Crush the Urbanite: The Treatise

In my years associated with the Alt-Right, I have always maintained a stance against what is deemed the “urbanite.” Cries of “Crush the Urbanite!” have been heard in the deepest corners of our movement for years now. But what is an urbanite? Why is the urbanite a problem?

It is human nature to conglomerate together in some number, trade and industry is made easier by the centralization of towns and smaller cities. The Metropoli we know today took that basic good, and became cancerous with it. Starting in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the Industrial Revolution allowed for massive production of various items. This mass production required mass population to man the factories. Economic pressures and competition from the cheaply produced massed goods began to force people to leave their smaller villages. The works of the artisan became devalued and debased, while advances in agricultural technology began to limit the amount of farm workers needed to support the nation.

The new urban industrial workers suffered extremely long days in the factories, and in appalling conditions. The devaluation of the rural,small town, as well as, artisan labor had another effect, the devaluation of human life itself. It did not matter your health or well being, all that mattered was if you could man your station and be a productive member of the industrial machine.

Even though immigration was often unwelcome in America (see Naturalization Act of 1790), it was still a major economic boon. Those in power did not care about demographic changes or even cared about the conflicts that came from the masses of European immigrants in the cities, as long as they built their wealth and power.

The cities embraced the uncontrolled growth in the name of greed. All the while technology advanced beyond needing the flesh cogs of the poor working class. They became bloated, innumerable, unsustainable in their home regions. These metropoli, what I deem the Urbanite, would not truly be part of their nation, but a separate and overly powerful blight.

The centralization of this wealth and power ensured social suzerainty over the rural populations, denied the same privileges and luxuries as the Urbanite.

Today, the Urbanite, the rootless cosmopolitan, maintains this power, while sneering at the rural population. The Urbanite prides themselves on diversity and openness. However, it is all merely a cover for their greed, comfort and power. This mass city-dwelling population causes a massive shift in regional politics, leading to these larger population areas, who share the same concern, to utterly dominate their home states and even the nation itself!

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The Urbanite controls very little landmass

To the Urbanite, race does not matter. Not in any sense of tabula rasa, but in that they gain more wealth and political clout. Throughout the decades, multiple immigration patterns prove this. As long as the upper-classes can self-segregate from their imported pets, they are happy, even while Rome burns around them. Sexual degeneracy has no bearing on the Urbanite, since all that matters is flesh pressed into service. Culture and Tradition have no bearing either, as any idea of a non-Bugman identity may lead to conflict on the beige blob. To the Urbanite, culture is glorifying disease, attempting to feel fulfilled as they indulge in their own decadence, and drawing more and more immigrants.

The immigrants today are not for working the factory, but for the service industry, and to act as a moral veil for further social control. Demographics do not matter as long as the ones who control the city stand atop their ivory towers and continue to manipulate their brown hordes to act in their economic and political benefit.

The Urbanite acts as a political biblical plague that spreads by the day. When their liberal policies and importation of culturally and racially incompatible immigrants inevitably fail, they will begin to migrate to smaller and less wealthy places, to begin the cycle a new. Massive population increases have led to the extreme straining of infrastructure, and begins to siphon off funds from rural areas and smaller cities, leading to our own loss at the hands of a new quasi-colonial power.

This is especially pronounced in Dixie, where the massive amounts of migration threaten to forever change the demographics of states like North Carolina, and to politically change them to act in the service of the Progressive State. However, Dixie is our best hope of resistance against the Urbanite. The South has always been majority agrarian realm. The great cities of the Antebellum South were closer to the historical and truthful purpose of cities, trade and smaller industries. Southern Nationalism is the vanguard against the rootless cosmopolitan. We must embrace our culture, our history, in defense against the deracinated, decultured, and nontraditional Urbanite.

It is my belief, without question, that if you value Southern Nationalism, if you value Ethno-Nationalism, if you value tradition, if you value anything of our blood and soil, we must Crush the Urbanite!

-By Dr. Kriegzahn