But Where’s the Lie Tho?

Across Europe, birth rates are falling and family sizes are shrinking. The total fertility rate is now less than two children per woman in every member nation in the European Union. As a result, European populations are either growing very slowly or beginning to decrease.

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The Death of Europe.

These demographic trends portend difficult times ahead for European economies. For example, a shrinking workforce can reduce productivity. At the same time, the growing proportion of elderly individuals threatens the solvency of pension and social insurance systems. As household sizes decrease, the ability to care for the elderly diminishes. Meanwhile, elderly people face growing health care needs and costs.

No shit.

The lack of producing children certainly relates to Europe’s abandonment of God. Surely, there’s a correlation between these two things.

Image result for Atheism rate in Europe
Western Europe is in trouble.

Add in the feminist psychobabble and you’ve got a witches’ brew for European suicide.

Still a need?

Now, what do you get by adding up all of Mr. Assange’s accusations? Pic below related.

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One thought on “But Where’s the Lie Tho?

  1. Using a gallop poll on religion????
    Russia is not the soviet communist state any more.
    Actually, it’s the only Christian nation left on the planet.
    Symphony of Church and state, it’s called.


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