Deep in the Mud

A common and ridiculous claim that I hear from blacks and the Left is that if Europeans had never enslaved Africans, Africa would be just as developed as Europe, if not more. We recently heard this in a Richard Spencer interview, where the journalist also claimed that blacks have not benefited from white supremacy, and we have also heard this after the Twitter reaction to the fictional land of Wakanda in Marvel’s Black Panther. These outlandish claims couldn’t be further from the truth.

When Europeans began acquiring African slaves, they were trading with the rival tribes of the slaves. These tribes were the strongest, the smartest, and the most advanced in the area. They were able to conquer, enslave, and set up commerce with other nations. Africa was left to the best their land had to offer, in a dog-eat-dog fashion, and the continent is still trailing far behind in comparison to others. The only countries that are even livable (per our standards) are the ones that had European interference and influence.

Blacks in America and Europe have greatly benefited from European achievement and supremacy. They have access to European education, resulting in the average African American having an IQ roughly 10 points higher than that of the average African. They have access to European medicines and treatments, while many places in Africa still subscribe to the ramblings of witch doctors, with South Africans even believing that having sexual intercourse with a virgin will cure AIDS.

From a Guardian report back in 2005:

“My uncle raped me when I was 14. I was arguing with him and he hit me. I blacked out and when I woke up I was in hospital and the police told me I had been raped. My uncle had HIV. After he attacked me he ran away. Later he wrote me a letter asking for forgiveness. He said he raped me because he thought having sex with a virgin would cure him of his disease. He said he felt sorry for me because now I had HIV and I was going to die. Then he killed himself. When my mother died in 1998 my auntie sent me money to come from the Eastern Cape and live with her in Cape Town. I was going to school and everything was good for a while but then I got sick. I told my auntie what had happened but she didn’t believe me, she didn’t believe that my uncle had infected me, she said I must have caught HIV from my boyfriend.”

When left to their own devices, we see Africans take steps back like there was never the intention to move forward. Zimbabwe is the perfect example of African inadequacy. When Robert Mugabe took power, and the white farmers were forced from their lands, farming plummeted and people starved. Mugabe has begged for the white farmers to return. The Africans were not adequate enough to grow crops, a basic understanding that Europeans mastered centuries ago – thus, the country has been plagued by famine. Things have spiraled so far out of control in Zimbabwe (formerly prosperous and white-run Rhodesia) that the army has arrested Mugabe and a soft coup is currently underway.

While Africans have benefited from European excellence, they stand alone in this trade, Europeans do not benefit from African mediocrity. The bar of education is dropped because the low test scores of Africans prove that standardized testing is “racist.” Black areas are poverty stricken and oversaturated with crime, whites capable of leaving flee for the security of the suburbs, leaving our inner cities to rot. European institutions and traditions are being trampled in the name of “social justice” as payment for our racist past, and we’re being told that we do not have a right to exist in the nations our forefathers built for us. We do not, have not, and never will benefit from multiculturalism, it only buries us deeper in the mud.

-By Tyler