Detroit: Critical Blackness

According to the FBI, Detroit has racked up another year as “The Most Violent City in America”. It’s become such a backwater that it receives little attention compared to prime warzones like Chicago or Baltimore. It’s probably because these rival cities still have quite a ways to plummet until they reach the level of Detroit. African savagery within its city limits is such a given that nobody really bothers to discuss it anymore.

I wouldn’t either, except for the fact that it serves as an excellent predictive model for the trajectory of any municipality once it acquires a certain level of black biomass. It demonstrates that no matter how prosperous a city is, once it becomes black enough,then it’s beyond redemption. This principle asserts itself no matter how generous or progressive the government might be, or how much coercive social engineering it is willing to apply to local whites. Detroit is further along in this process than any other city in America. Sadly, it fell from great heights.

As Prosperous As it Gets

Detroit began growing into the world’s premier industrial powerhouse when Henry Ford (based) opened his first auto plant in 1903. Things really started taking off during WW2, as massive industrial output was required for the war effort. Hundreds of thousands of rural whites flocked there in order to man the factories. Nearly 200,000 Negroes arrived as well. This constituted the nascent kernel of its destruction. In a small foretaste of the horrors to come, these blacks provoked the first race riot in 1943, in which dozens were killed.

Fueled by the postwar boom, the city continued to grow until it became the nation’s fifth largest in the 1950’s. At this point, the white population peaked as many residents departed for the whiteness of the new suburbs. Still, it remained a thriving industrial metropolis for years to come. The black population of Detroit was by far the wealthiest and most well-employed of any in the entire history of their race. Of course, this prosperity didn’t last long. A critical turning point arrived in the form of an epic chimpout.

“The Long Hot Summer of 1967”

African Culture Destroys Detroit

The severity of this riot serves as a troubling portent of what could happen during the implosion of Weimerica. The cause of the riot isn’t worth discussing since we already know that literally anything can spark a chimpout. It’s the results that are significant. Dozens were killed, 1,189 injured, and over 2,000 buildings were destroyed over 5 days of mayhem. The chimps even shot a white firefighter dead while he attempted to put out a blaze. It got so bad that National Guard units under the command of Governor George Romney, the father of King Cuck, were unable to quell the violence. This forced President Johnson to deploy nearly 5,000 troops from both the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions to finally bring the situation under control. According to the historical record, the fault for this riot belongs to whites.

It Was All Down Hill From There

The government responded with all kinds of affirmative action hiring schemes, subsidies and “fair housing” laws. Whites with common sense withdrew to the suburbs, and the city’s decline accelerated. By 1973, Detroit had its first black mayor, ushering in an era of inept governance. Industry continued to leave and blacks continued to be black until the city became the post-apocalyptic wasteland we’re all familiar with today. There’s no saving the place as long as it remains black. It’s gotten so bad that Bill Clinton even advocated revitalizing it with 10,000 Syrian “urban homesteaders”. This idiotic suggestion illustrates how completely out of ideas the establishment is on fixing the urban disasters blighting Weimerica. The spin is endless, but actual solutions are nonexistent.

The State of Michigan

Assuming there’s no economic downturn (that’s an ENORMOUS assumption), Michigan will be running annual deficits of at 2 to 5 billion dollars per year by 2020, which will increase as more and more baby boomers stop being productive workers and start collecting retirement benefits. This will pile onto a state debt that’s already at 89 billion dollars and rising steadily. Much like Chicago over in Illinois, Detroit went from being the crown jewel of Michigan to constituting a millstone around its neck. Black cities function as black holes for money, into which unlimited amounts can be poured for nothing useful in return.

The Grizzly Climax

It’s impossible to accurately predict when the killing blow to cities like Detroit will arrive. However, it’s easy to forecast what form it will take: the states and the federal government will run out of the means to pay for them. If government payments such as welfare, housing subsidies, etc. were cut off today, then starvation and anarchy would begin tomorrow.

What’s also clear is that the federal government is racking up debt and unfunded obligations that exponentially exceed its capacity to ever make good on. Meanwhile, the productive white population of this country is contracting as vibrancy soars. In October alone, the federal government ran a deficit of 200 billion dollars. By digitally creating trillions in USD to buy up the debt, things are kept going temporarily. Money then moves from low-yield bonds into equities. This is why the stock market and a variety of asset prices are soaring far beyond reason, divorced from the underlying economy, which exhibits key symptoms of a depression. When this process inevitably hits a wall, Detroit will face a terrible reckoning.

Critical Blackness


To a city, blacks are like firebombs.” That’s a common refrain here on the Alt-Right. It’s hard to dispute this assertion but I actually do. This is because firebombing is a far more dignified, honest, swift, and humane process than a thorough nigging. Indeed, blackness is the means by which civilization is rendered into primitive barbarism before our very eyes. Detroit today must be a very painful sight to a native son who grew up in its heyday. It illustrates perfectly why the only feasible solution to our problems is White Nationalism.

-By Tommy Shackleford