I’m Jobless and I’ve Never Been Happier

How do I start this? Alright, now that the pressure of the perfect first sentence is off, let me tell you a story. For my entire life, my father has been a distributor for a nationwide snack cake bakery. At the risk of sounding like an overly-sentimental woman, I’ve always wanted to be just like my father. So, when a route for that same company opened up, I jumped at the chance. The five years I worked with my dad were extremely special. I can see that now. Seeing your father everyday can be tedious. But in hindsight, I can see now that my days were a little brighter when they ended in seeing ole pops. I’ll never get that back, and it makes me furious. What makes me even more angry, though, is knowing what that does to my dad. I see it in his face. He just doesn’t have that spark in his eye like he used to.

What happened, you ask? Well, I got canned for speaking out about two adult LaQuandas jumping a 16 year old white girl, that’s what. I’m not kidding. See what had happened wuz um….there was a litter of young liquor store robbers skipping the line at my local fair. So, as most decent, rule-following white people do, a 16 year old white girl told them they needed to go to the back of the line like everyone else. But, little did she know, diversity is not as wonderful as she was taught in school. As she took her first step off the ride, the mother of the litter started to savagely attack her. As with any good black on white crime, the mother’s friend jumped in to help her abuse this white child. They proceeded to kick, punch, and stomp on her face and head. This was all caught on video, and it was infuriating.

After seeing this savage beating of a blonde white child by two grown black women, I had to get my thoughts out. I chose a Facebook video as my avenue, which was my first mistake. In this video, I used no racial slurs, no calls to violence, and no “supremacist” language of any kind. The most risque thing I said was when I alluded to how segregation would make for less racial conflict. Almost like the black college students who demand black-only dorms and graduations. But here is where I made my second mistake. In my rage, I must have forgotten that the rules don’t apply to whites equally. We are held to a different standard and rule book altogether.

So, upon posting my video, it started to take off. It had gotten a couple thousand views in about 20 hours. But some of those views were from shitlibs, (((the Tribe))), and other undesirables. Six women, four of whom are Jewish, shared my video to the bakery’s Facebook page, calling for my immediate firing. Apparently, I had made a “racist” video. It was news to me, as I purposefully made it as normie-tier as possible.

So the next morning, my father gets a call from six lawyers who work for the bakery. They tell him that I need to deactivate my Facebook account immediately. So, at my dad’s request, I begrudgingly did just that. Three days go by and it’s Friday. That afternoon, they told my dad that he was in breach of contract. He asked what that meant for him, and they answered with his greatest fear. They told my father that in order to get back within the confines of his contract, he had to “disassociate me from the brand.” They effectively (and I only say “effectively” for legal purposes) forced him to pick between firing his only son, or both of us losing our jobs. He made the right call, of course. I would never ask my father to die on this hill with me. He’s a great man, and I’m proud to call myself his son.

This ordeal turned my, and my father’s, life upside down. I had to take my house off the market, rescind my offer on the house my fiancee and I were preparing to purchase, and answer a million questions about why this all happened. My father was affected more than anyone in this whole shit show. By the end of it, he looked like he’d aged five years in three days. During the stressful waiting period they put him through, he ate six boiled eggs and two avocados in total. He couldn’t eat, sleep, or think straight. He has always worried about my safety and stability, and wanted the best for me. So, as you can imagine, this really took a toll on him.

While I do have a couple of job prospects which look good right now, I am still unemployed. So you may be asking, “why are you so happy then?” I’ll tell you. It’s because of the reaction I got from my brothers and sisters. The support they showed for me was beyond my wildest expectations.

After Mike Enoch spoke about my situation on The Daily Shoah, /our guys/ and /our gals/ righted the terrible wrong that had occurred. I was floored by the outpouring of support. It was the white pill I needed during that fiasco. It kept me going, and the effects haven’t worn off to this day. My hope for the ethnostate has never been stronger. My love for my people has never been stronger. My desire to be separated from the violent masses of non-whites has never been stronger.

I hope all of you have been feeling as white-pilled as I have lately. We are winning, people. I hear it in the conversations I have with my people here in the South, everyday. I’m even seeing a lot of GenX’ers waking up to the discrimination whites are enduring right now. I wish I could say the same about their opinions on the (((merchants))), but a hard lean towards the Alt-Right is a great start.

I believe the current mass awakening that our people are experiencing is exactly why the anti-white coalition, made up of darkies, beaners, hajis and any combination of the three, is losing its mind at the moment. I see their drastic measures and overreactions in the same vein as when a  toddler realizes he isn’t getting his toy back. Like I said, WE ARE WINNING, and they know it. So take heart, brothers and sisters. I think big things are in store for us in the very near future.

I will include a link to the video which was racist enough to (effectively) force a 30 year contractor to fire his only son from the family business. This is my first time writing any kind of article, or blogpost, or whatever this was worthy of being called. I hope someone got some enjoyment/entertainment from it. Thanks to all who took the time to hear me out. Also, I appreciate Identity Dixie for giving me a platform to tell my story. God willing, I will be updating you all with some good employment-related news very soon.

-The Southern Dingo


  1. It only takes a few years in the professional world to realize that white folks do not have the basic Constitutional rights that other people enjoy. The double standard is obvious to all……………

  2. Girls that young generally aren’t allowed to carry firearms. We can work on that. Additionally, they all need to carry something. As to the politics of work, the use of viewpoint discrimination is to create an increasingly docile work force. White works. Blacks don’t This threat of being reduced to the social status of a black is, sadly, very effective. Perhaps it is small comfort that senior management in corporations have no genuine interest in blacks, but use them as one more strikebreaking technique, a trick they started practicing in 1922. My symphaties.