It Can Happen Here

How can the country be held together? That’s become a common lament amongst cuckservatives. Their solutions always entail some flavor of nonsense about setting aside identity politics in favor of treating people as individuals integrated within a “proposition nation”. In contrast, the Alt-Right rationally embraces race as the invariable precondition for the sustained existence of any nation. This assertion is demonstrated through history, human nature, and observation of the fatal disaster unfolding around us daily.

Consequently, while cuckservatives delude themselves into thinking that America is salvageable if only the mutually incompatible people residing within its open borders would embrace a set of principles, we do not. This is because when examined from a racial standpoint, it’s clear that this whole rotten thing will fall apart. But, how will that happen?

Popular Support for WN Can’t Yet Be Translated Into Public Presence

First, it’s important to understand that the dismantling of the country can never occur while our Jewish MSM, along with its legal and political system, maintains firm control. This control can’t be shaken by the backlash against increasing anti-white policies and rhetoric. While they have led to a huge increase in popular (mostly anonymous) support for our cause, this cannot yet be translated into decisive political results. Why? Money.

Anyone who publicly identifies with this movement makes economic survival very difficult for themselves. It takes real courage to do so, particularly if you have a family to support. But, if people are not terribly worried about losing their jobs, then the situation gets radically different. Take the recent “White Europe” rally in Poland, where those with common sense don’t live under extreme levels of coercion. 60,000 marched on glowing red streets to make an unnerving statement to the powers that be.

Now, imagine if everyone who wanted to take a stand at Charlottesville felt as free to do so as their Polish counterparts. The city would have been inundated, and no amount of police treachery or Antifa violence could have suppressed the peaceful protest. Our cause can only be dismissed as “fringe” by the establishment as long as the vast majority of those who support it are unable to publicly agitate against the suicide of Western Civilization.

Money Equals Control

The ability to apply the sort of coercion required by the establishment to suppress our movement is predicated entirely on money. There are a lot of cucks and traitors out there who will do what they must for their thirty pieces of silver (just ask the CPD or a Republican congressman). Fortunately for us, the ability of the establishment to use a financial carrot and stick approach to control is waning. Take a look at the concise chart below:


This is pretty much the simplest way to summarize how places like the United States and European Union will probably fall apart, either sooner or later. In other words, it’s a concise summary of the establishment’s predicament.

Money Buys Complacency

Right now, the small segment of the general public who even cares enough to pay close attention to current affairs can be conned into thinking that dispossessing themselves and their descendants is a natural part of the evolution towards a prosperous future, and most importantly, their security in retirement. I’m not a boomer, but it seems natural to assume that most people in that age group would feel increasingly insecure with each year that they accrue. Thus, some mainstream politician lecturing about how vibrants will pay for their retirements must sound pretty reassuring.

Traitors Rarely Work For Free

It’s the same cognitive process for those charged with wielding force to quash an Alt-Right demonstration. A police officer will have little incentive to consider our message or the moral validity of his orders if doing so jeopardizes his ability to put food on the table or look forward to fishing in his golden years. The sad fact is that the soldiers, cops, and boomers directed against us cannot get what they’ve worked for, because it’s both physically and mathematically impossible. Once this reality has been made clear to them by systemic failure, we will have a much more open environment in which to operate.

Bread Riots, Baby!

At that point, our efforts will be abetted by the fury of vibrants accustomed to surviving on free stuff as a result of whitey plunging into debt to pay for it all. Those of the darkest hue are capable of very little in the way of cognitive activity beyond “gibs me dat”. Their genetic programming ensures that they will respond to getting less with appalling violence. The beleaguered police will also be impoverished and too preoccupied with quelling the eruption of America’s black volcano to brutalize those offering White Nationalism as solutions to their problems.

Image result for BLM riots
Expect this future

Looking Ahead

The situation across the West is much more precarious and unprecedented than the sheep have been led to believe. Every existential problem of our economic and financial system requires incredible, immediate growth in real GDP to ameliorate. Therefore, we must ask ourselves: How can a system that necessitates massive growth in order to avert implosion persist in an era where demographics have dictated perpetual contraction? Clearly, it cannot.

So, the important question is: When does this incontrovertible fact become obvious to the masses? When it does, we will start to see the sort of upheaval that can take the Alt-Right to the forefront. The best we can do these days is to take heart at the future of our movement, and personally do the best that each of us can to prepare for the troubles and opportunities ahead. Until then, we’ll wake up who we can and wait until everyone else gets dragged along by their DNA.

-By Tommy Shackleford