The Urbanite’s Health & Food Deserts

Previously, on Crush the Urbanite: The Treatise, I covered what I deem the Urbanite, and some of the other pitfalls of the urbanite lifestyle. In this edition, I will explore more health effects on the urbanite, and their effect on the rural population. The very lifestyle of the urbanite is highly conducive to poor mental health, be it created by society or by heavy industry. As noted, New Jersey has the highest prevalence of autism in the nation, likely caused by the heavy industrialization, especially in Northern (and more urban) New Jersey. The storage, production, and usage of those chemicals in close quarters to residential areas implies this a cause of the higher than average rates of autism. Obviously too, this would create other neurological disorders, and physical ones, such as various cancers.

Another chemical created nightmare in the metropolitan hellscapes is caused by the flushing of unused medicines into the sewer system. It is noted that the water supplies in some urban areas contain amounts of estrogen large enough to cause noticeable hormonal changes in the population of wildlife. This is especially concerning considering that it can return to the potable water supply. The consumption of sexual hormones is obviously and blatantly bad for nature and mankind (while I am sure that many urbanites would gladly accept and love nothing better that more estrogen in their water supply!).

In wildlife, you get specimens that are born intersexed, the feminization of the male population (as it is said, the frogs are turning gay!), sterilized population and generalized deformities. In the human population, we see lower testosterone counts in men, including gynocemastia, or in layman’s terms: “bitch tits.” Is this possibly a goal of the urbanite overlords? There has been much correlation between right-wing politics and having high testosterone, while low-T males are often “pajama boys,” “bugmen,” and “nu-males” -all weak and obviously and blatantly liberal (think politically feminine). Estrogen may not be easily avoided due to the chemicals of birth control pills being excreted in urine, but it must be noted that the concentration in rural areas and small towns/small cities is far lower than in our grand dystopian mega-cities.

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Urbanite Low T

We have not ventured far beyond, for the time being, the health issues that the urban dweller faces, but what of health issues in the countryside? Many problems we face can be traced to the urbanite to some degree. A major whipping stick to force people to the city is the lack of health care in rural areas. In recent years, hundreds of rural hospitals have closed, leaving the surrounding populace stranded. Some counties literally have no emergency room, requiring a patient in an emergency situation to be rushed upwards of 50 miles to the nearest hospital.

When you have suffered a heart attack or an aneurysm, every single second counts. Many use the argument that the rural hospitals are unable to pull a profit and keep them running. More likely that these hospitals do not provide enough profit for the wealthy executives who inevitably reside in a great city (or at least civilization). Furthermore, in these urban areas, it’s a rare thought to close a hospital or clinic that serves people in their own backyards, even if those hospitals are redundant in the radius of service, or drains revenue. This can also be seen with stores, including pharmacies, where the corporations will subsidize obviously failing branches in urban areas, but will close down a pharmacy in a small town, leaving no other option, without a second thought!

But, regrettably, it must be asked if this is even as big a problem as it may sound. Rural healthcare has been shown to be extremely lacking in comparison to the standards even within the poorest section of a large city. It is not uncommon to meet so-called medical “professionals” who know nothing of the common ailments that their patient population would have, such as arthritis and gout in the elderly, and even cerebral hemorrhaging in a patient presenting excruciating headache and unable to walk! Furthermore, a trip into a rural hospital can often be a glimpse into the distant past, as there has been no updating of equipment in decades. Many rural people suffering from chronic illness are forced to abandon their homes for the city, as their local doctors are unable or even unwilling to provide proper care for them. These people can leave with nothing, and never get on their feet in the new area, but merely for the simple idea of relieving their suffering they abandon everything.

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Closed Rural Hospital

The Far Left will sneer and blame Capitalism for this turn of events, after all, rural areas are lightly populated and generally not as wealthy as the urban areas. However, it must be noted that in urban areas, they will subsidize hospitals in poor areas, even if they are redundant or a massive drain on revenue. Why do rural populations not get the same treatment, if there is such a moral imperative to provide health care? In the end, the ruralite is deemed essentially worthless, as we do not follow the urbanite in their ideals and identity. There is no glory for them in protecting the damnable “rednecks,” the worthless “hicks,” and the disgusting “yokels.” Money is certainly a motivating factor, but the truth is that we are deemed expendable, we are only fit for a soft genocide by the urbanite overlords.

Also in recent years, we have seen the rise of the terrible opioid epidemic, that has killed thousands upon thousands. The epicenter of the epidemic is rural West Virginia (as well as Appalachia). Many view the epidemic as being solely anti-white, but I believe that there is also an overall anti-rural flavor to it. I would be remiss to ignore that the opioid crisis also affects urban dwellers, but it cannot be denied that the largest population effected is rural whites. Doctors, often from other regions of the country, prescribe massive amounts of medicines such as oxycodone and hydrocodone for problems that will subside before the prescription to the medicine expires. Furthermore, doctors in rural areas will prescribe multiples of the same class of medicine to people already showing the symptoms of addiction. I have seen these ravages, and known people who regularly took hydrocodone, oxycodone, and even morphine itself, all in one day for illnesses that does not necessarily call for such an extreme dose of medication. It is without a doubt that the Big Pharmaceutical companies are more than pleased to dump these awful medications on the poor and disaffected rural populace, and pay doctors to push the pills. The urbanite complains that only NOW do we care about those addicted to drugs, but the truth is, this epidemic is highly abnormal. It is a top-down push by forces, forces that benefit from the destruction of rural communities.

As touched upon in my last article, food deserts are not only a problem to the urbanite. Rural communities also suffer them. You can find many a town, even with a significant population, that does not even have a single grocery store! If you are unable or unwilling to travel (I travel thirty miles for regular grocery trips), you suffer the same unvaried and unwholesome menu offered by the urban corner store, unhealthy snack foods. Fresh meats and vegetables being limited to lunch meat of questionable quality in a cooler next to a freezer containing Hot Pockets featuring a logo from 1987. It is a great paradox that the producers of food, in many places, do not even get to enjoy the fruits of their own labour, unless they take some for themselves!

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I believe that the food deserts we suffer from are more likely the cause of the obesity crisis in some Southern states than our cuisine. On a related, but far less serious note, rural towns and small cities often do not have access to the same variety of grocery stores, leading to being shamed in social media for shopping at stores meant only for the poor or the redneck. The idea of lack of access does not matter, since the true status is not in showing your varied and cultured tastes, or your interest in health or organic foods, but to signal that you live amongst the alleged superior class.

The urbanite, generally being of liberal politics, pushes the idea that they are more caring for the “nation.” But the facts show otherwise, that we suffer a severe lack of necessary services to survive, and when they are offered, they are at such substandard levels of professionalism that one would be better served medicinally by a witch doctor. The urbanite does not care because they only wish to signal to themselves. The urbanite does not care because the ruralite is deemed no social, political, or economic threat to them. The urbanite does not care because they are the beneficiary of the exploitation and destruction of rural communities.

I say to this, that there is but one answer. We must Crush the Urbanite!

-By Dr. Kreigzahn

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  1. This “Crush the Urbanite” theme is right on target! I have been thinking along these lines for a while. It makes perfect sense to me. It also explains the dislike of certain races that embody the urban ethic.