The Fallacy of Righteous Universalism

Imagine members of a football team, let’s say the Confederate Rebels for example, who did not believe in Rebel Supremacy, did not believe in dominating and annihilating other teams, who denied any intention of winning the Superbowl trophy (a symbol of football team supremacy) at the expense of every other football team that also wanted the same trophy. In fact they claim that no team should ever “rule” over another and that anyone who did believe such was a disgusting, small minded bigot.

The coach was seen on TV giving the following response to accusations of being a teamist  and a Rebel supremacist:

One thing we can all agree on is that no real Rebel would ever want to conquer another team, eliminate them from a tournament and embarrass them in front of their cheerleaders and their fans. Any team that does that is nothing but a bunch of hateful cowards and losers. All we ask is to be left alone.

However these men also claim to be “proud Rebels” or “loyal Rebels” who will always remain true to their Rebel heritage and purity. All they want is a field of their own to play on, or at least the right to have “Rebels only” games or peacefully hold pro Rebels rallies at the Confederate City park. After all, this is about Rebel advocacy and the right for Rebels to exist as a distinct team, not hate or Rebel Supremacy. They believe every football team has the right to peacefully exist in its own stadium even though there are a limited number of stadiums and some teams will have to share, but whatever.

Upon being interviewed by the news reporter they all agreed that they would always defend football team equality, rights and mutual respect–just separate. They are true Rebel Nationalists, not to be confused with all those disgusting Rebel Supremacists who give other Rebels a bad name by trying to defeat other teams. In fact, if it weren’t for those Rebel Supremacists causing such confusion the other teams wouldn’t be trying to tackle them all the time and the public would see how virtuous they are and view them more positively.

Also, while they are very proud of their cheerleaders, they deny that their cheerleaders actually possess superior qualities for them to be so proud of, such as being prettier than other team cheerleaders. They are just proud of their cheerleaders for being fabulous just like all the other teams’ cheerleaders whom they are also proud of. Every team has the right to be proud of their equally fabulous cheerleaders as long as they only mix with their own cheerleaders and in their own stadiums and leave the Rebel cheerleaders and the Rebel home stadium alone.

Now how would you feel about those Rebels’ mentality? Would you think they were crazy? Cucks? Do you think they would have a successful season with those players? Do you think they would attract much of a fandom? Sell a lot of Rebel branded merchandise? After all, nothing projects strength and impresses women more than men begging for approval or to be treated equally with other men. Amirite?