Crush the NOVA Urbanites

On November 8, 2017, elections were held across the nation. Most prominently and pertinently was the election in the Old Dominion. As it is known, the Democratic Party had several victories, including the governorship, and the election of the first transgendered freak show elected in the history of this nation. Why this turn of events?

The Democrats have, of course, declared this a referendum on President Donald Trump (Ave, True to Trump!). I think the answer is something else. It was not President Trump’s constituency that voted in the liberal running dogs and novelties. At Charlottesville and Shelbysville, there were chants of “You Will Not Replace Us.” However, for Dixians in several parts of Virginia, we have been replaced. The amount of foreign born Virginians has risen exponentially since 1970. Before 1970, only one in a hundred Virginians were born outside the United States. Today in the Current Year, we find that one in nine Virginians were born outside of this land.

But there’s a much greater and far more insidious replacement than hordes of brown people. It is, of course, as is to be expected, the Yankee urbanite. For decades, there has been mass migration to the urban areas of Northern Virginia (NOVA) due to a booming job market and the prestige and privilege of living in a moderately safer area close to the nation’s capitol. These modern day carpetbaggers, abandoning their original home cities and home states due to the political devastation of liberal policies and rampant diversity, change the culture and politics of wherever they settle. While they are white, they are as vile, if not more vile, form of population replacement than importing a horde of diversity for whatever goal the political overlords have.

Those who have not taken the “red pill” of Agrarian Nationalism may question my opposition to these modern day colonials, because after all, do they not help to enhance the economy? Are they not, in fact, fellow people of European descent escaping the terrors of the urban diversity that their own ancestors (or they themselves) created? In regards to the economy, they may bring booming business to the cities they so choose to bless, however they, in turn, always replicate the failures of their home cities and states, thus becoming a cultural net drain. Furthermore, and most importantly for the ruralite, their economic enhancement only serves to benefit them, while the rural areas continue to suffer, yet helps to foot their bill. I would like to posit the notion that those of us who seek a great societal change for the Alt-Right, Ethno-Nationalism, Agrarian Nationalism, whatever ideal, not look to what is best on paper for profits. This kind of piggish shekel counting is what has lead us to this situation to begin with!

Now, we come to the racial question. The urbanite colonials I talk of are generally of European descent, our racial brothers. But we are different. We are the Southron, the Dixian. Our culture is different from the urbanite, our values and our means of living are different. We are fundamentally different. That is not to say that someone can travel to the South and assimilate, to mesh with our society, and embrace our history. Those who have embraced the greater politics of the Alt-Right Movement can be staunch allies for the goals of Southern Nationalism, and many Northerners would be great beneficiaries of the goals of Agrarian Nationalism.

But with the urbanite colonial, we do not get that. We do not get an ally, or someone willing to join us. We get refugees with the aspirations, mentality, and morality of the elites who destroy all that we stand for. We get people who mockingly take up simplistic theme park versions of our culture and history. Northern Virginia has been so utterly changed demographically that it would not be unreasonable to say that they should become their own state. But as the urbanite has ruined their own metropoli and states, they will ruin ours.

In NOVA, they have replaced us. We must not allow them to replace us further! If we do not wish to be replaced, it is my opinion, that without question, we must Crush the Urbanite!

-By Dr. Kriegzhan

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  1. In lots of places, election records are public. I watched my klinton neighbors here in
    Ohio switch to republican so they could vote for john gaysuck to defeat trump in the
    primaries. Even with such subversion, it’s still possible to tell one’s politics when there
    is a close race in the democommie primaries. Just be sure to check their party affiliation
    the day before the election. It’s funny to see how many publik skool teachers are commies.
    And… it’s always good to know who’s living in your area.