The EU’s Coming Calamity

Back in August, I wrote an article outlining the doom getting underway in Germany. It’s not an isolated case. These troubles are manifesting across the continent. Let’s take a quick look at the EU, because it’s even more screwed up than the US. Just like the US, the European establishment handles its finances with the same lethal incompetence that characterizes its immigration policies. It’s important to pay attention to these issues because we need a profound calamity in order to enter the mainstream sooner rather than later. Either entity might be the source of a western sovereign debt/currency crisis, which would serve as exactly that sort of catalyst.


Germany is the economic giant of Europe and a leader in public debt. Their ratio of debt to GDP is around 95%, decisive for the EU. The other big player, France, has racked up a 65% ratio. That’s terrible, but not yet across the historically-unrepayable threshold of 90%. However, the overall ratio of the EU is, um, 90%.


Like the US, the EU has amassed titanic pension liabilities which its rapidly shrinking, productive white population simply cannot make good on, even with extreme levels of taxation. Vibrancy has made this situation much worse than it needed to be. For example, in Britain, only 20% of the working age Muslim population even has a full time job, let alone makes a net contribution to Her Majesty’s Exchequer. As the Islamic majority emerges, the tension between paying Jizya, servicing debt, and fulfilling the pensions of the older generation will become intolerable for dwindling European taxpayers.

The European Central Bank

In the US, the Federal Reserve (our quasi-private central bank) has been creating trillions through keystrokes to buy up debt from Uncle Sam. This is why we can temporarily live way beyond our means. The ECB has taken this idiocy a step further. It’s also been purchasing corporate debt in order to prop up the market. Ever fattened yourself up with some processed bullshit from Nestle or bought gas at a Shell station? If so, you helped these corporations service their debt to the ECB, which it purchased with Euros digitally conjured from nothing. Sucking up debt with fake money is all part of a scheme with the intentionally opaque moniker of “Quantitative Easing”. The ECB has taken it so far that its balance sheet has exceeded that of the Fed.

Prophets of Doom

Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s outgoing Federal Minister of Finance, recently warned that this irresponsible monetary policy will result in a global financial crisis. It’s a telling prediction, because unlike Trump, he doesn’t wish to own the next crisis in his new role as President of the German Bundestag. Schäuble is not alone. Otmar Issing, the academic architect of the Euro, has also reached the point of issuing this warning about his brainchild: “one day, the house of cards will collapse”.

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Future scientists, academics and university professors

Let’s not overlook world’s most powerful financial institution: Goldman Sachs. In the lead up to the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, Goldman sold bets on dishonest financial instruments. This was a major factor in the meltdown. Along with JP Morgan, they’re now offering a new twist on the old Credit Default Swap. These “Total Return Swaps” are bets that certain high-risk European bank bonds will be paid or not paid in full. What could go wrong?

To Summarize

Our cousins in Europe find themselves faced with the same time bomb that we do: A sharply contracting population of white contributors who cannot afford to pay for a rapidly expanding population of retirees along with soaring vibrancy. We’re all faced with an additional predicament: our governments have already incurred unrepayable debts and created enormous amounts of money in order to absorb them. These reckless policies have ensured that when a catastrophe occurs, it will be severe.

They Have Tough Battles Ahead

In the US, we have somewhat free speech, and are fighting a transition from America to Brazil. In the EU, our counterparts have no essential freedoms and are trying to oppose a transition to a Caliphate without being thrown in jail. On top of all this, they’ve now got hordes of Africans washing up and nigging out all over the place. Anyone with common sense can sight turbulence on the horizon. It doesn’t matter what gains the AFD made in the German elections or the new whiz kid on track to lead Austria. The problems have already been imported, and even if they succeed in halting the arrival of new ones, there will still be unrest. The vigorous crackdowns on freedom of speech and the brutal suppression of separatists in Catalonia are some indicators that Europe’s establishment has begun to recognize their predicament. These clampdowns are signs of desperation, not confidence in Europe’s trajectory.

Cheer Up, This is Great for White Nationalism

Financial and economic dysfunction will hopefully act as a centrifuge for societies and nations. People who don’t have an acceptable job or palatable government handouts have little incentive to coexist with the “other”. Sectarian discord should work synergistically with the simple desire of the productive not to pay for those who are not like them and do not like them. Open borders and globalization aren’t affordable endeavors. In fact, they’re demonstrating themselves to be self-defeating mechanisms. Once the money runs out, they’ll screech to a halt. How crazy things might potentially get from there is impossible to accurately predict. However, without hardship and strife, sanity is unlikely to prevail upon the brainwashed masses.

-By Tom Shackleford