ClownWorld: The Final Installment

ClownWorld cannot exist in perpetuity. None of this nonsense can pay for itself, and we can’t creatively finance it much longer. This is the final installment of the ClownWorld series, you can view Episode I and the sequel here. Thanks to all the expensive diversity we’re constantly importing, the day we can’t borrow anymore is rapidly approaching. We’ll then experience a sovereign debt crisis, and the dollar will lose its status as the world’s reserve currency. After that, realignments will occur across many facets of our society that will be troublesome for whites, but great for their survival.  Here’s a collection of mild predictions.

The Federal Government

At this point, its authority comes from 3 tactics: issuing debt, creating money to buy this debt, and avoiding the funding of future obligations. In doing so, it can distribute funds to the states. In return, they must comply with its myriad mandates.  Essentially, the financial process between taxpayers and the feds works like this: the residents of a state send their tax dollars to the feds, who then send this money back, plus the money raised by debt.  Once the feds can’t borrow anymore, what’s the point to this process? The federal government will find itself smaller and bereft of much of the authority it has appropriated since the country’s founding. 


Why do all of our major “enemies” essentially just ignore us and do what they want? Simple. Why fight with a dying giant? If you don’t believe Weimerica’s MSM, then it’s easy to do a realistic assessment of our predicament. The stupid thing now would be to militarily challenge our deployment on their borders. The practical thing is to simply wait until our fake money isn’t good anymore. That’s why the Russians can shrug and say “there are no serious people to talk to” or the Chinese exhort us to “just calm down and stop making threats”. They know that we can’t fund it for much longer, so it’s not an existential dilemma for them. The era of our global military presence will come to an end.

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Not technically women


Most of the insanity and subhuman student populations we see in academia are only there because schools have bloated up on over a trillion dollars in student debt, all guaranteed by the federal government. Whatever stupidity schools decide to implement, their students can borrow as much as they must in order to pay for it. This isn’t remotely sustainable. Institutions that survive will have to be drastically pruned down to useful degree programs pursued by students with objective qualifications for funding.

Making Stuff Here

“Free Trade” is what Trump has signaled against, but the term could also describe what transpires between us and many of the countries with whom we have huge trade deficits. What generally happens is that when they send us far more products than we send back to them, they purchase treasury securities to finance the difference. These are IOUs that we get in exchange for real stuff, like tablets, oil, or poisonous sheetrock.  This allows them to build domestic production, and participate in the modern economy. On our end, we just receive cheap products.

The vendor-financing of the US is tough on Americans engaged in domestic production because their costs are often artificially expensive versus foreign suppliers. In the short term, the end of this unmaintainable system would lead to pretty serious product shortages. Hopefully, in the long term, it leads to greater domestic production, manned by people who can’t get questionable disability benefits, Medicaid for opioids, or student loans for worthless degrees. Without participation in the labor force, we can’t get wayward whites back on a more wholesome path.

Black Attack 

One group will be particularly devastated by coming financial turmoil: “People of Color”. As we all know, much of their biomass is utterly dependent on gibs. Those above the base are mainly employed in make-work jobs and lucrative diversity sinecures. Circumstances will dictate that these are among the first people jettisoned by ailing organizations. The risk of a lawsuit later (there could be an epic backlog) won’t override the need of executives to make payroll for the people who actually sustain their enterprise.   

The financial predicaments of his benefactors are not dynamics which the mind of a dindu is capable of entertaining. Whatever they’re used to getting will be significantly curtailed. Sure as gravity, this will lead to them CHIMPING THE FUCK-OUT.  We’ve seen the havoc of BLM riots, so we can reasonably surmise that gibs riots will be truly epic. This is why it’s really important to make sure you’re not domiciled anywhere within walkable proximity to a sizable black biomass.

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Be Prepared

Too Bad, Your Side Is Already Chosen 

What’s overlooked by economists is that none of our financial problems will transpire in a vacuum. Scarcity, frustration, and disillusionment will pry at cracks in society presently caulked up by debt and monetary chicanery. The Alt-Right is the only movement with an accurate predictive model. We know from history and reality that our multi-racial miasma won’t hold itself together without free shit for everyone.

An acceptable paycheck and the promise of a comfortable retirement are what enable the average white to rationalize ClownWorld to himself. In his mind he has two options: oppose what’s going on, and become homeless, or just say nothing and lead a relatively comfortable existence. We know what option he takes. Money is the ultimate threat by which the Jews and their collaborators maintain control over Weimerica. Once they’ve deprived themselves of this tool, many things will become possible.

The wonderful thing about sectarian conflict instigated by scarcity is that you can’t pick your side. The sheep will get dragged along by circumstances they can’t control and didn’t see coming. Most of them we could never convince, even at this late stage. A crisis will have to get into full swing before they need to confront reality.  White Nationalism is not an unrealistic result once people do the math and realize they can either pay for their parent’s or pay for vibrancy, but not both. However, the processes that will enable its implementation are sure to be painful, uncertain, and disruptive for all involved. 

-By Tom Shackleford