recognized by Consensus

In many significant ways, this epoch is different from all others. For example, the pervasive phone-zombie disorder or levels of degeneracy that would have appalled the citizens of Sodom & Gomorrah. But, in terms of the average person’s ability to notice important things and do some critical thinking for themselves, I suspect the population is much as it has always been. One of the principal reasons we’re considered “fringe” is the simple fact that the average person is a “rube” or “sheep” to the extent that they’re even paying attention to existential issues at all.

Thus, when we point out the obvious, then apply common sense to our situation, and next do a bit of reasonable extrapolation, it fails to resonate with many individuals who are otherwise intelligent. Here’s rough format for a conversation I’ve had on numerous occasions over drinks with a bunch of different European expats:

The Gist of my Question:

Given the violent disposition of Islam towards non-Muslims (cite one of endless historical or contemporary examples along with Koranic justification), doesn’t it seem like importing a Muslim majority into Western Europe would be a perilous proposition for its dwindling native population? [Take a sip of beer] Especially since your country is nearly insolvent?

The General Answer:

Hatred for Muslims is a big problem in America.

Depending on just how much alcohol I’ve imbibed, I’ll sometimes attempt to press the matter. Almost always, I don’t because using facts and reason to prevail upon these people would be like training my Border Collie to write an email. It’s a fruitless endeavor, so I’d need to drink far more than I should to even embark on it.

So, usually I just let them go back to talking about something like soccer or the idiocy of Donald Trump. Now, bear in mind, these guys are either electrical or mechanical engineers. They’re not employed in professions for the stupid. Yet, while they can be taught to use their high-functioning brains to repair precision industrial equipment, they’re wholly incapable of thinking for themselves when it comes to the pressing issues that will define their lives and the survival of Western Civilization. At any rate, most of them pay little if any attention.

Unless you are fortunate to an extreme degree, I’m sure you could come up with numerous comparable experiences at the drop of a hat. However, highlighting a pervasive lack of critical thinking isn’t the point of this article. What I’m getting at here is that there seems to be a narrow genetic predilection for recognizing reality. This can’t be defined in broad terms like eye color or height.

Take a quick personal inventory. How many family members do you have who either think the opposite of what you do about pressing issues, or never even ponder them in the first place? I must admit that I’m probably the only one of my kin on the same page as you. This is why I feel a great deal of skepticism about the term “Red Pill”. I don’t think it applies unless you grew up in a wonderful, white area far away from reality (please tell me where, because I’m looking to relocate).

If you did, then you’ve accepted the reality exposed by the Alt-Right as a result of abstract intellectual considerations, in much the same way that one might ponder the writings of Plato vs. Arthur Schopenhauer. But, if you grew up in a city with a large black population for example, then what could we possibly help you understand if you couldn’t at least suspect that something was gravely amiss?

Consequently, there seems to be a limited market for realism. If someone can notice the obvious, then we can assist him to fill in the blanks and introduce a broader community. It’s a fundamental prerequisite, because if you weren’t gifted with this predisposition, then no amount of facts and reason will convince you otherwise.

If the world’s white population was an iceberg, the portion with enough common sense to join the Alt-Right would be analogous to the tip. Still, there are enough people with their heads above water to constitute a huge movement. But, the iceberg will just have to drift aimlessly until it gets struck by the Titanic. Only then will the majority, with their heads well below the waves, start paying attention. So, my message is to stay positive until all the delusional idiots you must tolerate on a daily basis get bludgeoned by reality.

-By Tom Shackleford


  1. Good article. We have to always bear in mind that most men simply do not have what it takes to separate from the herd and never will. I don’t even think it’s a conscious decision for most. I think for most cases they are simply incapable of thinking separately from the herd just like the average sheep is incapable of deciding that his herd is wrong and go his own way. He will follow his herd right into the slaughter pen.

  2. “, because if you weren’t gifted with this predisposition, then no amount of facts and reason will convince you otherwise.”

    I think this predisposition is what is, or used to be, called ‘autism’ in alt right circles. The autiste is resistant or oblivious to social pressure to conform and therefore free to observe and consider.

  3. Many intelligent people who might otherwise have an ability to be “woke” follow the societal herd out of selfishness and personal gain. Others might consider it dangerous or risky to oppose the levers of given society. So many factors are involved in people’s ability to be “red pilled” but I think the ability to think independently with immunity to the fashion of societal norms combined with a healthy dose of responsibility are among the largest factors.