Southern Romantics & Transhumanist Tragedies

~ Alone he stands, and sore downcast, who loves with pious warmth the past. ~ Novalis

Our Lord has St. Paul warn of our enemy. We war not with flesh and blood, he says, but against the powers of the air; the rulers in the high places; in a word, and with little care for the protests of the systematicians – we battle against the destruction of humanity itself. A reversal of common whim, I know, but when all is said and done, it may turn out that Southerners are the last defense of humanity against the forces of genocide.

This isn’t even a popular view in the alternative right. Ideologies and isms – figures and stats, charts, data, and facts – these, so it’s supposed – are the thinking man’s tools against the ravages of modernity. Along with this, it’s commonly believed that the best way a man can learn about his ancestors is by reading history books about them. Some (in the alternative political orbit) have even lauded the so-called “transhumanist” movement, where our human bodies will, over time, be replaced with machines and our minds supplemented with “artificial intelligence”. “We’ll live forever!”…so they cry, without realizing they’re no longer talking about “we”, nor about “living.” This transhumanism and the evolutionary philosophy that fuels it, is nothing short of direct and open advocacy for the destruction of humanity – destroy it to replace it with materialistic rote.

Be very clear, southern man. Ours is not an objection over which flag to fly at rallies. Ours is not some shallow disagreement over “optics”. Ours is the last human voice crying in a sterile, lifeless, wilderness. There are no words to this cry. It’s raucous, dangerous, exuberant. It’s the mythic rebel yell, the echos of which still ring around the fallen halls of academia, causing the godless to sweat and their students to sleep with nightlights on.

We care nothing for data and facts, charts, figures, or stats. We care only that the task of defending humanity has fallen to us and that our feudal lord – the man of sorrows – would be pleased if we perform it well. It’s in this that our power resides. In the heart, not the head. And we don’t find a hint of this in the history books; no, it’s to our literature we must turn, and to the old religiosity found there.

…it’s a deep love for our Lord and our people that will give us the power to stop the transhumanists.

God help us if we rely on the Yankee force of intellect instead.


  1. I’ve never written an article on lynchings, no. One of my friends in the Kinist community did, however. You might still find a copy of it over at Faith & Heritage? From what I recall, he exploded the left-wing revisionist myth that hundreds of thousands of unjust mob-enforced executions were carried out in the South, which, according to some, amounted to a “genocide” of the black race.

    …dem niggas still all over the place in Atlanta though, so I guess the “genocide” didn’t work?