The California Cataclysm

The actual number of illegal aliens residing in the USA is murky at best.  Estimates vary from 11 to 30 million, but it could easily be much higher. It’s naive to expect an honest national accounting of money spent on illegals because white Americans can’t be displaced without their blithe complacency. No federal agency or respectable think tank is interested in pursuing that sort of inquiry.  Instead, let’s focus on what we know about the most egregious state: California. This place is already beginning to fail, so it provides the best glimpse of what we can expect across the country.

What’s Not to Like Here?

California is the exemplar of the new, more vibrant USA.  Once, in a darker age, it was held up as the epitome of middle class white America. It was all there: great weather, beautiful beaches and mountains, a thriving job market, and affordable housing. CA was one of the most reliably red states, producing icons like Nixon and Reagan. That changed once it went blue for Clinton in 1992, following the devastating LA Riots.

For the wealthy elites, it remains a paradise. They can live pampered lives inside gated communities on the scenic hills and seaside, served by an army of cheap brown labor. Their children attend great private schools, insulated from the 3rd world that surrounds them. While their mothers go out for pedicures and kale smoothies, they’re looked after by squat Guatemalan women with little time to nurture their own little gangbangers. Who could find anything objectionable about this situation? Anyone who does must be despicably racist.

See Ya Later

Nobody wants to be bestowed with that title, so these useless deplorables say nothing publicly. They let their feet do the talking. Last year, over 100,000 “people” (white, middle class taxpayers) left the state. This is part of a trend that has been going on for years, depriving it of billions of dollars in revenue that it desperately needs, but will never receive again. As in the countries to our south, the wealthy whitish elite simply aren’t capable of bankrolling the impoverished brown masses. California currently has a state budget of 171 billion dollars. Out of this total, it spent 30.3 billion of that subsidizing JUST ILLEGALS This staggering figure includes neither the Boyz n the Hood or our native Cholos. That’s simply an estimate for money spent on the illegal denizens of California.

Although it’s never articulated in the MSM, white Californians simply cannot cope with the inundation of diversity. No responsible parents would put their children into dysfunctional, dangerous schools, where a quarter of students don’t even speak English. This won’t improve. Recently passed, Proposition 58 gives official sanction to teaching in Spanish. Private school is far beyond the budget of the average American parent. It’s even less of a possibility for Californians burdened by high taxes and housing costs.  If you want to have a family and you’re not rich, then most of California simply isn’t the place for you. In this context, I was actually surprised to learn that a quarter of the kids in California are still white.

Investing In Nothing

State officials maintain this outflow isn’t a problem.  They embrace the absurdly fictional notion that all these spic scholars will grow up to be the next generation of engineers, doctors, and computer programmers. Whether it’s their poor educational outcomes, high crime rates, low IQs, or simply the awful state of their native cesspools, there’s nothing to indicate this could possibly happen.  Unless you’re a Democratic politician or somebody whose business thrives on SNAP benefits and Section 8 vouchers, this human refuse doesn’t end up on the plus side of the balance sheet. The money spent to warehouse them in schools is an immense burden, not an investment in future prosperity. 

Boomers Need Money, Too

Through a combination of debt and underinvestment, state finances have managed thus far to avoid implosion. However, the situation is growing increasingly tenuous. Exhibit A: CalPERS, the state pension fund. With assets in excess of 300 billion, CalPERS is the largest pension fund in the country. For budgeting purposes, it estimates an annual return of 7.5%, compounding each year. This never actually happens. In the past fiscal year, its rate of return was a meager .6%, far below what the fund estimates it needs to achieve in order to fund around 2 million retirees. So far, Californian households have amassed over 100,000 dollars apiece in liabilities to cover a shortfall that exceeds a trillion dollars. But, many households are on the take. They contribute nothing to the state’s coffers. The burden on actual taxpayers is much higher.

Getting Creatively Destructive with Pensions

The crisis is already starting, forcing CalPERS to cut payments to retirees in certain places. Municipalities have tried addressing the problem by issuing pension bonds. Yep, they’re borrowing more money just to pay the pensions. According to officials, it’s a great idea because pension plans will earn a higher return than the interest rates they must pay on the bonds. They’ll be able to create money out of thin air. After all, what could go wrong? As we’ve seen, California pensions always achieve their targeted rate of return.

In the past, the boomer retirement was a crisis in the future. The Ascendants were the immediate path to votes. Now, the boomers are beginning to bleed the state budget, and the Ascendants are fatally exacerbating the hemorrhage. This is the emerging reality across Weimerica. Debt is only a temporary solution.

Building Bridges So They Can Come Over Here and Clean My Toilets

None of this fiscal insanity has any impact on the hypocrisy of the elite. During the 2016 elections, Mark Zuckerberg piously intoned that: “Instead of building walls, we can help people build bridges”. No doubt this came from the heart, as he was living in a modest SF residence. He neglected to mention that it was guarded by a large security force. He even went so far as to build a mile long wall around his Hawaiian vacation home in order to thwart natives from accessing the beach. All the while, he was using Facebook to discretely gather and monetize invasive personal information about its users.  Outside the trendy SWPL zones of SF, hordes of the miserable, displaced underclass dwelled in tent encampments. It all seems right out of a dystopian novel, yet it’s just another day in California.

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Good Luck without Us!

Ultimately, California is a shining example of why our enemies in the establishment can’t win. The extent to which they can import a vast brown horde to displace the white population of an area is the extent to which they can destroy this area. Whites are not replaceable. No victory can result from a game plan that calls for their replacement, only ruin. Sure, they successfully swamped one of the whitest states in the union. However, in the process, they’ve managed to wreck its economy, erode the rule of law, and leave it financially destitute. Is that victory? We’re displaced, but have we been replaced?

What Happens Next?

There are some implications to consider. The first is that it will only get worse. White taxpayers are steadily leaving. Due to the cost of living and unpleasant diversity, many retirees also seem destined relocate elsewhere, further depriving it of revenue.  As more and more boomers retire, the budget will come under increasing strain.

Second, Browns are steadily pouring in and multiplying. California is willing to spend whatever it needs to make sure that none of them are deported, no matter what violent crime they commit. It doesn’t matter how absurd this looks to the rest of the country. They don’t vote in California elections. At any rate, there’s always some judge, somewhere to nullify whatever Trump attempts to do. So, don’t expect the illegals to go anywhere.

Third, a place like LA is a powder keg, kept damp by the sheer amount of free shit that everybody is getting. Once the money is gone, it could easily explode. Consider the aforementioned LA Riots of 1992. They exposed racial differences like only a prison yard usually can. Amid appalling outbreaks of looting and interracial violence, Korean shopkeepers engaged in gun battles from rooftops with Cholo gangbangers. Nearly 4,000 buildings were destroyed. That was what happened in LA when it was much whiter, with plenty of money to go around. What if the money evaporated? How much safety would a gated community in the hills buy in that feral situation? I really hope we get to find out.

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Third, California is the world’s sixth largest economy. It relies on water and transportation infrastructure built in a different age, by different people, intended for far less people. The last drought or a daily LA commute demonstrates the limits it imposes on economic growth, regardless of human capital. The financial equation of the new California doesn’t balance, either. What happens as it all goes under?

Making Predictions for the Future

California is not alone. More states will follow, either soon or in the future. Illinois, Connecticut, and Kentucky are currently in similar fiscal straits, as are most dying nations of Europe. The demise of any one of them could be a trigger for broader instability in the bond markets. Investors will realize that government debt isn’t the safe haven it once was. Interest rates will spike, and the borrowing necessary for bailouts out will become unfeasible. Confidence is all that stands between us and a sovereign debt crisis. All that’s required is a good shake to get things started. It will happen eventually, probably within Trump’s term. Perhaps this will be the impetus.

California and Illinois could serve as rough models for how a post-USA North America might sort itself out. Boomers retire, browns pour in, blacks stay, and all the while, white taxpayers leave. Any place where the toilet water swirls in this fashion will become financially nonviable. In both of these states, vibrancy has fatally eroded social capital, civic virtues, and rule of law. The government’s authority is derived from its ability to pay for stuff by avoiding the funding of future obligations and borrowing money. Both strategies only work in the short term. After it can’t do either one, how does it maintain control? This applies at all levels, especially Federal.

At some point, there will be a reckoning in which existential choices are made about who gets what. Faced with this reality, new territorial entities, or existing states, could purge most of their non-white population simply by cutting off the free shit and privileges. Most of these Ascendants will have to relocate to someplace willing and able to provide for them, starve, or chimpout and eat lead.

It doesn’t seem that huge states like CA or IL would even be viable, since the diversity is largely concentrated in urban areas, while rural areas and suburbs, comprising the vast majority of the geography, are still quite white. Further complicating the situation in CA is the fact that it’s over 13% Asian. Perhaps they’ll look to form their own ethnostate centered on someplace like Arcadia, where they are the majority. The whole thing is a giant clusterfuck. Beyond the inexorable fact that realignment will be very unpleasant, it’s hard to clearly predict the shape of things to come.

-By Tom Shackleford

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