Wrath of the Awakened Southron

It was not taught to them at home,
No for this they’d have to wait.
After one too many monuments gone,
When the Southron began to hate.

Their temper steady as their speech,
They were patient, almost waiting too late,
Until there was no history left to teach,
As the Southron began to hate.

There were few robes or crosses of old,
Every man now an enemy of the state,
As warm hearts grew hard and cold,
When the Southron began to hate.

No honors left for their dead,
A glimpse of their children’s fate.
With thoughts of cold years ahead,
So the Southron began to hate.

The burden did not rest light,
They steeled their nerves and steadied their gait,
And prayed their sons would avoid this fight.
Now no one quite remembers the date,
That the Southron began to hate.

-By Anonymous


Oh, I'm a good old Rebel, now that's just what I am;
For this "Fair Land of Freedom" I do not give a damn!
I'm glad I fit against it, I only wish we'd won,
And I don't want no pardon for anything I done.

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