The Empire and Our Future

This is in response to the excellent Heritage Not Hate? piece published on Identity Dixie a few days ago. It provides some insight to just how thoroughly we have been indoctrinated by the Yankee elite which controls our armies, our resources, and our tax dollars: of which we disproportionately die for, give up, and pony up.

The jig is up, stop dancing. They never cared for you, only your Southern kin has ever been there for you.

We as a nation in a conquered homeland need to re-recognize we are not like the Yankee Empire, they will always hate us, and we should not fight and die for their Dixian crushing imperial machine which sends our sons to die for poppy fields in the far flung mountains and fields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our current president, being thoroughly of Yankee stock is still extending a war which has now crossed generational lines. Think about that for a minute. Think of his cabinet decisions. Think long and hard on the Constitution and its legitimacy post a war which rammed several amendments down our throat at bayonet point and kept us under military administration and denied us every basic right during that time, and as time has progressed, has continually and effectively nullified those rights; some entirely, some partially. Then ask yourself “should I sing proud to be an American? Where at least I know I’m free?”

We’re not free, and we’re not Americans, not if that means what it used to. We aren’t ethnically the same, religiously, proportionately sacrificial to maintain said “nation” (whose nation?), and we do not have the same lexicon or dress or moral beliefs. Sure, many a Southern family has adopted their ways, but those who did not, we can say emphatically we are suppressed, oppressed, and being replaced. Slowly but surely and increasingly all the time.

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Never Forget, Never Forgive.

The Constitution has been dead since that terrible war, and our nation in recession. We’ve been relegated as a people on a reservation with goals to implement and integrate ourselves to the Yankee nation, despite how naturally stubborn we are.

Should we scream heritage, not hate? Should we merely honor our ancestors, in other words, pay lip service? Or should we once again revere our distinct people, homeland and flag? We have internal work which must be done. And that work is making the family work again. Going to church again. Having children again. And no, not out of national duty to perpetuate the Dixian people, but because the family once again functions, and we are a people which loves the little ones.

Until we take family and local social ties seriously again, until we start sharing knowledge and being willing to be mentored again, we will remain up this creek without a paddle, going in circles.

It is paramount to the success of our nation that we begin to act like a nation again: an extended connected line of families that help teach, raise, protect, feed, and instruct each other in the Faith.

When Lee saw the horrors of Reconstruction, he wept and regretted not carrying on a bloody insurgency. Likewise, we are starting to see the writing on the wall; extinction for the Southern nation. And will we revive and expand? Or die with perhaps a bang? Or regrettably a whimper?

The individual family member, the father, the patriarch, these people will carry us forward. You will decide the outcome. Deo Vindice!

– Bowden


  1. As a “copperhead”,from the mountains of Pennsylvania, I have to agree. What we are witnessing is the final stage of “reconstruction” on a global scale.