The Mainline is Ours

My Protestant brethren, God wants us never to rest on our laurels but always to be vigilant against error and sin. The sorry state of our churches is due in good part to the lack of strong men in leadership and in pews.  Our own slothfulness has given the enemy easy wins – and we continue to hemorrhage territory.  Wimpy preaching, a shallow understanding of the Gospel and of Scripture, women holding authority over men, an overemphasis on emotional experiences, and the downplaying of men’s roles in the church are all definite forces behind these defeats.

We who have our hope in Christ and who hate the modern world are given few options for fellowship.  The shape of modern White Protestantism is grossly partitioned as so:

  • Evangelical rave churches, informed by anything on the spectrum from Wesleyan-Holiness to mild Calvinism, which have a penchant for race-cucking, and given to emotional liturgics;
  • Conservative Separatists, which are plagued with further separations about things which previously were considered minor issues, and often a slavish love for Talmudists and their country (here I include Independent Fundamentalist Baptists, Continuing Anglicans, WELS & LCMS, and the several Presbyterian branches, with Zionism affecting some more than others);
  • Mainline churches, being the most notoriously noxious; full of error, Boomer silliness, and a flaccid Gospel; worshiping strange gods and ignoring the Almighty; and now having to rationalize their own decline as some sort of blessing.

Evangelicals in general are consistently conservative, slowing the Progress machine. Their love of foreign adoptions and sub-Saharan mission trips must be corrected, but these churches are best left to preach Christ and to absorb the ire of the fallen world.  The conservative separatists, by definition, are not given to outside correction, and their often prolific Zionism is cemented in place.  [An apology for such a broad brush – obviously these are uncharitable caricatures.  The faithful remnant may be found in any of these, and much is to be admired in each denomination.  Our God may call you to fellowship in any one of these and you may thrive wonderfully.]

Counterintuitively, perhaps, the Mainline churches will prove to be the best places for our movement.  The cowards, catladies, and homosexuals who have brought them to ruin do not bear God’s blessing.  They will perish.  Their works are fleeting. Any man with a wife and plenty of children will easily overtake an individual church in a generation or so.  As we have seen in the redpilling of normies, all one needs is the permission to hold an illicit idea and that idea will take deep root.  One strong man in a dwindling church will pave the way for more to join.  Further, retaking the Mainline would not change its basic nature.  These churches were noted for their insistence on the Social Gospel, which, while often damaging, were effective in causing real change to society.  We also must express similar dominion in society rather than constantly withdrawing from it.  A Dixian-Right Social Gospel could speak truth to usurious power, for instance, and promote regionalism and address the devils of White poverty and angst.  Finally, the Mainline must be retaken because it is ours.  Many of us in the Alt-Right and Alt-South come from Episcopalianism, United Methodism, the PCUSA, and ELCA.  Our grandparents could remember when the Gospel was firmly proclaimed in these denominations.  They are fundamentally White expressions of Christianity.

So what should be done?  For those who hear this call to retake the Mainline:

  1. First, get thee to church. Worship the Triune God in community, even if most others in that community are undisciplined and lukewarm.  Whatever ill you notice in your neighbor, use it as an opportunity to root out the same ill in yourself.
  2. Develop a rule of personal piety. Regularly read Scripture.  Keep a prayer rule, as simple as necessary.
  3. Cultivate the domestic church. If you have a family, share your prayer rule with them.  Read Scripture to your wife and children.  Pray over every shared meal.  Become disciplined in the Faith so that you can raise up mighty little warriors.
  4. Build friendships with other men and other families in the church. Listen for moments to release strategic redpills.  Be a living proof that life in the beauty of holiness is well-supported by a preference for one’s own tribe and an aversion to popular sexual disorders.
  5. Serve your church in some capacity. Being on the vestry or governance board can help the church hear your dissent and give you the ability to direct resources; ushering – being the gatekeeper and watcher of worship – is a humble role, still generally seen as masculine in even the most decrepit churches, and a symbol of silent orderliness and strength; being a lay reader allows you to stand directly before the congregation, and causes the listener to associate the public reading of Scripture with the male voice.

Remember that this will not be a successful exercise in every church.  Some vines deserve to be pruned, and the Gardener will do as He pleases. But these deluded people who behave, for a time, as enemies of Christ and his Church are by virtue of their baptism your very brothers.  The purpose of all of this is to win souls back for Jesus Christ, to be conduits for the growth of the Kingdom which we have inherited, and to gain lost territory – it is not merely about convincing people to support White Southern Nationalism.  Saving one soul will make all of your effort worthwhile, for our Shepherd is searching for that single lost sheep.

O Lord, we beseech thee, let thy continual pity cleanse and defend thy Church, and, because it cannot continue in safety without thy succor, preserve it evermore by thy help and goodness; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen

-By Adam Smith

One comment

  1. Taking over a congregation of a mainline church is like taking over a local
    democrat party group. The leadership is at a higher level and will smash you
    back down, like a nail that sticks up attracts an hammer. The state/national
    ‘church leadership’ will bring you back in line with their PC rules. Especially
    those with lesbian ‘bishops’ at the higher levels.

    On the other hand, the ‘Church of Christ’ folks try to follow the original plan…

    The first century church was composed of congregations and house churches
    that were AUTONOMOUS and ruled by elderS and deacons from their own group.
    MEN meeting the requirements of 1Timothy 3:1-13.

    The area-wide bishop crap, which lead to the bishop of Rome becoming a pope,
    came after the apostles were dead… see Acts 20:28-36.

    The early church was LOCAL. If one went bad, it didn’t affect the others…. Rev ch 2 and 3.

    The churches of Christ were of SOUTHERN ORIGIN! See ‘restoration’ starting in the 1830s…..

    In the 1950s and 60s, they were one of the fastest growing religious groups in the US.
    The drug and flower culture fixed that, along with the great society and the publik skools.

    Investigate the church of Christ and if there’s one in your area, check it out.

    But unless you home school or private school (at a good one), you’re throwing
    your efforts in the crapper. Your future will be ruined by the godless institutions which
    indoctrinate your children and grandchildren.