Style: The Real Optics Question

The following is, by no means, the definitive answer to the style question, but it is a good foundation for the young men of our movement to build on.

I listen to a lot of Alt-Right podcasts and read a lot of Alt-Right publications. I’m an active member in numerous groups discussing a wide array of topics: fatherhood, Southern Nationalism, fascism, religion, etc. Since the beginning of our movement, we’ve argued about optics. Truth be told, the optics question isn’t about how we look at rallies, but how we are viewed by the people we are in contact with during our normal routines. So many of our guys were never taught how to present themselves in normal life, so it’s not odd that they don’t understand why this is such an important topic. Your personal optics, or how the world sees you, is not just important to how normies see our movement, but also to your ability to get a wife (and have children).

Buy a Suit

Every man should own a minimum of one suit. There are thousands of articles about different types and styles of suits. I don’t need to rehash those here. Shop for your suit in person. This allows you to test the quality of the suit, as well as experiment with different fits and colors. Unless you’re someone with an incredibly average build, you’ll need to have your suit tailored. Also remember, you can change the look of a suit just by wearing a different color or pattern of shirt and tie.

Groom Yourself

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Shave and don’t adopt African children

I believe it goes without saying, but, guys, take care of yourselves. Get a barber, and get your hair cut regularly. You don’t have to have the fashy undercut, but your hairstyle should be clean and manageable. If you have a beard, make sure you’re keeping it trimmed. A scraggly beard makes you look like a vagrant. If it comes in patchy, just shave. Mustaches are also acceptable forms of facial hair. Clean your skin and brush your teeth. Nothing will turn people off to your message like greasy skin and dirty teeth. Grooming goes beyond just washing, it involves actually making yourself presentable.

Dress for the Occasion

Sure, you can wear your suit every day. If you do that, you’ll appear to be the very rootless cosmopolitan urbanite that we rail against so much here at Identity Dixie. The key to presentation is to dress for the occasion. When you go to church, you should at least be wearing chinos, a dress shirt, and a tie. The suit is ideal for church. If you’re enjoying an afternoon at the zoo or a baseball game with your family, you can get away with shorts (cut at least an inch above the knee) with a polo and boat shoes. Gym clothes, including sneakers, need to stay in your gym bag. There is no reason to wear athletic clothing outside of athletic events.

Jeans are Work Pants

Blue jeans are work pants. Unless you are working in the yard or wrenching in the garage, pants should be chinos. Flat front chino pants are the most versatile pants you can own. They’re suitable for church, a date with the wife, or marching with your racist friends.

Stop Wearing T-Shirts

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You’re not a kid anymore, dress like a man.

Yes, I said it. Unless you are working in the yard, hitting the gym, or doing other physically strenuous activity, lose the tee shirt. Graphic tees, band tees, and any other printed t-shirts are okay for those situations, but they make you look like a perpetual adolescent when worn in public. The polo or fishing shirt are a much classier way to go casual in public, and can usually be found in materials that are much better for wicking away moisture than a cotton t-shirt.

We joke a lot about boat shoes and dressing “preppy,” but there’s some truth to it. When people see you as a clean cut, wholesome gentleman, they become more open to what you have to say. I’m not talking about watering down our message of a Dixie by and for Southern Whites, but about making our message acceptable for those afraid to vocalize what they know to be true and right.

– By AP Stewart


  1. I think a decent pair of jeans can go well with a blazer, to church, or a date. Jeans have in recent decades come to pass for ‘business casual’ in many people’s eyes.

    But you should never own a pair of skinnyjeans or jeans with sequins or anything like that on them.

  2. I agree with most of what is said here, including Tom’s comment. People on the right should be leaders of our folk, dress accordingly which simply means look nice. If you can only take away one thing from this article it’s this- NO MORE T-SHIRTS when going out…….

  3. I could write a dissertation on appropriate attire but fact is, in the rural south/mid west, pearl snaps & shined boots are stand-out gear. Nothing is more white than tucked-in pearl snaps coupled with Levis/wranglers & shined boots. They will know you are proud white man. Be implicitly & explicitly white.

  4. Many of us are not even aware how to dress, what styles compliment our bodies or how different fabrics work.
    A fantastic resource is the Youtube channel

    From business to casual he explains the science of wardrobe, no matter your size or body stye, he has a video telling you what will work for you.

    IT is hard to appreciate how degraded fashion is in the USA until you stay in a country with better clothing standards and I say that as one who is a typical offender of fashion.

    If you are overweight you are not alone, so you need to accept that your clothes will have to be altered. Black women are notoriously overweight but go to any Black wedding or church and you will see that somehow, they manage to find clothes and invest in the alterations that create a nice fit (never mind style or colors). So just accept the fact that alterations are needed and stop looking for that perfect off the rack item and then walking out empty handed.
    One last thought: Any time you are in a position where you might be photographed or filmed you must give thought to how random pictures of you can give wrong impressions. If there might be a street confrontation, the utilitarian dress might be jeans and boots, but optically, you will be presented as someone who came “looking for a fight”… rather than one who came to present ideas. Your more powerful enemy is the guy with the camera, rather than the guy with a mask and red flag. Long after that few second engagement is over, those frozen images live on.