The Myth of Women’s Oppression

I cackle whenever I hear a female of a Feminist-persuasion claim that women were oppressed throughout history.

Throughout history.” What a claim! Should we limit ourselves to written records then? This period spans approximately two and a half millennia, thousands of years! The most distinguished historians hone in on a specific period and make that the focus of their efforts. Given that decades of research and training are essential to even begin to comment on a particular era.

And what becomes apparent should you delve into a study of history is how dramatically attitudes and customs and structures change: diet, modes of dress, fighting styles, belief-systems, religions, ethics, rules of behavior, acceptance of violence, expressions of love, ideas pertaining to family and children and so on.

To prove the claim that for 4,500 years there existed a continuum of males collectively conspiring together and pooling their efforts for the immense task of subjugating all females would require a degree of scholarship unprecedented and massive in terms of the expenditure of effort and in the coordination of expertise and resources.

A historian whose specialty was the Roman Republic would need to prove, by interrogating the minutiae of the lives of both men and women in that period, that women indeed enjoyed no personal freedoms and exerted no influence, and were thus wholly controlled by the men; she would then need to link her findings with that of a historian whose specialty was Athens in the ancient world, and another who focused on Sparta; and then they would have to find another of their ilk who discovered the same during the Viking Age, and another who was deemed a master of the Renaissance; and those who examined the Industrial Revolution; and naturally each influential city would need to be included into this thesis.

Such an enterprise, indeed necessary to justify the claim that women were oppressed throughout history, has never been conducted. And if it were attempted, I could safely argue that it would be revealed to be a lie.

Because if we were to look at it in another way then an oppressor/oppressed relationship is in effect a master/slave relationship.

For such a relationship to exist it need fulfill certain criteria:

Slaves do not exercise their choices or predilections, unless these be affirmed by the master; slaves do not have access to social power or positions of prestige, neither do they influence policy (except indirectly); the desires or needs of slaves are not taken into consideration when masters direct organizations and build structures; the lives of slaves are strictly regimented, they do not have free time in which to indulge their whims; slaves live to serve their masters, and their lives are forfeit should they displease their masters; a master does not sacrifice his well being to salvage the life of a slave, rather a slave’s life is solely to augment that of a master’s; a slave’s voice cannot silence that of a master’s, nor is a slave’s word held in higher esteem than a master’s; it is the master’s prerogative to treat a slave in any manner whatsoever – should a master deem it fit to punish or abuse a slave then this is the master’s unassailable right.

These are but a handful of criteria yet each is essential to invoke an oppressor/oppressed relationship existing between two parties.

So, tell me, either currently or at any time in history does there exist unassailable evidence that with regards to interactions between men and women all of these criteria either are or were in effect? The answer is a resounding NO!

Yet, this claim is freely bandied about in the modern world from academic to journalist to pretty much every woman on the planet. And this claim is accepted as gospel – without a shred of evidence. That I find truly remarkable:

How it is that the bulk of the population should accept a premise which is without basis in reality?

A premise which is used to justify the re-engineering of society from the ground up! We, who claim to be logical and rational and secular and free of sentiment and intellectual prejudice should have allowed the paranoid delusions of women to shape our very lives…this…this is truly something.

-By Kain Jc