History is Written by the Victors, Right?

The idea that victors write history is considered axiomatic, attributed to Ancient Rome or Shabbos goyim Winston Churchill, depending on whom you ask. And from a logical perspective, it does stand to reason. Wars or ideological conflicts are fought. Someone wins. Someone loses. The winner survives to write his take on it. A spoil of war is the ability to paint his own actions in a favorable light such that posterity will view his motives with rose colored shades. As an added bonus, he can lash pejoratives to the enemy, surrounding his name and cause with damnation and calumny. A phenomenon that hardly needs explanation to Unresconstructed Alt-Righters, as both our politics and history have received the ever-lasting curse of damnatio memoriae. But it was not always this way.

Do a little digging and one will find that this statement was not uttered by some sage Roman whose name has been lost to the ages nor even the imminently quotable, though utterly detestable, Winnie. Its true author was one (((Walter Benjamin))), an instrumental player in the foundation of the Frankfurt School. After Hitler and the NSDAP rose to power in 1933, (((Benjamin))) fled to Paris, where he would ultimately kill himself as German troops approached the city in 1940, rather than face the warrant for his arrest on charges of being a communist subversive.

Therein lies the rub. The more I recall the pages of history I’ve pored over through the years, the more I began to realize that no, history has never been written solely by the victors. There have always been dueling narratives (sometimes many more than two), and while the victor’s might be the most popular one, history was not his unique preserve. His foe, though vanquished, was permitted to tell his tale and his side of the story, from his own perspective. Far from being worthy of damnation, foes were to be celebrated as worthy and noble adversaries, so that their ultimate defeat lavished even more glory onto the victor. Two prime examples come to mind, and one is near and dear to our hearts, as sons and daughters of Dixie.

The first can be found in the pages of Ammianus Marcellinus, a Roman soldier and historian of the 4th century AD. He toiled in a time when his religion, Paganism, was on the decline relative to the ascendant Christian faith. His history is colored by his faith and his dim view of Christians. The work, which is extent, covers the years 354-378 and includes a shining portrayal of the Emperor Julian, known to posterity as, The Apostate. This sobriquet tells us all we need to know about how the rival Christian sources viewed Julian. And yet, Marcellinus was not only permitted to write, his is the only major work to survive this tumultuous time in Roman history (the work concludes with the disaster at Adrianople). If it were true that history is written by the victors, the work likely would have disappeared, particularly given the Church’s centuries long role as Europe’s intellectual steward. Yet, this Pagan writer was diligently copied by many monks throughout the ages, despite its negative commentary on the victor’s faith, such that at least some of it survives to this day, pagan slant and all.

The other example (okay there are many, but I’m on a word count budget here) is the story of the Confederate States of America. Even immediately after The War of Northern Aggression, defeated Southrons worked to tell the tale as they saw it, so that their ideas could survive the occupying Yankees, where the state did not. Generals and politicians wrote memoirs and historians spun narratives, and in the latter category, the Lost Cause school of the later 19th century is a prime example. Far from painting the CSA in a negative or evil light, as is done today, these men dutifully told the stories of their fathers as a cause which was noble but star-crossed. Valorous and doomed. Aside from their unfair treatment of war-time General Longstreet, due to the post-war version of adopting scalawag politics, much of their writing has merit as source material. Though do not tell that to any leftist or thoughtpolicer.

These two periods, and many in between, serve as proof that history was not some kind of absolute, whereby the winner dictated to the loser how things happened and how to view themselves and their cause. Thus, Benjamin’s connection with the Frankfurt school and his Judaism shine a light on his motivation on why he and the other (((Marxists))) sought not only to change history from a rich tapestry, but to a one-way street moving forward. In addition, this Frankfurt narrative also retroactively destroys any versions of history which did not fit in with the “approved” narrative they were seeking to create.

The most obvious example of this is, of course, the Holohoax itself. History is written by the victors, goy. We won, goy. Case closed, goy. Remember the six gorillion! But just in case, I better make challenging the narrative a crime all over Europe and a career ending offense in countries that have free speech laws. *Rubs hands*


With the central crux of the modern Jewish assault on our history and traditions safely protected from questioning, the cultural Marxists were free to expand the battle to other fronts. Nobility in the Southern Cause? The War of Northern Aggression? Taxes? Long-standing differences about the role of government in society? Goy, it was about slavery and the Confederates were evil racists. Now tear down their statutes, and if you’re from the South, you damn well better reconstruct yourself and I mean NOW.

The attack on our Southern Heritage is merely the first step. Because as we all know, this is not about politics nor ideology nor history. This is a Jewish campaign to destroy whiteness. Take our history and our culture from us, and we have nothing left to fight for. No reason to push back. Sure, I’ll procreate with a non-white, if at all. My kids won’t look like me? Who cares. I’m a white person whose history is filled with malevolence. I deserve to be snuffed out and so does everyone who looks like me. These words or some variation thereof frequently spew forth from the fish-mouths of the leftists who show up to counter-protest Alt-Right events.

For many years, I never questioned the axiom. I just assumed it to be true. But it’s not. It’s a recent development and one that is purposefully misattributed to people whom, rightly or wrongly, our society venerates. If it were properly ascribed to its communist Jewish author, it would lack the cache associated with Rome or Churchill. History is not a monolith. Viewpoints and explanations rise and fall in popularity over time, but alternate explanations were not subject to condemnation and denigration until very recently. The only way the Jewish version of history gets to be declared as written by the victors is if we let them win. And I have no such intention.

We’ll retake everything, including our history.

-By Goy Rogers


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