An American Cultural Revolution in the Making

In 1949, the communists had successfully taken control of China. By 1966, China had been under communism for 17 years. The fire of revolution had largely calmed to dull embers and much had changed. Mao had lost power within his government and face among the peasantry because of his role in the Great Chinese Famine; a famine that killed around 30 million. His so called “Great Leap Forward” was a complete disaster, causing China’s economy to stutter and crash. What little popularity Mao still had was among the youth, who formed unofficial militias for Mao.

In the government, less ideological men had pushed Mao into the background. Instead of strictly sticking to Communist doctrine, they installed a more flexible economic system. With Mao seemingly left as a figurehead, China began to function again. Mao thought otherwise, calling them revisionists and traitors, and in an effort to retake power Mao ordered his Red Guard to destroy any reminders of pre-revolutionary China; Four Olds – of old culture, old habits, old ideas and attack nine people: the landlords, the rich, agents, capitalists, rightists, intellectuals, bad elements, counter revolutionaries, and traitors.

The Red Guard went out and destroyed art, burned books, desecrated temples, dug up bodies, tore down signs and renamed them with revolutionary names. The body of Confucius was even dug up and shamefully displayed in public. They held struggle sessions where they would torture and kill anybody accused of being one of the nine enemies of the state. Many of these victims were teachers and professors and they shut down schools. These were the same schools that indoctrinated the youth into radicals. Without school, the generation that grew up during this period were left uneducated. The violence continued to escalate, and finally peaked and culminated in the Tiananmen incident of 1978. It wasn’t until the death of Mao that the revolution finally ended. By then China was irreversibly changed.

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Cultural Revolution: Notice the Pattern.

All these events may sound scarily familiar. The Left are well on their way to performing an American Cultural Revolution. They have held “struggle sessions” against whites (or those they believe to be white); and as seen in the case of Evergreen State College, and kidnapping and torture of a white man by Black Lives Matter, which was also a struggle session in action. They have harassed and assaulted anybody to the right of Songbird John McCain, to the point that wearing a Make America Great Again cap can get you jumped in some leftist cities. They destroy statues and cry for the erasing of anything they deem “racist.” And now, we are now seeing mass censorship by the Mainstream Media. The same Mainstream Media that condone and cheer on Antifa.

Of course it is once again the education system that is responsible for brainwashing millennials into Establishment militias. Does this have an end? The answer is no.

Communism simply cannot exist in peacetime, it is a permanent series of revolutionary waves that seek to grind down every last bit of society to dust. President Trump was right when he asked if the Founding Fathers were next – nothing is off the table, nothing is sacred, nobody is safe from the Left. Once they’re done taking down Confederate monuments it’ll be slave owners, then the founding fathers, then anything patriotic or American.

After that, it won’t be long until they start rounding up anybody for thought crimes. Even when they’ve destroyed the Right and every last vestige of the West, they will turn on one another, cannibalizing the very political machine that owns them.

This is not a call to violence, it is a call to action for those who consider themselves conservatives, centrists, and even classical liberals. Stand up with the Alt-Right, even if you disagree, and don’t let this country follow the bloody path that China traveled.