Angels Descend on Shelbyville, Hirelings BTFO at White Lives Matter Rally

The low T hirelings and catladies showed up in Shelbyville to double down on their dying Brownification theology that Christ commands us to give our country away to various incoming races and religions that don’t even like each other. They leaned heavy on singing songs but I didn’t quite catch the Scriptural reference for their views. Perhaps one of them will clarify in the comment section.

All in all it was pretty telling to see the hirelings and catladies side with fags, communists and other degenerates over an overwhelmingly Christian movement. I didn’t see any obvious muslims in the videos I watched so we’ll just have to guess for now whether the hirelings would have sided with muslims over other Christians (the kind of Christians that have a very low risk of contracting HIV, not the San Francisco variety). I’m betting the hirelings would follow the money as usual and side with immigrant muslims over native white Christians but I’ll wait for clear, definitive proof before I say so for certain. I doubt it will be a very long wait.

I did see what to my knowledge was the first public use of the Dixie salute. It was quite encouraging also to hear through the grapevine that a group of about 30 men also used it in a private setting. I think the Dixie salute has taken root and has a strong future. Thanks, gentlemen!

Dixie Salute in the Wild

As usual with these events, there were enough Roman saluting photobombers to give the enemedia lots of good fodder in their quest to keep us marginalized. It’s kind of hard to say whether they were plants or genuine kooks so I’ll withhold judgement on that.

It was good to note though that many sources proclaim the angelic status of the League, stating clearly that they descended on Shelbyville. I honestly don’t know who would descend onto a town like that except messengers from God and we all know that the media always reports the objective truth, so the only possible conclusion is that the League were in fact messengers from God. Of course the media made no mention of the local hireling clergy descending onto Shelbyville, so it’s pretty clear who was really doing the Lord’s work. I really want to commend each of these sources for their integrity. Very few journalists would have had the nerve to honestly report supernatural events like that. Anytime we need people with a real backbone to honestly represent us without putting their spin on it we can always count on these guys. Also some of them are legit prophets because we see they actually predicted the mass descent before it happened.

Get a Thesaurus

Oh yeah, it was all over twitter too. So with that many witnesses you know it’s true. Not that amateurs on twitter are as reliable as the professional journalist work above, but when you add them together like that there’s no denying it.

Descend Again
Descend Again Again…

It was also good to hear from this based granny who claims to be Indian without any mixed family members. You can really see the wisdom of Indian Granny in the words she speaks. It’s truly a miracle that youtube is still free with grandma wisdom like this to keep us from becoming extreme, because moderate is where it’s at.

Also the opposition was nice enough to show us what democracy looks like (skip to 10:20) which is good to know for future reference on how not to govern any future ethnostates.

Sources say that #WhiteLivesMatter spent a lot of time trending on both facebook and twitter and I can see lots of youtube videos with lots of views already. There were optics problems and there has been a lot of feedback with suggestions for improvement. It wasn’t perfect, but I’m going to call the operation an overall success.

Incidentally, we see that the men angels in the League of the South pray in the name of Jesus…

…while the interfaith clergy condemn them in a declaration that does not mention Jesus or the Gospel in any way. The best I can tell from a quick look is that the list of names on this petition seems to include a lot of women preachers, rabbis and a couple muslim imams. (I guess that’s my answer about whether they would side with muslims.) No shortage of credentials on the list though, so I’m sure they know what they’re talking about. No word yet on how many of them are homosexuals.

It’s tough to make the call between believing angels that just descended  onto the scene (per multiple reputable sources) and pray in Jesus’ name vs such a qualified list of clergy from not one, not two, but at least THREE religions. And we know the test for religious fidelity is to see how well the representatives of these irreconcilable religions get along with each other instead of making a big deal out of divisive issues like the Resurrection of Jesus, amirite?

Who would win?

You decide.

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  1. Good stuff!
    I have an article on Shelbyville out in American Free Press now too. Not sure if I have you on my facebook friends yet or not, but if you’d like a PDF of it, let me know and I’d be happy to send it to you.