Normie Nonsense

I’m around normies way too often. I’m increasingly shocked by their utter idiocy on a daily basis. I’m not talking about them driving the wrong way down a one-way-street, but their severe lack of knowledge on the most basic topics and concepts. To be fair, many of these issues have been thoroughly manipulated by Current Year dogma, but with a smart phone it takes literally seconds to confirm basic common sense. The Eternal Normie is so gaslit and asleep that I wouldn’t be shocked if one challenged me that the sky was blue. Some examples from recent days.

Now, before I get to the examples of normie nonsense, let me preface this by saying that my normies aren’t your typical Creatures of Wal-Mart variety. Most are college educated or at least received a private school education (to escape from the joys of diversity, although they’ll never admit that). They have middle-class jobs, their own vehicle and a roof over their heads (some will be lifetime renters, so take that into consideration). Some are even current military officers and entrepreneurs. They are either basic bitch Republicans or your typical center-left leaning Democrat. They’re, in essence, oven middle class. Blue-collar workers are far more woke.

Like all normies, they’re not terribly concerned with the world around them. They don’t pay much attention to the news, unless it’s something trending on Facebook. They certainly don’t watch the local news (missing out on the color of local crime) or read the newspaper. They may read Breitbart or the Huffington Post, but that’s a little bit of a stretch. They’re more likely to read The Onion than “serious” journalism. To be honest, most don’t read anyway, not unless it’s required for their employment. Ask a under 30 normie what was the last book they read and what will you get? Unfortunately, and more often than not, it’s a blank stare followed by, “I don’t really read for fun.”

If they’re concerned about anything remotely “meaningful,” it’s usually related to the following six subjects: television, movies, gaming, their kids (human or animals), their job or “their” sports team(s). Only one of those things is truly meaningful by the way. You don’t need to call them to check in on them because you can just follow their commentary and social output on Facebook. Comment thread after comment thread, play by play and hour by hour on the same six topics. Repeat, day in and day out. To the normie, “community” is a Lebanese food truck festival followed by day drinking and then obligatory posting on Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. Most don’t know what a Rotary or Ruritan club even is, much less would want to join.

I went on a beach trip earlier this year with some normies. I’ll admit that I enjoy some television shows. Call me a cuck, but I do watch Game of Thrones. The difference between me and a normie though? I can’t spend six hours talking about it. That’s all they wanted to talk about – a pozzed fantasy television show based off some obese neckbeard’s weird imagination. Next, it’s Stranger Things (which I haven’t seen).  Then, let’s spend more time talking about other Netflix shows. Have you seen Jessica Jones? I really liked Daredevil. Let’s talk about basic programming like Once Upon A Time. Once television has run its course, we’ll talk about movies. Afterwards, we make it through the tried and true remaining subjects.

I get it. I really do. Television is a form of escapism, no wonder locking yourself in your apartment and binge watching television all weekend is popular in Weimerica. It also rots your brain, which explains why normies are practically retarded when it comes to sensible judgement.

For example, I was chatting with some normies about the basic facts of life, specifically, female pregnancy. I don’t normally talk IRL about it, but it was regarding a mutual (and not present) friend. This female friend is also approaching the age of 35. I casually mentioned, more so as a cautionary tale for the younger female normies, that a woman’s ability to get pregnant becomes more difficult after 35, more risks mount the older a woman ages. To me, this is pretty basic stuff; I figured they taught the Biological Clock in high school.  I assumed normies would at least agree with this.

Boy, was I wrong. You’d have thought that I mentioned the racial IQ gap.

“That’s not true. Older women can have kids. I knew a woman that had a child in her 50s,” stated a riled up normie.

I replied, “she sounds like an outlier, it becomes very difficult to have children in your middle age. And, if you do, there could be problems with the child.”

“I disagree, in fact, you can look this up if you want, it’s ACTUALLY harder for women in their early 20s to get pregnant compared to women in their 40s. I swear this is true, I love to argue this stuff,” she snapped back with a smile.

“Yeah, I’ve got a friend who is 42 and she just had her second child. No problems whatsoever,” another piled on.

I simply told them to Google it and get back to me. They never did, but they thought they won the argument. I didn’t want to be a dickhead about it and just left it well enough alone. They’d previously mentioned to me that they’ll probably never get married or have children.

It’s not just human reproductive nature that stumps the normie, it’s basic history as well. The old Jay Leno “man on the street” bit called Jaywalking, where he asks basic questions (sometimes US history related) to mouth breathing normies,  is very unsurprising to me post-red pill. Just recently, I’ve had normies state (with a straight face) the following:

  1. The Romans were Greek.
  2. Pretty sure Hannibal was black. He was from Africa.
  3. I didn’t know the British supported slavery.
  4. The US was never founded on slavery.
  5. Thomas Jefferson didn’t own slaves and neither did George Washington.
  6. The Confederacy murdered six million slaves.
  7. The Civil War started in 1880.
  8. Who is Jefferson Davis?
  9. When did WWI end?
  10. Hitler would have invaded the United States, the German Navy was bigger than the British. Trust me, I went to the Naval War College.
  11. We’d be speaking German if they’d won the war.
  12. We fought in Korea?
  13. There was no Red Scare.
  14. Vietnam was the costliest war in US history.
  15. Jim Crow ended under Bill Clinton.
  16. Jim Crow killed six million black people.
  17. Bill Clinton didn’t have an affair.

Sounds pretty dumb, right? Complete historical illiteracy and borderline delusional? Yep, that’s your normie right there. Bellicose and proud, the normie will charge straight into a discussion with the knowledge-base, expertise and acumen of a 3rd grader. It wouldn’t piss me off so much if it wasn’t for their smug overconfidence.

Ultimately, our job is to wake up the Eternal Normie before our country matches the Los Angeles from Blade Runner. It’s not an easy job. Today’s normies are dumb, plus they’re addicted to virtue signaling (one recently told me to not use the term “prostitute,” but “sex worker” was okay because it’s not judgmental).

As my old man used to say, “If it was easy, anyone could do it.” That’s why we’re here, fam. We’re the only ones that can do it.


  1. Being a Baby Boomer, I’m not familiar with the term ‘Normie’, but I’ve got a good idea of what you are referring to. This is the result of a decades-long deliberate dumbing-down of America by Cultural Marxists who were foolishly allowed to take over our entire educational system back in the 1970’s and 80’s. It’s only gotten much worse since then, until now most of America’s youth have mush for brains. They are absolutely incapable of critical thinking or reasoning. I agree, the only solution for this is home-schooling.

  2. Is it reasonably accurate there are the Normies who are late to the party & beginning to get it, but are essentially so far behind the learning curve they are helpless? That we will see as the debt slavery inevitable consequences accelerate. Its probably the only thing that will light a fire under their arses when the flames are beginning to lick their pant legs.
    There’s going to be a shitload of them coming down the pike into the globalist unsecured agrarian spaces if they bugout from the urban/suburban pig traps. If they even have an inkling to get out before its too late to do so.
    We see them rarely see them along the rural ridge lines in my part of WV.
    Last summer a couple urbanite families visited my farmer neighbor for a big community/tribal everything from the garden and woods barbecue/picknick they had at their farm.
    I asked a couple of the men about their preps. With a perfectly straight face they claimed they had it figured out, they was going to run to Walmart and get supplies. I shit you not. After a couple hours of being sociable, literally everyone from both families had their smart phones out like a ritual, plugged in like these human looking statues in the dark lit up by glow worms. They all jacked in and where so absorbed in their phones not a one said a words for about 2 hours. Then it was time to head back to their hotel. They where very concerned about hitting deer, to the point it seemed like this phobia if some boogeyman in the night. They where terrified of seeing a wild deer. Twilight stuff. I mentioned bears, and they really got worked up. Bears! There’s bears?!?!?
    Lord love a duck, it would be hilarious if it whereat so pathetic. And I’m thinking these folk are doomed if there’s a natural disaster or power goes out for more than a day or so.
    I just hope this example isn’t mainstream condition of state of mind. If it is, good Lord, there’s gonna be a die off of biblical proportions. It felt like I was communicating with beings from another world, like off planet. It was an eye opener let me tell you. I’m enjoying the friend & neighbors, the great food everyone brought, a beautiful late summer evening, the comradely, and I’m trying sincerely to draw these city folk out get them talking about their lives, and can’t but think, the learning curve in the advent of serious calamity, if they survive long enough, is practically vertical. I’m literally talking to people who will be dead one day. Talk about Zero Hedge.

    The sad thing, there’s a lot of these folk out there isn’t there? I haven’t left this ridge for 11 years, except for local procuring of items of necessity. And thats down to a small town of about 2000 people.
    I think I saw a glimpse of a world I want nothing to do with. Things have changed dramatically in a decade it seems.

  3. To admit the degree to which society has been corrupted is hugely black pilling- it’s so much easier to close your eyes to the truth as you repeat the popular mantras of the day. Besides, most people are A-political; they may be smart in their particular fields of expertise or the football game but simply have no interest in anything political, much less thinking out of the box of polite societal norms….

  4. Is there any return; is the question I’m cursed to cycle in my head as my increasing awareness is snapped back to the fact these people are advocating for the thier own annihilation and even the few friends irl don’t seem to want to accept hard science or historical fact that show no other outcome than the aforementioned. This cyclic thought is followed second to the urge to “diversify” my brains with the wall out of the sheer sadness of it all . Lost I am as a Southern born male who has family ties and lineage to the south pre-date the civil war.