Knights of the Round: Ep 24 – King Arthur Fact or Fiction?

In this episode the Knights attempt to shed some light on one of the dark ages most elusive characters, King Arthur. What do the sources of the time say? How does the Arthurian tale develop across the ages? And between history and legend, who is the real Arthur? So put on your best armour and sword as we take you back to the dark ages and beyond in our quest to find the truth behind King Arthur!


  1. Since you brought up a possible Ukrainian connection I thought I should let you know there is supposedly an Ossetian connection too. The Ossetians’ ancestors (the Alans) took part in the barbarian invasions of the Roman empire (though they aren’t Germanic) and they used to stab their swords into the ground and worship them. As such I’ve heard that many Ossetians today are convinced their ancestors are the source of the sword in the stone legend and indeed the Arthurian cycle as a whole.

    I recall some programme a few years ago in which the presenter was claiming Arthur was based on some Dal Riatan king and so the story came to the Brythonics from the Gaels.

    I don’t really buy these non-Brythonic origins but its quite interesting, regardless.