Start Early on Your Career

Today, many in our movement search to find their place within society. We struggle to determine how best we can serve the movement. Being that I am a recent high school graduate, I spend a considerable amount of time thinking of what I should do with my life. In short, I have narrowed down my own possible paths, so others can take advantage of it and better themselves, as well as, the movement.


Learn a trade. Not only does it put you in a work environment that won’t care so much about your views if you do good work, but there is also room for branching out and creating your own business. Certainly, this means you’ll be making less than you would have in an office setting (perhaps) or STEM, but the perks are you are not in a uptight politically correct work environment.

Company Man

If your inclined to go to college and get a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) degree, than this is the job for you. You’ll make considerably more than someone starting in a trade but the trade off is keeping your mouth shut and being able to blend in with the crowd politically. There is room for entrepreneurship, but if your in something highly specialized, like nuclear engineering, not so much. Another positive would be your ability to support the movement financially.


Every society needs them and our movement will rely on them for our success one day. I’m not just taking about someone who can shoot proficiently and fight hand-to-hand, but someone dedicated to learning the art of warfare. These are the people in our movement who should pursue enlisted/officer positions in infantry, intelligence, and combat engineer. And, if you’ve got the grit to go SF (Special Forces) than by all means become elite. The downside of military service is you’d be prone to becoming deracinated. The American Empire doesn’t care if you belong to Dixie, you’re going to whatever shithole (think Niger) they foolishly think you should kill or be killed.


Now go out and pursue the career of your choice. Understand the pros and cons to each and choose wisely. Remember, each one is an investment of time and money. I personally have always been good at STEM, but have realized that I don’t think I’m good enough at being a chameleon to last long in such a profession. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from combining parts that you like. For instance, you could serve in the military and then get a trade skill or STEM degree. Or get a trade skill as a plan B.

It’s up to you. The only thing against you is time and ones ability to pursue these routes while trying to start a family. Remember what and who you’re doing this for.


-By Magnus Lee