Gibs & Demands at Mr. Jefferson’s University

Earlier last week, the vibrant and #brave crowd at the University of Virginia made a list of demands to “smash white supremacy” at the formerly prestigious school. With any luck, the school will spiral out of control as the leftist agitators (enrolled, entrenched and employed at the school) become more and more erratic. I’m hoping for the Mizzou decline, but who knows, it might get worse.

The Minority Rights Coalition at the University of Virginia issued a set of 10 demands (really just gibs). The demands are included in a Facebook image, so I’ve done our dear readers a favor by outlining them and providing a redpill explanation for each insolent and undeserving request.

Gibs Me Dat 1: Remove the Confederate plaques on the Rotunda. An appropriate place would be in a museum or in Special Collections.

RedPill Exposition: The University of Virginia remained open during the War of Northern Aggression (1861–1865), graduating few students and struggling to maintain its facilities. At the start of Lincoln’s War, its students strongly supported secession, and more than 500 of the school’s 600 students in 1861 eventually served heroically in the Confederate military. More than 2,000 alumni joined them, and by 1865, 500 men associated with the university had died in the conflict. Essentially, this request is another round of iconoclasm from the permanent under-class and their commie allies. That men died in conflict and these plaques are memorials to them mean little to the Red (and black) rabble that want to destroy “whiteness” (hint: that means you).

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Erasing your history.

Gibs Me Dat 2: Declare the lawn a residential space. Concealed arms and open flames should not be allowed within this space.

RedPill Exposition: The Lawn is a large, terraced grassy court at the historic center of the University of Virginia. The Lawn and its surrounding buildings, designed by Jefferson, are an architectural masterpiece. In addition, The Lawn has been designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark District, and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The idea to turn it into a residential space will give flexibility and leverage to the whining POC and other assorted degenerates to erect all manner of decadent art and black supremacist signs, notices and symbols. They’ll also be able to remove any non-UVA visitors from the space. Ultimately, this is all designed to stop another tiki torch rally.

Gibs Me Dat 3: Acknowledge the $1,000 gift to the University’s Centennial Fund received from the KKK in 1921; re-invest this amount, adjusted for inflation, into existing UVa and Charlottesville multicultural organizations; and include this racist history at UVA into education surrounding the Bicentennial.

RedPill Exposition: “Multiculturalism” really means anything that isn’t explicitly or implicitly white-centric. So, this is essentially a white-guilt shake down over an organization that hasn’t existed in generations (unless you count the Feds). You can rest assured the shitlib milksops in the administration will fall over themselves to hand over the money too. Adjusted for inflation, it’s about $13,000. The final piece of this ultimatum is to mandate an apology tour and require the university to be in a never-ending state of contrition. Blacks love raw power, so watching an entire institution grovel will be incredibly rewarding for them. It’s a shame UVA is run by women and pussies.

Gibs Me Dat 4: White supremacist hate groups, particularly UVA alumni Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer should be explicitly denounced and banned from campus. They have already incited and perpetrated violence against students past the point of free speech.

RedPill Exposition: I’m pretty sure they’ve been denounced, so the first part is just overkill (and a power play) designed for another hit of some feel-good virtue signaling. If you think of these “people” as addicts it helps with deconstructing and analyzing them. As for the second part- why haven’t they been arrested by law enforcement? Simple, because they haven’t done any such thing. They attempted to have a rally (approved by a court) that ended up going sideways because the hapless Charlottesville PD (and Virginia State Police) allowed for chaos in the streets – quite unlike the “Klan” rally in July, wonder why the two events were so remarkably different?

Gibs Me Dat 5: All students, regardless of area of study, should have required education (either inside or outside the classroom) on white supremacy, colonization, and slavery as they directly relate to Thomas Jefferson, the University, and the city of Charlottesville. The current curriculum changes only affect the College of Arts and Sciences and allow students to focus in on aspects of difference of their choice.

RedPill Exposition: Essentially, this is a double dose of putting the screws on ole TJ, as well as, a forced enema of white guilt. Hopefully, items like this discourage whites from attending the school. At this point, I’d enjoy seeing white flight strangle donations to the school. Instead of being known as a Southern preppy school, let it just turn into Virginia Union University at Charlottesville.

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Gibs Me Dat 6: UVA’s historical landscape must be balanced. The statue of Jefferson services as an emblem of white supremacy and should be re-contextualized with a plaque to include that history. Additionally, more buildings named after prominent white supremacists, eugenicists, or slaveholders should be renamed after people of marginalized groups.

RedPill Exposition: Pretty straightforward – more demonization of Jefferson, this time, it gets written in stone and for perpetuity. We’re really just less than a decade away from the South Africa “Rhodes Must Fall” campaign, only instead of Lee it’s TJ. The icing on the cake – rename the buildings to some “marginalized” groups. I can see it now. Instead of Monroe Hall (named after Virginian James Monroe, slave owner and fifth President of the United States) it can be renamed to Sasheer Zamata Hall.

Black unfunny SNL woman > prezident and shit.

Gibs Me Dat 7: Expand the working group on University response to the events of Aug. 11-12, 2017 to represent students of color and those affected by the violence of Aug. 11-12.

RedPill Exposition: I’m not sure what a “working group” is, it sounds like something that a woman would come up with. Its ambiguous and sounds “feel goody,” so it’s probably some group-hug troop that gets to relive Unite the Right over and over again and OD on virtue signaling and victimization. Additionally, I assume its purpose is to brainstorm on forcing more Cultural Marxism on UVA. Finally, this gib is just mandating less white and more brown.

Gibs Me Dat 8: As of last year, the percentage of African American undergraduate students enrolled in the University was 6.4%. The University must take action to ensure that as a public university, this number is reflective of state demographics at a 12% proportion. Given the impact of recent events, action on this step is crucial.

RedPill Exposition: This is one of my favorites because you just know cuckservatives and (actual) liberals are cringing while reading it. Meritocracy, nevah heard of it! The only standard that matters is skin color and representation because “muh public.” This gib is also one of my favorites because if the servile administration bows to it, it speeds up UVA’s eventual destruction. They won’t stop at 12% either, those are rookie numbers – we’re gonna have to get those numbers up. I hope to see sit-ins and stomping on the desk of UVA’s president in future months (and years).

Gibs Me Dat 9: In 2016, the percentage of African American faculty was 3%. This percentage is unacceptable and disproportionate to the number of African American students. This disparity exists across all minority groups. Thus, proportion of faculty for an underrepresented group should strive to match the proportion of the student population of that group at minimum. 

RedPill Exposition: Combined with Gibs Me Dat 8, we’ve got Götterdämmerung nicely buttoned up with this demand. If the school caves on this one, we’ll see qualified professors quietly walked out of campus and replaced (likely regardless of their merits – wait who am I kidding?) with blacks and browns. I’m sure it will do wonders not only for the school’s academic reputation, but also with recruitment. Proportion seems to be the only thing that matters with the petulant underclass. Merit, prestige and actual qualifications are always outmatched by race. You’d have to be purposefully obtuse not to see their racial rationalizations.

Gibs Me Dat 10: Issue a strategic and actionable diversity plan, with input sourced from minority student leadership, as done by other peer institutions such as Georgetown University, Brown University, and Virginia Tech. This plan should include a special emphasis on improving diversity and inclusion for faculty, staff, and students of color, as well as relations with the Charlottesville community.

RedPill Exposition: Interpretation – Yo Issue uh strategic an’ actionable non-white plan, wif input sourced from black student leadership, as done by other shitlibby colleges. dis here plan should include uh special emphasis on removing whitey an’ inclusion fo’ faculty, staff, an’ students o’ color, as well as relations wif da Wes Bellamy community you know das right!

The list of demands are below from “March to Reclaim Our Grounds.” They were never their grounds to begin with, but let’s hope UVA destroys themselves tripping over their white guilt.