The Tennessee Statement- A Southern Nationalist Manifesto

Southern Nationalism is the oldest ethnonationalist movement in North America, dating back to the 19th century.

The following is a (by no means exhaustive or definite) overview of what we believe as Southern Nationalists. These views are based on numerous conversations I have had with other Southern Nationalists, as well as, views echoed in the League of the South’s position papers.

Race & Ethnicity

Race is real. Race matters. We hold this in common with other white nationalist movements. There are stark genetic differences between racial groups, proven by science. Beyond that, ethnicity plays an important role in determining the cultural morays of a society. Just like English, Scots, Germans, and Italians, while falling under the umbrella of “white Europeans,” have their own cultures, Southerners have a set of cultural values distinct from Northeasterners, Amerikaners, and Cascadians.

A Free and Independent Dixie

We must have a free and independent Dixie, by and for white Southerners. This is not a request, it is a requirement.

The American Federal Empire

We soundly reject the authority of the American Federal Empire. We refuse to fly any flag or symbol of the Empire that has sought to crush us by any means necessary. We cannot ally ourselves with any movement that would maintain the hegemonic status quo of the United States of America.


We reject the idea of pan-European nationalism based on our views regarding ethnic nationalism. Pan-Europeanism is an ideal firmly rooted in the post-enlightenment ideals of the American Empire.


The political and economic systems of Dixie is inconsequential at this point. On the establishment of our nation, trusted and competent leaders will determine this direction.

Duties and Rights

Every man is required to perform certain duties. Rights spring from duties. Rights, as traditionally defined, are the required freedoms to perform a man’s given duties.


Freedom of speech, including the exchange of ideals, is important to a free society. However, this does not give free reign for the dissemination of subversive ideals, including communism, Judaism, humanism, etc.


We affirm that faith is a pillar of a traditional society. Dixie is an inherently Christian nation.


An armed society is a polite society. The ability for a man to protect his family and property by any means should not be infringed upon.

The Family

The traditional extended family unit is the foundation of our society. A successful high trust society cannot be formed without a strong foundation based on genetic kinship.


Women are the most important members of society. The dignity and honour of Southern women should be fiercely defended. We reject feminism, acknowledging the divine vocation of women as mothers and wives.


It’s is the duty of the family, not the state, to provide children with an education. Proper education of children will ensure the preservation of our society and values.

Urban Life

Urban life is a necessary evil that should be avoided at all costs. The function of urban areas should return to that of centers of trade and manufacturing. Ruralism and agrarianism are preferred over urbanization. Under no circumstance should an urbanite class be allowed to develop.

Nature and Environmentalism

Nature and the environment should be preserved for the enjoyment and education of future generations.

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