Names That Cannot Die

In case you were unaware, the cowards at the University of Virginia voted on removing plaques that honored their own alumni that died fighting for the Confederacy. The University of Virginia Board of Visitors, staffed by cucks, bugmen and iconoclasts, passed the resolution and spineless crews have already removed these memorials to bravery. We will not allow them to pass from memory and this post serves as a record of their selfless devotion. The below has been taken from a Richmond Times-Dispatch article from 1905.

Identity Dixie honors our brave dead.

“Students at this splendid institution who died in defense of South’s cause.

Names that cannot die.

Will be preserved in marble, as they are in the hearts of loved ones.

By the courtesy of Professor J. W. Mallet, of the University of Virginia, who, himself an Englishman, is English like and ‘Honors the brave.’ I am able to send to you ‘the Honor Roll of the students of the University of Virginia who were killed, died or lost in actual military service of the Confederacy.’ They number four hundred and forty-five (445).

Near Westminster Abbey is the beautiful monument of the young soldiers of the institution, which is in the vicinage who fell in the Crimea, after illustrating Lord Bacon’s sentiment that ‘it is well for a nation to raise a breed of military men.’ If the names of the students of the University, who served in the war, were added they would constitute at least a brigade in number.

In this ‘Roll of Honor’ are the names of all ranks, from the general to the private soldier, for the ‘U. Va.’ men showed that ‘the rank is but the genuine stamp,’ and they ‘were men for all that.’

It is pleasing to know that the roll will be engraved on enduring tablets, and so preserved at the University in sacred memory of the time that proved men’s souls, and of those, too, who possessed the souls, and gave them back to their Creator for their land’s sake. [44]

Harvard University points to the marble engravures on her walls which bear the names of her sons who fell in battle. They were not so numerous as those of the University, though they represented a much larger body of alumni. Every college and school and academy in Virginia whose boys went to battle should follow these worthy examples.

I ask right of way in your columns for this ‘Roll of Honor.’

Very respectfully,

Below is given their names, the States from which they came and the place and year of their death:

Abercrombie, L. B., Tex.

Alexander, C. A., Va.Fort Delaware, 1863.

Allen, J., Lt.Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Allen, W. F., Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1883

Anderson, H., Va., M. W. Sulphur Springs, 1862.

Anderson, W. L., Va.Malvern Hill, Va. 1862.

Anderson, J. S., Capt.Va.Fredericksburg, 1862.

Anderson, J. W., Maj.Va.Bakers Creek, Miss., 1863.

Archer, E. S., Malvern Hill, Va., 1862.

Arnell, W. L., Tenn., 1863.

Arnold, P. M., Lt.Va.Richmond, 1862.

Arnold, A. J., Lt.Va.Port Republic, 1862.

Arrington, S. L., Capt.Ala., Farewell, Tenn., 1862.

Ashton, R. W., Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Austin, L. M., Surg.Greenville, S. C., 1863.

Avery, H. A.: Miss.Island No.10Miss., 1862.

Banks, T. W., Lt.Va.Gloucester co., Va., 1865.

Barbour, A. M., Maj.Va.Montgomery, Ala., 1865.

Barraud, T. L., Capt. Va.Brandy Station, Va., 1863.

Barton, D. R., Lt.Va.Fredericksburg, Va., 1862.

Barnett, B. N., Miss.

Batley, W. H., Ga.Sharpsburg, Md., 1862.

Baylor, T. G., Va.Petersburg, Va. 1861.

Baylor, W. S. H., Va.Manassas, Va. 1862. [45]

Beale, J. R., Va.Bedford County, Va., 1862.

Beall, J. G., Va.F. Columbus, N. Y., 1865.

Bedinger, G. R. W., Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Bell, R. S., Va.Rappahannock, Bdg., (?) 1863.

Bell, L. R. N. C., Malvern Hill, Va., 1862.

Berry, L. G. W., Va.Fairfax County, Va., 1861.

Bibb, F. S., Lt. Va.Chancellorsville, Va. 1861

Bird, J. W., Va., 1861.

Biscoe, T. H., Maj.La.Spotsylvania Co., Va., 1864.

Bonner, S. R., Ga.Shenandoah, Va.. 186-.

Booton, W. S., Ga.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Boston, R. B., Col.Va.High Bridge, Va., 1865.

Bowles, T. B., Va., 1862.

Bowling, H. A., Capt.Md.Richmond, Va., 1864.

Bowyer, E. F., Capt.Va.Drewry’s Bluff, Va., 1862.

Bradford, R., Fla.Santa Rosa, Fla., 186-.

Brawner, W. G., Capt.Va.Seneca Mills, Md., 1863.

Braxton, W. A., Va., 186-.

Breckenridge, P. G., Capt.Va., Kennons Landing, Va., 1864.

Breckenridge, J., Capt.Va.Petersburg, 1865.

Broadus, E. L., Va., 186-.

Brockenborough, A. A. G., Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Bronaugh, W. N., Maj.Va.Richmond, Va., 1862.

Brown, J. T., Col.Va.Wilderness, Va., 1864.

Brown, A. J., Col.Tenn., 1864.

Brown, S. W., Va.Staunton, Va., 1864.

Buckner, T. R., Lt.Va.Spotsylvania, C. H., 1864.

Buford, J. W., Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1864.

Buist, E. S., Surg.S. C.Hilton Head, S. C., 1864.

Burgess, S. N., Surg.S. C.Statesburg, S. C., 1861.

Burkhalter, J. E., Surg.Ft. Royal, S. C., 1862.

Butler, E. G. W., Maj., La. Belmont, 186-.

Butler, C. A., Capt.Fla.Seven Pines, Va., 1862.

Butler, W. B., Capt.Fla.Chancellorsville, Va., 1863.

Butt, J. W., Lt.Va.Richmond, Va., 1862.

Cabell, J. C., Lt.Va.Richmond, Va., 1863.

Cardwell, J. R., Va.Augusta, Ga., 1864.

Carr, J. G., Lt.Va.Dry Creek, Va., 1863.

Carr, W. C., Lt.Va.Seven Pines, Va., 1863.

Carr, J. G., Va. [46]

Carrington, W. C. P., Capt.Va.Edwards Depot, Miss., 1863.

Carter, J. C., Brig. Gen.Ga.Franklin, Tenn., 1864.

Carey, G. M., Va.Gloucester Co., Va., 1862.

Carson, S. M., Surg.Va.Tennessee.

Charles, F. E., La.Arkansas, 186-.

Chalmers, J., Va.Fairfax, Va., 1861.

Chalmers, H. C., Asst. Surg.Va., 1865.

Chapman, G. B., Capt.Va.Winchester, Va., 186-.

Chew, R. E., Col.Miss.Prairie Grove, Va., 186-.

Christian, H. B., Lt.Miss.Appomattox, Va., 1865.

Clark, P. H., Capt.Va.Richmond, Va., 1862.

Clay, C. G., Va., Spotsylvania C. H., 1864.

Cleaver, W. H., Capt.Ark.Rio Grande River, 1862.

Cochran, J. L., Va., 1862.

CockeP. StGeo.Va.Brig. Gen.Va., 1861.

Cocke, W. H., Asst. Surg. Va.Washington, D. C., 1865.

Cocke, W. F., Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Cohen, G., Ga.Bentonville, N. C., 1865.

Coleman, L. M., Lt.Col.Prof. U, Va.Fredericksburg, Va., 1863.

Coleman, T. G., Lt. Va.Manassas Va., 1862.

Coleman, J. H., Maj. Ala.Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1861.

Coleman, C. L., Capt.La.Spotsylvania, Va., 1864.

Collins, W. G., Va., 186—.

Cunrad, H. A., Va.Manassas, Va., 1862.

Conrad, H. T., Va.Manassas, Va., 1863.

Cooke, W. M, Va., 186—.

Corbin, R., Va.Culpeper, Va., 1862.

Cosnahan, J. B., Capt. S. C.Warren Co., N. C., 1863.

Cossit, C. E., Capt. Tenn.Milton, Tenn., 1862.

Cowan, C. S., Surg. Miss., 1862.

Cowherd, C. S., Va.Orange Co., Va., 1863.

Cowin, J. H., Ala.Chancellorsville, Va., 1861.

Cox, J. E., Lt.Va.Chesterfield, Va., 1865.

Cropp, J. T., Surg.Va., 1863.

Cunliffe, W. E., Miss.Chancellorsville, Va., 1861.

Davenport, N. J.La., 1863.

Davidson, G., Capt.Va.Chancellorsville, Va., 1865.

Davidson, A., Va.Lexington, Va., 1864.

Davis, R. B., Capt.Va., Peeble’s Farm, Va., 1864. [47]

Davis, R., Capt.Va.Woodstock, Va.

Davis, L. W., Va., 1864.

Doby, A. E., Capt.S. C.Wilderness, Va., 1864.

Drewry, J. H., Va.Ashland, Va., 1863.

Dyson, L. M., S. C.Charlottesville, Va.

Earle, C. E., Capt.S. C.Richmond, Va.

Earle, W. R., S. C.Manassas, Va., 1861.

Easton, E. W., Ala.Richmond, Va., 1862.

Elliott, R. E., Jr., Capt.S. C.Richmond, Va., 1863.

Elliott, R. H., Lt.Ga.Atlanta, Ga., 1863.

Elliott, P., Ga.Washington, D. C., 1865.

Ewing, D. P., Va.Botetourt Co., Va., 1862.

Exumn, J. K., Ky.Shiloh, Tenn., 1862.

Fairfax, R., Va.Fredericksburg, Va., 1862.

Farley, W. D., Capt.S. C.Brandy Station, Va.

Ferguson, W. C., Surg.Va.Richmond, Va.

Field, T. G., Capt.Miss.Harrisburg, Miss.

Field, W. G., Capt.Va.Malvern Hill, Va., 1862.

Flood, T. W., Va., Campbell Co., Va., 1862.

Fluker, B. K., La., 186—.

Foley, T. W., La.Assumption Par., La., 1865.

Fontaine, E., Jr., Va.Centreville, Va., 1861.

Forniss, T. K., Ala.Seven Pines, Va., 1862.

Fowlkes, E., Capt.Va.Seven Pines, Va., 1862.

Franklin, J. W., Surg.Va., Pamplins Depot, Va., 1865.

Fraser, E. J., Va., 186—.

Frazier, J. A., Va.Rockbridge Co., Va., 1862.

French, J. B., Adjt.Tex.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Galt, J., Jr., Va.Fluvanna Co., 1862.

Gandy, D. F., Lt.S. C., 1861.

Gardner, H. W., Surg.N. C., 1862.

Gardner, R. N., Fla., 1862.

Garland, Jr., S., Brig.-Gen.Va.Boonsborough, Md., 1862.

Garnett, T. S., Col.Va.Chancellorsville, Va., 1863.

Garlington, B. C., Lt.S. C., Savage Station, Va.

Garrison, W. F., Ga.Seven Pines, Va.

Garth, G. M., Va.Alabama, 1862.

Gazzam, G. G., Lt.Ala.Mobile, Ala., 1865.

Geiger, G. H, Va.Gettysburg, Pa.

George, L. A., Lt.Va.Five Forks, Va. [48]

Gilchrist, J. M., Capt.Ala.Wilderness, Va.

Glenver, J. T., Lt.Va., 1862.

Goggin, W. L., Lt.Va.Lynchburg, Va., 1861.

Goodloe, D. G., Tenn.Ohio, 1861.

Goodman, J. B., Asst. Surg.Va.Charleston, S. C., 1864.

Gordon, G. L., Va.Malvern Hill, Va., 1862.

Gordon, G., Va., 186—.

Green, R. H., Va., 186—.

Gregg, J. J., Capt.S. C.Hammond, S. C., 186—.

Griffin, J. W., Chapl., Va.Roanoke Co., Va.

Grivot, W. P., Capt.La.Forsythe, Ga., 1864.

Grogan, K., Md.Greenland Gap, Va., 1863.

Guiger, G. H., Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Gunn, S. R., Miss.Leesburg, Va., 1861.

Garland, H. A., Col.Mo.Franklin, Tenn.

Haden, J. W., Va.Petersburg, Va., 1864.

Hairston, H., Md.Cascade, Va., 1862.

Hairston, G. S., Miss.Shiloh, Tenn., 1862.

Hale, S., Capt.Va.Spotsylvania, Va.

Hall, G. A., Lt.Ga.Yorktown, Va., 1862.

Hall, R. H., Capt.Va., 1863.

Hall, B., Col.Ala.Montgomery, Ala.

Haliday, D. W., Ga.Manassas, 1862.

Hambrick, J. A., Maj.Va.Drewry’s Bluff, 1864.

Hamer, C. F., Capt.Miss.Cayuga, Miss.

Hamilton, B. H., Col., S. C.

Hamlet, J. C., Lt.Va.

Hamlin; W. B., Adjt.Va.Petersburg, Va.

Hammond, G. W., Lt.Col.Va., Floyd’s Farm.

Hamner, N. B., Va.Boonsboro, Md., 1863.

Hancock, W. H., Va.Winchester, Va., 1864.

Hare, T. E., Lt.Tenn.

Harmanson, J. R., Lt.Va.Seven Pines, 1862.

Harrison, B., Capt.Va.Malvern Hill, Va., 1862.

Harrison, D. E., Capt.Va.Ft. Donelson, Tenn., 1862.

Harrison, J. P., Va., Hardy’s Bluff, Va., 1861.

Harrison, J. W., Va.Petersburg, Va., 1864.

Harvey, G., Capt.Mo.Heathsville, Va., 1865.

Harvie, C. I., Capt.Va.Cedar Run, Va., 1864. [49]

Harvin, W. E., Capt.Ga.Johnson’s Island, 1863.

Haskell, W. T., Capt.S. C.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Hays, J. S., N. C.Williamsburg, Va., 1862.

Healy, E. M., Capt.Va.Manassas, Va., 1862.

Heath, R. B., Adjt.Va.Richmond, Va., 1863.

Hemphill, R., S. C.Seven Pines, Va., 1862.

Henderson, E. A., Capt.N. C., Cold Harbor, Va., 1864.

Hendrick, R. L., Va.Mecklenburg Co., Va.. 1862.

Henry, J. F., Maj.Tenn.Shiloh, Tenn.

Hicks, J. H., N. C.Chancellorsville, Va., 1863.

Hobbs, T. H., Col.Ala.

Hobson, A. M., Capt.Va., 1863.

Hodges, T. P., Capt. Miss.Atlanta, Ga., 1863.

Hoffman, T. W., Lt.Va., Cold Harbor, Va., 1864.

Holcombe, H. L., Adjt.Ala., Frazier’s Farm, Va.

Holcombe, J. C., Capt.Ga., 1861.

Holladay, J. M., Va.Albemarle Co., Va., 1862.

Holland, N. W., Capt.Fla.Olustee, Fla.

Holleman, G. C., Fla.Seven Pines, Va., 1862.

Holman, B. O., Capt.Ala.Ft. DelawareMd., 1863.

Holmes, A. T., S. C.Oxford, Miss., 1862.

Hull, J. M., Va., Fairfax C. H., Va., 1862.

Hungerford, T. J., Capt.Va.

Hunter, L. M., Capt.Ala.Portland, Ala., 1861.

Hunter, R. M. T., Jr., Va.Essex Co., 1861.

Hunter, B. B., Capt.Va.Petersburg, Va., 1864.

Hutton, W. B., Lt.Ala.Chancellorsville, Va., 1863.

Irving, C., Va.Petersburg, Va., 1865.

Irving, J. K., Cal., 1864.

Jackson, J. B., Mo., 1864.

Jackson, A., S. C.Fredericksburg, Va., 1863.

James, R. E., S. C.Richmond, Va.

Jenkins, J. S., It., Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Jenkins, M. A., Va.Richmond, Va., 1862.

Jones, E. J., Col.Ala.Manassas, Va., 1861.

Jones, C. A., Capt.Va., Nottoway C. H., 1862.

Jones, J. G., Capt.Va.Kernstown, Va., 1862.

Jones, J. T., Ala., Cold Harbor, Va., 1862.

Jones, L. B., Va., 1862.

Jeffrey, A., Va.Norfolk.

Jones, T. R., Capt.Va.Selma, Ala., 1864. [50]

Jones, J. L., Va.Gettysburg, Pa.

Jones, F. P., Lt.Va.Winchester, Va., 1863.

Jordan, W. J., Surg.N. C., South Mount, Md., 1864

Jordan, J. W., Ala, Manassas, Va., 1861.

Keels, W. E., Capt.S. C.Charleston, W. Va., 1861.

Kemper, G. B., Lt.S. C.Wilderness, Va., 1862.

Kilpatrick, F. W., Col.S. C., Lookout Mt., Tenn., 1864.

Kinchloe, W. J., Lt. Adjt.Va.Smithfield, W. (?)Va., 1863.

Lane, T. H., N. C.Florida.

Lamar, C. A., Ga.Columbus, Ga., 1865.

Lane, R. W., Ala.Huntsville, Ala.

Lane, G. H., Capt.Va., 1862.

Latane, W., Capt.Va., Old Church, Va., 1862.

Latane, J., Lt.Va.Washington, D. C., 1864.

Latham, R. P., Lt.Va., Culpeper C. H., Va., 1862.

Laurens, J., Navy, Charleston, S. C., 1865.

Leftwich, J. W., Surg.Va.Pittsylvania Co., Va.

Leigh, J. R., Lt.Col.Va.Corinth, Miss., 1863.

Leigh, R. W., Lt.Col.Va.Corinth, Miss., 1863.

Lenoir, W. H., Tenn.Bowling Green, 1861.

Lewis, G. N., Ala.Sharpsburg, Md., 1862.

Lewis, J., Lt.W. Va.Winchester, Va.

Lindsay, J. W., Va.

Love, R. T., Va.Seven Pines, Va., 1862.

Lowry, J. M., Va.Richmond, Va., 1864.

Luckett, F. E., Surg.Va.Richmond, Va., 1863.

Luckett, L. M., Va.Gaines’ Mill, Va., 1862.

Lyles, W. B., Capt.S. C.Seven Pines, Va., 1862.

MacLeod, F. H., Fla., 1863.

Magruder, J. B., Col.Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Magruder, J. W., Lt.Va.Meadow Bridge, Va., 1864.

Magruder, J. H., Capt.Va., 1863.

Major, E. P., Lt.Va.Seven Pines, Va., 1862.

Manning, R. I.Capt.S. C.Fulton, S. C., 1861.

Markham, R. A., Ala.

Marsh, D., Lt.Ala.Atlanta, Ga.

Marshall, T., Lt.Col.Fisher’s Hill, Va., 1864.

Martin, G., Va.Albemarle Co., Va., 1865.

Martin, T., Capt.Va.Malvern Hill, Va., 1862.

Massie, J. L., Capt.Va.Fisher’s Hill, Va., 1864. [51]

Massie, R. T., Va.

Mastin, G. B., Ala.Seven Pines, Va.

Maupin, J. R., Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Maury, J. H., Lt.D. C.Vicksburg, Miss., 1863.

Meade, W. Z., Lt.Va.Resaca, Ga., 1864.

Meade, H. E., Va.Petersburg, Va., 1862.

Meems, A. R., Surg.Va.Mt. Jackson, Va., 1865.

Meem, J. L., Capt.Va.Seven Pines, Va., 1862.

Meredith, W. B., Lt.Va.Richmond, Va., 1862.

Merritt, H. E., Va.Mississippi, 1863.

Merritt, W. T., Va.

Metcalf, C., Lt.Miss.Charlotte, C. H., Va., 1865.

Middleton, A., Va.Texas, 1864.

Minor, W. B., Va.Charlottesville, Va.

Moore, J. W., Maj.N. C.St. John’s, N. C.

Moore, W., Va.Five ForksVa., 1865.

Moore, A. C., S. C.2d ManassasVa., 1862.

Morrill, W. T., Va.Alexandria, Va., 1862.

Morris, W., Va., Cold Harbor, Va., 1862.

Morris, G. W., Va.Petersburg, Va., 1862.

Morris, J., Lt.Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Morrison, R. J., Maj.Va.Williamsburg, Va., 1861.

Morton, W., Miss.Shiloh, Tenn., 1862.

Morton, A., Va.Gettysburg, Va., 1863.

Mosby L., Lt.Va.Wytheville, Va., 1863.

Moseley, H. L., Va., Buckingham C. H. Va., 1862.

Munford, C. E., Lt.Va.Malvern Hill, Va., 1862.

McAfee, M., Maj.Miss.Jackson, Miss., 1862.

McAllister, J. N., Lt.Va.Okolona, Miss., 1861.

McCormick, C., Surg.Va.Berryville, Va.

McCoy, W., Capt.Va., 1861.

McCoy, W. K., Va.Charlottesville, Va.

McDaniel, J., a.

McDonald, C. W., Capt.Va.Gaines’ Mill, Va., 1862.

McDowell, T. P., Va.Gordonsville, Va., 1862.

McElmurry, W. L., Ga., Manassas Junc. Va. 1861.

McGehee, N. M.Va.

McIntyre, A., Lt.S. C.Sharpsburg, 1862.

McIver, J. K., S. C.Point Lookout, 1863.

McKerall, W., La.Camp Douglas, Ill. [52]

McKim, R. B., Md.Winchester, Va. 1862.

McMillin, J. M., Ky.Franklin, Tenn. 1862.

McMurry, A. G., Ga.Sharpsburg, Md. 1862.

McPherson, S., Ass’t Surg., Va.Richmond, Va. 1863.

Nelson, H. M., Maj.Va.Albemarle county, Va. 1862.

Nelson, J. A., Surg.Va., Culpepper county, Va. 1863.

Nelson, H., Capt.Va.

Newman, W. S., Lt.Va.Winchester, Va. 1862.

Newman, T. H., Va.Middleburg, Va. 1863.

Newton, T., Surg.Va.Norfolk, Va. 1862.

Newton, W. B., Lt.Col.Va.Raccoon Ford, Va. 1863.

Newton, J., Capt.Ark.Shiloh, Tenn. 1862.

Otey, G. G., Capt.Va.Lynchburg, Va. 1863.

Page, Mann, Va., Albemarle county, Va.

Paine, H. R., Va.Manassas, Va.

Palmer, J. S., Capt.S. C.Atlanta, Ga. 1864.

Palmer, S. D.S. C.Charlottesville, Va. 1863.

Palmer, J. J., S. C.Manassas, Va. 1862.

Parker, W. F., Md.Snow Hill, Md., 1865.

Parker, W. H. H., Va.Middleburg, Va., 1863.

Pate, H. C., Col.Va.Yellow Tavern, Va., 1864.

Patterson, R. B., Capt.Amherst C. H., 1862.

Paxton, E. F., Brig. Gen.Va.Chancellorsville, Va., 1862.

Peake, W. B., Eng.Va., Cold Harbor, Va., 1862.

Peebles, L. J., Va.Seven Pines, Va., 1862.

Peek, W. H., Surg.Va.Ft. DelawareMd.

Peebles, P. A., Capt.Miss., Cold Harbor, Va.

Pegram, W. J., Col.Five ForksVa., 1865.

Pendleton, A. S., Lt. Col.Va.Woodstock, Va, 1864.

Pendleton, P. H., Va.Spotsylvania, Va., 1864.

Peyton, R. L. G., Col.OhioGolden Springs, O., 1863.

Perry, J. E., Ga.Waynesboro, Ga., 1864.

Phelps, W. B., W. Va.Centreville, Va., 1861.

Pike, W. L., Ark.

Pittman, J. D., Fla.Manassas, Va., 1862.

Pleasants, J. H., Va., 1864.

Poelnitz, J. A., Lt.Ala.Montpelier, Ala., 1865.

Poelnitz, E. A., Lt.Ala.Montpelier, Ala., 1865.

Poindexter, P., Lt.Col.Va.Suffolk, Va., 1864.

Poisal, J. R., Md.Centreville, Va. 1861. [53]

Pollard, J. R., Surg.Va.Charlottesville, Va., 1862.

Pollard, C. W., Va., 1865.

Pollard, J., Lt.Ala.Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1863,

Pollock. T. G., Capt.Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Poore, R. H., Maj.Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Posey, C., Brig. Gen.Miss., Univer. of Va., 1863.

Prentis, J., Va.Malvern Hill, Va., 1862.

Preston, T. W., Col.Va.Shiloh, Tenn., 1862.

Price, W. F., Assistant Surgeon, Va., 1862.

Prioleau, C. E. S. C., Hawe’s Shop, Va., 1864.

Radford, J. T., Lt. Col.Va.Cedarville, Va., 1864.

Radford, W. M., Captain, Va.Williamsburg, Va., 1861.

Randolph, G. W., Gen.Va.Richmond, Va.

Randolph, T. J., Miss., South Mt., Va., 1862.

Randolph, A. S., Lt.La.Vicksburg, Miss.

Randolph, W. H., Lt.Va.Chancellorsville.

Rawls, C. C., Lt.Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Rector, W. B., Va.Kernstown, Va., 1862,

Redwood, J. M., Lt.Ala.Richmond, Va., 1865.

Redwood, J. T., Ala.Richmond, Va., 1865.

Reese, J. J., Va.Manassas, Va., 1861.

Reed, W. S., Va.Malvern Hill, Va., 1862.

Rice T. C., Lt.Va., 1862.

Riddick, E. T., Lt.N. C.Sharpsburg, Md., 1862.

Riddick, S. A., N. C.HanoverVa., 1863.

Ridley, W. G., Va.Manassas, Va., 1862.

Rives, C. M., Lt.Va., Cold Harbor, Va., 1864.

Rives, G. T., Capt.Va.Petersburg, Va., 1865.

Roane, T. R., Va.Petersburg, Va., 1863.

Robinson, J. A., Va.Richmond, Va., 1863.

Robinson, J. S., Va., 1863.

Rogers, R. L., Va.Richmond, Va., 1864.

Rogers, J. A., Asst. Surg.N. C.Drewry’s Bluff, Va., 1864.

Rogers. W. F., Asst. Surg.Ala.Sunflower Co., Miss., 1862.

Rogers, L. M., Va.Goochland, Va., 1864.

Ross, W. A., Lt.Va.Culpeper, Va.

Royal, G. K., Va.Manassas, Va., 1862.

Ruffin, T., Lt.N. C.Johnson‘s Is., Erie, 1864.

Ruffner, J., Lt.Va., 1863.

Russell A. J., Ala.Pensacola, Fla.

Salle, R. C., Virginia, 1864. [54]

Samuells, S. C., Virginia, 1864.

Sangster, J. H., Va.Manassas, Va., 1862.

Sapp, J. M., Ga.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Saunders, W. M., Capt., Va.. Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Scott, T. J., Ala.Williamsburg, Va., 1862.

Seabrook, C. P., S. C.Chancellorsville, Va., 1863.

Selden, W. L., Va., Harrisonsburg, Va., 1862.

Semmes, P., Brig. Gen.Ga.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Shands, E., Capt.Va.Shenandoah, Va., 1861.

Shearer, J. C., Va.Chickahominy, Va., 1863.

Shearer, R. B., Capt.Va.Monocacy, Md., 1864.

Shelton, C. O., Asst. Surgeon., Mo.N. O.La., 1862.

Shelton, C. T., Va.Vicksburg, Miss., 1862.

Shephard, S., Lt.Va.Texas.

Shepherd, H., La., Camp Chase.

Shepherd, W. F., Va., Cheat Mt., Va.

Shewmake, V. P., Ga.Richmond, Va., 1862.

Ship, F. E., Va.Winchester, Va., 1862.

Simms, R. D., Va.Mt. Meridian, 1862.

Simpson, E. W., Asst., Ga.Charlottesville, Va., 1862.

Smith, F. W., Lt. Col.Va.Amelia Co., Va., 1865.

Smith, S., Capt. Va., University of Va., 1864.

Somerville, J. M., Tenn.Atlanta, Ga., 1864.

Somerville, W., Asst. Surg. Va.Mitchells, Va., 1862.

St. Clair, O. M., Mo.Vicksburg, Miss., 1862.

Stevens, H. L., S. C.Manassas, Va., 1862.

Stirling, T. P., S. C.Richmond, Va., 1863.

Stovall, J. B., Surg.N. C.Granville, N. C.

Strain, E. H., Asst. Surg.Va.Richmond, Va., 1864.

Stuart, G. W., Va.Fredericksburg, Va., 1863.

Swann, S. R., Surg.Va.Norfolk, Va., 1862.

Sykes. W. E., Adjt.Miss.Decatur, Ala., 1864.

Scott, R. E., Va.Fauquier Co., Va., 1862.

Scott, W. C., Col.Va.Powhatan, Va., 1865.

Shields, W. S., Lt.Tenn.Corinth, Miss., 1862.

Smith, R. B., Lt.Col.Va.Warrenton Va., 1865.

Tallaferro, F. W., Va.Chancellorsville, Va., 1863.

Tayloe, L., Lt. Col.Va.Raccoon Ford, Va., 1863.

Taylor, E. P., Va., 1862.

Taylor, T. J., Lt.Ala.Baker’s Creek, Ala. [55]

Taylor, B. M., Va.Petersburg, Va., 1864.

Tebbs, W. W, Capt.Va.Charles City, Va., 1863.

Terrell, L. F., Maj.Va.James’ Island, N. C., 1864.

Terrell, R. Q., Lt.Ky.Owensboro, Ky., 1865.

Terrell, P. M., Va.

Thompson, J. B., Lt. Col.Va.Shiloh, Tenn., 1862.

Thompson, W. B., Va.

Thornton, J. T., Col.Va.Sharpsburg, Md., 1862.

Thurmond, J. G., Maj.Tenn.Yazoo, Miss., 186-.

Tillinghast, H., Capt.Fla.Sharpsburg, Md., 1862.

Towles, J. T., La.Charlottesville, Va., 1861.

Towles, W. E., La., Jacksons, Fla., 1863.

Toner, T. H., Lt.Va.Kernstown, Va., 1862.

Townes, E. D., Maj.Ala.Travis, Tex., 1864.

Triplett, W. S., Va.Richmond, Va., 1863.

Tucker, H. S., Geo.Lt. Col.Va.Charlottesville, Va. 1863.

Tupman, P. M., Surg. Va.Essex Co., Va. 1863.

Tupper, F., Lt.Ga.Baltimore, Md., 1865.

Tureaud, E., Jr., La.

Turner, J. C., Lt.Ala.Manassas, Va. 1861.

Tyler, L., Va.Bull Run, Va., 1861.

Upshaw, G. W., Va.

Van de Graaf, W. J., Ala.

Vaughan. G. H., Mo.

Voss, F., Md.Green River, Ky.

Wade, W. M., Va.Norfolk, Va. 1862.

Wait, G. H., Ark.Little Rock, Ark., 1863.

Walke, I. T., Jr., Lt. Col.Va.Woodstock, Va., 1864.

Walker, C., Ala.

Walker, J. T., Texas.

Walker, S. G., Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Ward, W. N., Va.

Wardlaw, R. H., S. C., Gravel’s Run, S. C., 1863.

Wartelle, F., La.Shiloh, Tenn, 1862.

Warwick, B., Surg.Va., Gaines’ Mills Va., 1862.

Washington, J. A., Lt. Col.Va.W. Va., 1861.

Washington, J. E., Lt. Col.S. C.Monterey, Va., 1861.

Watkins, W. M., Va.Halifax, Va., 1864.

Watson, D., Maj. Art., Va.Spotsylvania, Va., 1864.

Weddell, V. L., Va. [56]

Wertenbaker, T. G., Va.Charlottesville, Va., 1862.

West, J. N., La.Louisiana, 1865.

Weyman, J. B., Ala., 1864.

Wheatley, J. G., Va., 1864.

Wheeler, C., Va.Little Rock, Ark.

White, D. S., Texas, Panold, Miss., 1863.

Wilson, R. C., Miss., 1863.

Wilson, N. C.Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Wilson, T. D., Surg.S. C.Bishopville, S. C., 1865.

Wimberly, F. E., Ga.Sharpsburg, Md., 1862.

Wingfield, M. A., Ga.Macon, Ga., 1861.

Winston, J. E., Va.Manassas, Va., 1862.

Withers, A. J., Ala.Pensacola, Fla., 1861.

Withers, J. T., Surg.W. Va.Richmond, Va., 1862.

Wolfe, W. H., S. C.Congaree River, S. C.

Wonack, G. W., La.Jonesboro, Ga., 1864.

Wood, J. D., Capt.Va.Shiloh, Tenn.

Wooding, G. W., Capt.Va.Chancellorsville, Va., 1862.

Woodley, G. C., S. C., Cold Harbor, Va., 1864.

Woodson, J., Maj. and Q. M., Va.Lynchburg, Va., 1864.

Worsham. P. H., Va., 1863.

Wray, G., Col.Va.Texas, 1864.

Wrenn, A. J., Capt.Va., 1864.

Wrenn, W., Capt.Va.Manassas, Va., 1862.

Wren, F. E., Lt.Va.Gettysburg, Pa., 1863.

Wright, J. D., S. C.Richmond, Va.

Wright, W. A., Capt.Va.Fredericksburg, 1862.

Wright, S. S., Va.Patterson’s Creek, W. Va., 1864.

Wright, W. S., Va.Orange C. H.Va., 1863.

Wyatt, R. O., Capt. Art., Va., Cold Harbor, Va., 1864.

Wyatt, J. W., Surg.Va.Albemarle Co., Va., 1861.

Wynn, W. B., N. C., Castle William, N. Y., 1864.

Wynn, W. G., Va., 1862.

Wysor, B. F., Va.Montgomery Co., Va., 1863.

Yancey, T. L., Capt.Va.McGaheysville, Va., 1862.

Young, C. O., Va.Winchester, Va., 1862.”

Non ille pro caris amicis aut patria timidus perire