Dixianism Core Beliefs: A Proposal

This is an updated version of the tenets of Dixianism as previously introduced and incorporates the definition of Dixian People as previously defined. It is meant to be a positions statement on the “must haves” for our enduring existence and prosperity as a people. I have attempted to avoid secondary (and often the most divisive within the movement) beliefs. This is intended to provide a foundation (perhaps not yet complete) on which secondary positions may later be constructed using these as premises. Most readers will probably notice that this statement has much in common with the Tennessee Statement and the League of the South core beliefs statement.

Dixians as a People

  • We present ourselves as a distinct nation and ethnic group before the nations of the world and call for ethnic pride and solidarity among our fellow Dixians.
  • We define ourselves, the Dixian people, thus:
    • Also called Southerners (esp. when affixed with “unreconstructed”), Southern people, Dixians, Dixie people, Dixie nation, Confederates, Anglo-Celtic core South. A Christian nation and ethnic group native to Dixie, biologically descended primarily from the British and Scots-Irish peoples who settled the region during the Colonial Period and Plantation Era, who remain distinct from other British diasporas such as the East Anglia and North Midlands diasporas to the Northeast and Midwest, distinct from other European diasporas, and without significant admixture from non-European races. Ethnic Dixians speak their own widely recognized dialect of the English language.
    • While special exceptions may be made for certain individuals, this is the basis of our group identity and we must not fall into the trap of ever expanding inclusivity which would inevitably destroy Dixian identity for any meaningful purpose.

Dixie as a Nation-State

  • We claim the land of Dixie as our rightful territorial claim and proclaim it as such to the nations of the world.
  • We seek recognized sovereignty for our people within Dixie, our homeland, where Dixians may be governed exclusively by ethnic Dixians, for ethnic Dixians in an ethnocentric fashion, ie a “Dixie First” mentality, before the American Empire and before any other nation, including Israel.
  • We deny any moral duty to take in permanent immigrants from other nations. If we owe anything to anybody, it is to preserve a healthy homeland to pass on to our own biological descendants.
  • We seek to install an exclusively patriarchal form of government, embracing the natural differences between the two sexes in form, psyche and societal function.
  • We deny equality among men and embrace hierarchy among men as the only sustainable way to govern our nation. While it is still possible to go wrong with hierarchy, we see equal representation as a recipe for inefficiency and failure.
  • We support the right of the Dixian people to both individually and collectively keep and bear effective arms, both for personal defense and as collective defense against the potential for government gone awry.

Marriage and Family

  • The only legitimate marriages are male:female unions.
  • We are for patriarchal order in the home, which includes appropriate leadership by the husband and appropriate submission by the wife.
  • We are for legislation to reduce the incidence of divorce to those few cases where it is truly justified.
  • We are for above replacement fertility for married Dixians.
  • We are against international adoptions that plant foreign children into Dixian society.
  • We are against miscegenation between Dixians and nonDixian racial and ethnic groups.

Religion and Culture

  • We embrace Christianity as Dixie’s traditional and dominant religion and seek to promote it over all other religions or nonreligious worldviews in public matters.
  • We seek to restore a sexually wholesome culture which explicitly stigmatizes sodomy, lesbianism, bestiality, promiscuity, child molestation, transvestitism, transexual identification and surgery, use of pornography and erotic literature, and other forms of sexual perversion.
  • While industrial centers, ports and cities meet many material needs, the farm, the homestead and the small town are our natural habitat and cultural base and should remain so.

Perhaps more positions will be added to this list upon further discussion, but it seems wise to prefer core principles that are widely agreed upon and are not subject to change according to changing needs over time.