Roy Moore & Establishment Hypocrisy

The stranglehold of corruption on the American political landscape is more evident than ever in the unfolding of events since Judge Roy Moore, the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, declared a Senatorial candidacy during which time Moore will be facing off against the incumbent, Mitch McConnell, for the 2017 election cycle.

The blissful ignorance which many Americans are living in leaving them unconvinced of the sheer extent to which the MSM has made itself an enemy of liberty is becoming more difficult for any honest individual to continue on in with each passing day.

Indicative of the same is the auspicious timing of the allegations of sexual impropriety that were announced to the world as of late by the Washington Post.  With the election a mere few weeks away, a cacophony of instantaneous outrage has erupted not just in the liberal media, but in the GOP as well, with calls for Moore to step down immediately by Sen John McCain, among others.

The consensus on the presumption of Moore’s guilt is primarily shared by insiders, however, and is heavily contested in spheres of alternative news influence.

Former Trump staffer and Breitbart News chief executive, Steve Bannon, called allegations against Moore a “weaponized…orchestrated hit from the uniparty” and a “desperate attempt by Mitch McConnell to keep power.”

Irrespective of all of this, however; from the dubious character of the allegations to the revelation that the Washington Post actually coached Moore’s accuser, to the rather remarkably convenient timing of this would-be scandal is a problem with this new case of selective outrage that precedes even such basic considerations as those:

That they’re appallingly hypocritical.  The same establishment media that has neglected to press for the truth and take any meaningful steps towards calling into account proven sex offenders at high levels of power such as Bill Clinton and known pedophiles like Dennis Hastert to name but two among many others. The same media that laughed off the numerous photos and videos clearly showing VP of the Obama White House, Joe Biden, groping women and children in photo ops by playfully dubbing him “Creepy Uncle Joe” now calls for the proverbial head on a platter of a maverick Conservative judge before the ink has even dried on the latest edition of the paper leveling the accusations against him. In so doing it paints its contributing editors and reporters as willful disinformation agents and propagandists more than journalists.

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Creepy Uncle Joe

Real journalists with a real desire to see the truth presented to and known by a candid world would call for an investigation, not the instantaneous removal of any opposition to the candidate whose politics most closely align with their own.

It is indicative of not just hypocrisy but a level of bias more reminiscent of the Russian Pravda than Benjamin Franklin’s Silence Dogood letters.

While the MSM is asking whether or not Roy Moore should be stepping down or just expelled from office by the Senate if elected, the question we should be asking is how and when our media came to be a mouth-piece for the oligarchs of the deep state and ceased to be a voice of the people.