The Dixie Salute

We are at the moment unilaterally disarmed against Antifa and BLM/Black Power activists. They have a salute in the form of a closed fist while we have no comparable salute of our own to answer back with. Furthermore, some white nationalists also have a palm down, open hand salute. These symbolic hand gestures appeal at the visceral level, to the primitive man within. The youth love them. We run the risk of getting left behind in the movement marketplace if we don’t have a competing salute of our own. This is not about competing in the marketplace of ideas with strong arguments. This is about competing for aesthetic appeal against other movements and even sportsball (eg the Tomahawk Chop at Braves games or the Hook’em Horns sign at University of Texas games). We are dealing with raw, primitive instincts here, not reason.

A popular salute would be something that no enemy could ever take away from us. It can be replicated millions of times over at zero cost. It is a safe, nonflammable alternative to torches. It is something we can always have at our disposal at a moment’s notice and can never be banned from stadiums like the CBF was banned from Ol Miss football games. A salute is  ideal for “flash activism” just like the closed fist salute has been used. If it becomes popular it is something that the enemy is completely powerless to “make go away” like our monuments, our flags on public property and our social media accounts. It is completely immune to any of the standard tactics that the enemy is currently using, and if they somehow adjust their tactics it will only display their double standard between our salute and the closed fist salute, thus slipping the mask just a little more.

The salute should be something simple and easy enough that it flows naturally without need for practice and without effort on the spur of the moment. It should also be unique to Dixie, not to be confused with Black Power, Roman or Islamic salutes.

I think it’s also important that our salute be scaleable according to the energy level. Consider the closed fist. It can be held head high for a selfie or whenever the individual feels like keeping the volume low. But in a moment of high energy the individual may hold the salute high over his head with arm fully extended. This flexibility creates a one size fits all advantage for popular use, no matter the energy level of the occasion.

Image result for black power salute
Black Power at the Olympics

The old official CSA salute with palm outward at the brim of the hat does not scale according to energy level, plus it projects respect for whatever person or object the salute directs toward. So while fitting for heritage or ceremonial purposes, it still doesn’t meet the need at hand. Imagine a standoff in public where the enemy gives a group salute using the closed fist. Are we going to counter it with a CSA salute? No, that would project our respect onto them. Also, it is not uniquely ours since militaries around the world use the same or similar salute. The need at hand is a salute for peaceful identitarian advocacy and the historic CSA salute or any other military salute simply doesn’t meet that need.

I’m going to suggest a salute holding up three separated fingers as pictured above. We have all been well practiced in making this hand sign since we were three years old. This also happens to be the letter W in American Sign Language. Even though it does not represent the number 3 in ASL that is still the way most people will interpret it.

The 3 represents us in three different ways:

1) It represents Trinitarian Christianity. Not only is it in defiance of Judaism and atheism, it is the most obvious possible defiance of the Islamic index finger salute meant to deny the Trinity by signaling Allah as the “one God”.

2) It represents our Anglo, Scot and Welsh ancestors that settled Dixie prior to Lincoln’s Invasion as the three main ingredients that make up the Anglo-Celtic core South.

3) It represents the three points of the League of the South vision: (a) the survival, (b) well being and (c) independence of the Southern people.

So the salute would effectively signify solidarity with the national interest of Dixians in terms of race, religion and political vision. I think that is a good, holistic representation for our identitarian purposes.

Since it is also a W in American Sign Language some people may try to re-interpret it to represent “white” in a generic sense but of course we should intend it to specifically represent Dixian whites, not some global pan-European brotherhood that never has and never will exist. This is the Dixie salute, not an American Nationalist salute. The vast majority of people are going to intuitively interpret the sign as the number 3 rather than the letter W anyway.

There is a similar Serbian Salute (the ASL sign for the number 3, using the thumb and first two fingers) that also apparently arose as a sign of Trinitarian Christianity but today is used as a sign of Serbian ethnicity, so you could say the model has been successfully tested. However, I would avoid using this version since it already represents another ethnic group and would not be uniquely ours.

Of course, I have no power to make the three finger Dixie Salute official or to force its use, but I think it fits a need in our movement and I offer it as my suggestion for popular adoption. Whether the three fingers suggestion is adopted or not, I hope that movement leaders do recognize the need and fill it with something.


  1. If this catches on, it’ll lead to a lot of fingers being chopped off when CWII rolls around. Anyway…

    Dag nabbit how do your get your little finger folded down without either having to pull it down with one hand and hold it in place with your thumb or else having the ring finger come down too. Are my fingers mutated or is this a problem for anyone else?

    And why is it a lot easier to do with my left hand than it is with my right?