You Won’t Be Remembered Fondly

Today’s conservatives will be wretched villains in the history books. As soon as they got Congress, they broke all their promises from the previous seven years. These supposed conservatives gave us Obamacare and refused to defend the country from invasion. All those votes for Trump go in the trash as far as they’re concerned. They did manage to denounce Nazis though. I mean these conservatives would spit on a cross to show you how not-racist they are. Very conservative, huh?

Are we supposed to pretend they have ever had any principles? They do nothing but lie to us for money. I’m sure these traitors will someday erect statues to themselves. Those statues aren’t going to last long though. We right-wingers will (legally) tear them down before the Left ever thinks about it. The legacy of the cuckservatives belongs to us. The Left aren’t going to write about a bunch of dead White boys. People erect statues to their defenders. Traitors don’t get statues.

One comment

  1. I pray there is an event that will wake YT to the parasitic and malignant kike. Eradicate it, then start fixing everything else. I mean every one of them and their shit hole in the desert. With that all we would have to do is withdraw support and the arabs would give them what they so rightly deserve.
    White grays and traitors need to be euthanized. The jew couldn’t have done it without their mcains, grahams, cruz and pretty much every one of them besides the late great James Traficant.
    Blacks should be given the chance to flee to africa. They didn’t choose to be here and were easily manipulated by the filthy jew. Any resistance should be met brutally though.