Unhealthy Urbanite Living in Peach Trees

In my previous article, I explored the concept of whomst is the Urbanite, and some of the arguments against the prevailing metropolitanism that our world suffers, and the urban mode of production inflicted upon us at large. We know that the Urbanite uses economic and social pressures to drive us into their service. If not the carrot of luxury (fine dining, varied shopping, so-called “cultural” events which are usually rituals of degenerate supremacy and better internet access), we get beaten with the stick of need (education, work opportunities, that ironically become more of a burden for the lower classes, and even medical care!).

I spoke too, from an ethnonationalist and traditionalist point of view, that the Urbanite blatantly rejects any ideals that those of the Alt-Right embraces. Many of the modern libertines that inhabit the great metropoli greatly enjoy this egalitarian nihilism, but they lie to themselves on the basis of why the city offers this carefree life style. Simply put, they are human cogs in a great machine, with no individual value, without any sort of manner, any sort of self-respect, any standard to be held to at all. The Urbanite does not realize that they are simply replaceable, and that their only worth is what petty service they offer to their overlords, or in the old Roman meaning of proletariate, fit only to breed for their masters.

In this second piece, I shall discuss other damages caused by the Urbanite lifestyle. On top of the social disease, there is great correlation between the spread of mental and even physical illness in the “sacred” metropolitan areas.

Firstly, it has become noted that the state of New Jersey has the highest prevalence of autism in the country. Why is this? Some articles I have read like to suggest that it is because the medical and school systems of New Jersey are more attentive about finding the early signs of autism in children. However, it must be noted that the northern parts of New Jersey, basically a suburb of that greatest of metropoli, New York City, is itself heavily urbanized. On top of this extreme urbanization and population, is the fact that Northern New Jersey is heavily industrialized. The urbanite dream is to be incredibly close to your work (as if running a farm, or living in a small town does not mean you are close to your work), but at what cost?

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New Jersey Urbanization

The chemical seep of this nightmare industrialism seems to be bound to cause harm to the physical health of the people living there! All for what, the privilege of looking across the river to see the skyscrapers? That said, this is not proof that urban living itself causes autism. I, however, have a theory upon that.

In 1990, a British anthropologist by the name of Robin Dunbar, proposed an idea, oddly enough known as Dunbar’s Number, suggesting that we as Human Beings can only comfortably maintain relationships , or even recognize who others are, with a number of people. Dunbar himself suggested only 150, while further research and theorizing has suggested up to 500, with some outliers of even 2,500! Beyond this number, you begin to lose track of who is who.

In the city however, you are likely to see and know of far more than 2,500. It should be noted that in the perfect urbanite nightmare, Cabrini-Greene, there was over 15,000 residents in a small complex. I do question, that once you go beyond Dunbar’s Number, if you do not begin to see all those you do not recognize as being enemies. When you are so surrounded, it would be base instinct to figure that some number of people are against you. A deep sense of paranoia, the codification of the low trust society, it seems to be pervasive of the urbanite population. One never knows, even in a high class area, if someone next to them will pull a knife or shoot them.

Islamic Terrorism isn’t the only thing that is part and parcel of urban living today, but not knowing who your very own neighbors are, and what they may wish upon you. This can also be shown by research stating that urban dwellers have higher rates of suffering from severe anxiety disorders, depression, and various other mental conditions. This is even further exasperated by the increasing migration to urban centers. Now, those in power stuff their charges into smaller and smaller apartments, further creating more anxiety and stress over these living conditions.

In physical health, urban living has been proven to lead to higher rates of asthma, heart disease, sleep disorders (often hand in hand with the mental health issues). One may wish to assume that the problems caused by pollution would be confined to the few remaining great industrial cities, or third world metropoli where the street is a more attractive place to defecate than the toilet gifted by European benefactors, but it is not. The baking heat of asphalt causes severe and deadly breathing problems in the older population (and causes a migration of boomer urbanites to literal greener pastures). To touch on the previous issue, shining a light upon urbanite degeneracy, it must be noted that the rates of STDs, including HIV/AIDS is far higher in urban areas. The greater population, going against the Dunbar’s Number, leads to far higher rates of casual sex, be it heterosexual or homosexual.

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Cabrini-Green: Real Life Peach Trees

Finally, in regards to health, it must be noted that many urban areas have vast “food deserts”. While this does not apply to the European populations as much, it must be noted that many urban dwellers have limited access to fresh food, or even foods better than mass produced and preserved snack foods like Doritos and Mountain Dew. The Urbanite loves to praise the privilege of being able to walk to the grocery store, but they do not tell you that in this glorious store, unless you are part of the over-class, you will get an expired bag of Cheetos, a flat Mountain Dew, and maybe a bottle of Wild Irish Rose. Healthy.

The White Urbanite, in a fit of political hypocrisy, also loves to engage in Gentrification, another threat to their own lives, and a risk to any who would follow them. While some may praise the reclamation of formerly white neighborhoods in some urban centers, it must be noted that these enclaves are now surrounded by far higher crime areas than even before. During a riot, as has been often in past years, these liberal hipster colonials, live in fear of those who they originally praised, while forcing them out of their homes. This strange form of segregated integration is dangerous too, in that while the original inhabitants are priced out, it is often cheap enough for the average person with any sort of decent job to afford. These enclaves become colonies for young professionals and students. These naive young adults have likely come from a higher trust society, and now are at risk for their lives at all times, all in the name of urban privilege, and of course, diversity.

With the Urbanite, they may do things that can be applauded by either side of the political spectrum, praised by communists, or praised by ethno-nationalists of any stripe, but when it boils down to it, the Urbanite only acts in their own self-interest at the expense of anyone, even their own that they claim to love. The hypocrisy of the Urbanite, the degeneracy of the Urbanite, and degradation of urban living, lead me to believe, that we must Crush the Urbanite!

-By Dr. Kriegzahn

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