Optics & Imagery: Connecting with the American Continent

I wanted to wait a couple of days to gather my thoughts before I commented on the shit-storm surrounding the optics debate and Shelbyville. The purpose of this essay is not to cast aspersions on TWP (and certainly not League of the South), but to examine how we can improve moving forward. I want this to be focused on positives and ways to grow, rather than pointing fingers and calling names. Full disclosure, I was not at the event due to wage cucking obligations, another reason I do not wish to re-hash events that have been debated ad nauseum and written about extensively by the Stormer.

Engaging Symbolism:

I think a point that a lot of the non-Southern identitarian movements seem to miss is the power of symbolism. Particularly, American symbolism, or rather, old America symbolism. We, sons and daughters of Dixie, have had to fight for our symbols and our heroes for most of our lives, especially since Dylan Roof. We are connected to them. They are a part of us. For some Yanks in the greater Alt-Right movement, this connection is not felt. They equate American symbolism to our government, essentially a tool of ZOG, and thus do not want anything to do with the flag of the United States.

It is beyond question that, yes, the United States government is the favored tool of the Jewish State to further Israeli interests and that Jews living in this country control just about everything, root and stem, and not for the good. But where they lose the point is that flags and symbols belong to the people, not the government. Depending on how you count, there have been NINE different governments in France since 1789. All of them used the tri-color we are familiar with, because that pattern is a symbol of the French people. The government of the Confederacy, while seeking to separate from the tyrannical Yankees, still adopted a flag that harkened to the days of the American Revolution, because it wanted to be seen as a continuation of the spirit of 1776. Governments co-opt symbols so that the people within the territories they control believe the government to be a legitimate representative of them and their interests.

Trying to meme a new symbol onto the American people is foolish. And no, that is not an endorsement of Andrew Anglin’s American Nationalism project. I am fully a supporter of an Independent Dixie, but I recognize the necessity in cooperating with non-Southern Alt-Right groups, because it is the only way to achieve victory. Separation is project for tomorrow. Ad victorium is the task for today. Perhaps ID is not the ideal spot to voice my opinions on this subject, but I know we run in circles with people who need to hear this, and indeed there are TWPers who also frequent the site.

American Iconography

A friend of mine designed the image above, and I think it exactly achieves what I’m getting at. The eagle is an obvious piece of American iconography. The colors are familiar and attractive. What’s in the talons can be changed. The TWP pitchfork? Fasces? I’ll leave that to the artists in the movement. But this is something bright and positive that speaks to the experience of the American people and to the people of the South as well. The key is that we do not have to change our message to reach the normies, but we do have to appeal to their spirit.

Nationalism is about brotherhood. Blood and soil. It is a concept that our Jewish overlords have long sought to extinguish. It must be reawakened in the hearts of the people and the best way to do that is to seize control of the symbols they already recognize. The Negro Felon League is indeed a form of weaponized bugmanity, but the enemy betrayed himself in the debate over the US flag. Blacks and Jews alike both labeled the flag and anthem of the United States as symbols of whiteness. It would seem that there are many in our ranks who, rather than saying thank you for this gift, would prefer to decline due to our government’s cozy relationship with Israel. This view is myopic to the point of self-harm. A majority of white Americans feel they are under attack. While they are disconnected from their national past and character, they still have visceral attachment to the symbols thereof and do not like it when people attack those things. We should not be on the same page as Black Lives Matter and Judaism, Inc on this. Ultimately, the American symbol belongs to the Yanks, for we have our own, bought and paid for with the blood of 300,000 men and an unknown number of civilians. But if my (((enemies))) want to call the flag white? Okay, I agree. Thanks, Schlomo.

We know how it feels to have a flag labelled as a racist symbol of oppression. And while some of our confused and reconstructed brothers and sisters have cucked on the issue, and parrot the HERITAGE NOT HATE nonsense, they still refuse to abandon the symbols. Attacks on Confederate iconography made us all cling to them even harder. My trip to white nationalism began when the Left used Dylan Roof as their casus belli on all things Southern (and white). My soul went REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE at the removal of statues, flags, and I damn near shot the TV when I heard them talking about exhuming Nathan Bedford Forrest. Not content to stop with Confederate icons, the Jews and their pets have moved on to American ones, some of which we share with our Yankee friends (Washington, Jefferson, et al). These attacks provide an opportunity to grow our ranks, inside and outside of Dixie.

Deleterious Symbolism

Symbolism used properly can have a powerful and motivating effect. But it can achieve the opposite and irreparably damage a movement if used improperly. And no, I’m not talking about optics. I’m aware that the Confederate flag has “poor optics” among the normies, but I won’t be reconstructed, and I do not care a damn. I’m referring to the swastika, which has no place in an American movement, North or South. I say this as a proponent of National Socialism. Beyond the obviously negative reaction it engenders in people, thanks to the lies told about the German state, it simply has nothing to do with the United States.

Adolf Hitler chose the swastika as a means to speak to the ancient experience of the German people. To wake them from their rootless slumber and the hedonistic nihilism of the Weimar Republic. It was right for that place, that time, and that people. But to think that German National Socialism can be copied and pasted onto the United States, the Confederate States, or anywhere else is to entirely miss the point of what that movement stood for. We can agree with their politics and their economics, but their symbols are their own. They are not ours and never will be.

We cannot reawaken the spirit of nationalism within the hearts of our slumbering brethren using symbols that are foreign to them. Particularly, those which produce visceral revulsion. This is not the 1960’s and we are not George Lincoln Rockwell. I respect GLR greatly, but he knew the landscape in which he was operating. Most people participating in politics in the 1960’s either had served in World War II, as he himself had, had lost a family member to that conflict, or both. Not enough time had passed for people to have the clarity of vision to understand that the United States had backed the wrong side. The wounds had not yet scabbed over and filled with Jewish poison. Even now, that truth is only just beginning to come into focus. Commander Rockwell had the freedom to be the Socretean fly on the ass of society because he understood that his words were for a future time, not for his contemporaries. So, he got himself all the attention he could, good or bad, so that posterity would remember him. The swastika and brown shirt motif aided in that attention grabbing.

A funny image, but an attitude whose time has passed.

We face a different reality now. The tides have shifted and in their naked aggression toward white people, the (((powers that be))) have offered us a route to victory. To achieve that, we need more than the few thousand people who showed up to Charlottesville and the several hundred who came to Shelbyville. I say that not to criticize the men and women who put their asses on the line for the cause. It is merely a statement of fact. We need greater numbers.

It is not about media perception. It is about how regular people view us. The media will never give us a fair hearing. But a positive development in the post-Trump world is that many people, particularly those on the Right, recognize that the media is full of shit. So if we present ourselves positively and professionally, the people will see past the lies being told about us, just as they saw past the lies told about Donald Trump. Part two in this series will concern public presentation of our people in dress and comportment.

Retake Everything.

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  1. excellent article/red-blue eagle image. fits right in w/ american flags, don’t tread on me flags, & confederate flags.

    that George Lincoln Rockwell image was on the cover of the Oct. 1961 “Police Gazette” which featured the article “The man who wants to be Hitler” – an interview w/ GLR.

    right on re: GLR being a “shock jock” of the time – he said he used NSDAP imagery & the word Nazi only b/c that got attention – that nobody would pay attention to him if he called himself the leader of the “anti-communist/anti-jew/anti-racemixing party.” my view: he could’ve called it “trad america” or “retro america” (& still used the many excellent tenets of Nat Soc) & got slightly less but mainly positive attention. I think Wm Pierce’s views of GLR were correct, but God bless ’em both. symbols are important, but so is positive word BRANDING (e.g., it’s ok to be white).