Hardened Hearts

A piece of shit rapper that goes by the name of ‘XXXTentacion‘ released a video recently called Look at me. The video depicts a black child with his father (surprising, I know) next to a noose, with a white child next to it – ready for his execution. The video then portrays the jiggaboo teaching his offspring how to hang a white child. The white child is then hung and killed, his legs weakly kicking the air. XXXTentacion has around 700,000 followers on Twitter. Let that sink in.

You need to be paying attention – same goes for the white shitlib lurkers and the SPLC goon squad that views this website. If you want to create a reactionary white class, then continue to let these types of videos to be produced. It will wake up normies.

You can’t hide the anti-white disgust anymore. In fact, the Left cheers it. The feeble and weak Establishment Right ignores it – to their own detriment. It is this anti-white propaganda that created the Alt-Right and white nationalism.

The MSM and GOPe shills call us “hateful.” We are simply a reaction to the anti-white hate, envy and prejudice that is targeted at us on a daily basis.

To the Left and Old Right:

You have removed us from television and movies. You have renamed our streets. You have struck down the monuments to our heroes. You constantly blame us for black and brown street crime. You belittle us for honoring our ancestors. You shame us for carrying our flags (including the American flag). You fleece us of our money through wealth distribution schemes. You ruined our once great public schools. You encouraged white flight and the destruction of our cities. You promote the current zeitgeist that every black or brown failing is and was our fault. You are erasing our history. You have made white straight males the pariah and boogeyman in our society.

You could care less about this video – a video depicting the black-on-white murder of a small child. Blacks and browns kill our people every day anyway, why should you care? The media makes sure that those crimes are under-reported or memory-holed.

You make us out to be villains. You turned us into villains.

We’ve hardened our hearts – thanks to you and this garbage.


  1. They don’t realize it, but a score is being kept. The dam is cracking, and when it breaks and the flood of our rage sweeps all of these pieces of shit and the traitors before it, they will have no one to blame but themselves.

    Deo Vindice