Taxonomy of Europeans and the Jewish Question

If we think of the different European civilizations and how they have historically projected themselves or behaved in terms of six social classes like: nobility/aristocracy, martial/warrior, priestly/clerical, artisan/craftsman, peasant and merchant, we would get different and very interesting results, with most if not all Europeans being able to take as a “base” class the warrior/martial one, as most European civilizations have had to fight a lot. It should be uncontroversial that we are THE warrior civilization. However we also still posses a certain degree of all the other classes.

So, for instance, one could say that Spaniards are something like a warrior-monk/priest civilization while England is more of a warrior-merchant civilization based on how they have historically projected themselves. Spain being the “Hammer of Catholicism” and England being the quintessential trader empire. But to reiterate what I said earlier, all European civilizations posses all the qualities of the different classes at the same time, just in different degrees of intensity.

Twitter user and long time reader and listener of this site, polBunyanhelped me create a first draft of how we could plot this class distinctions for some of the major Western European nations and of Ashkenazi and Sephardi jews using a radar chart. This is our first step in creating a sort of “taxonomy” of the European peoples.

We went with our accumulated historical knowledge. The measurements are absolutely heuristic, not scientific, but the charts should illuminate the idea we are trying to convey and I consider them accurate, despite them not being “scientific”. The categories and how a country scores doesn’t represent literal strength, but rather how the country behaves or where it has shown its preferences to be. So Spain having a 9 on the “warrior” axis and England having an 8 doesn’t mean that “Spain is better at war”, it means that Spain tended to behave more like a warrior than England. Same with the priestly caste. Spain scores high on there but it’s not because its population was somehow abnormally composed of priests, but because the country behaved like one, taking into absolute priority matters regarding Catholicism and conversion or expulsion of infidels, for instance. The French, even though, they literally killed their monarchy still “project” a concern with nobility and regality and the court. French is the quintessential courtesan language. So just take that into account. This is not meant to represent videogame characters or Pokemon stats.

All pictures are courtesy of polBunyan.


What is the relevance of all this and what does it have to do with the Jewish Question? Well, ask yourself: How would the Jews be described as a people? What are the characteristics they project? Jews are basically a Priest-Merchant class. Specifically the Ashkenazi and the Sephardi are basically nothing but priests and merchants.


So, again. What is the point of all this, other than being fun things to think about? Well, because the jews were not a problem for Mediterranean civilizations like they are for Anglo-Germanic-Nord ones. That is not to say they weren’t or didn’t cause problems, but they didn’t do the things we see them doing now. For example, take the jews in Spain. The jews didn’t “subvert” Spain, they stabbed it in the back and helped the Muslims take over, pretty much to everyone’s faces, definitely a problem, but not the SAME problem as using crypsis and cultural subversion to make a civilization commit suicide. The jews didn’t make the Visigoths or other Spaniards hate themselves and believe in colorblindness and diversity.

In fact, what did Spain do with its jews? It turned them into Catholic SaintsCatholic scholars or Inquisitors. Basically forced them to channel their priestly race machinations into the favor of Spain’s priest caste. The opposite happened in Germany, England and the United States, where jews could just simply take control and subvert. Why?

Right now it is jews making the European priest caste (which includes more than literal priests now) adopt their “memes” or ideas. Why? Well, think back into the class arrangements for each Euro civilization. Which civilization has been dominant for a while? For the past two centuries, and for the first time ever, it has been the North and not the South (Mediterraneans) that has been leading Europe. If we see the charts, we see they are civilizations with very “low scores” on the priestly class. The North is more egalitarian and less hierarchical, more “folksy”, societies where the idea of “everyone can be a priest” took root, hence Protestantism. To top it all off, England is a merchant, so it resonates with the jews on that front too! This is why it gets the “Eternal Anglo” meme treatment, it is not that Anglos are literally like jews is that they score similarly in the “Merchant” category and are not strong enough on the priestly one to alienate them. What we’re seeing today with “jewish control” is the product of being under the domination of civilizations that are very deficient in their priestly caste, then their priest caste becoming subverted and displaced by a race that is basically nothing but priests, at a time where getting people to listen to what the priest caste has to say has never been easier thanks to technology in mass communications.

To be fair, you could say the “jews” subverted Roman civilization with Christianity, but that still works for the point I’m making, because Roman priests and theology was very deficient compared to what Christianity had to offer in that regard. Roman priests had basically no answer and no mechanism of defense against a recalcitrant monotheistic theology. Funnily enough, once that “subversion” happened, it developed a new stronger priesthood with immunity to jewish hijinks. It wasn’t until it was weakened in the Protestant Revolution that we were susceptible again to priest class subversion in Europe.

In conclusion: The Jewish Question is one for Northern Europeans to solve, as they are the ones more vulnerable to jewish subversion of their “priestly” elites. Everyone else will do fine as long as either North European (American) global rule collapses or they finally get their act together and reign the jews in.

-By Tercio and originally published on La Derecha Alternativa