We Need You Here

President Trump recently announced his “new plan” for Afghanistan. According to sources at the Pentagon, Trump has requested a surge of at least 4,000 new troops. I’m sure this will work out just wonderfully for the average American.

Graveyard of Empires

There is a reason that Afghanistan has earned the nickname “Graveyard of Empires.” Afghanistan has never been conquered by outsiders. The Afghan people have managed to repel the armies of the British Empire, the Soviet Union, and, most recently, the American Federal Empire. Even Alexander the Great failed to conquer the Afghans.

Post 9/11, Southerners have comprised a majority of the American Federal Empire’s military. In spite of making up 34% of the population, 41% of enlistment comes from Dixie. When you count only combat specialties, some estimates place as many as 66% of service members as Southerners. When we count the casualties of the Afghan War using these same statistics, the figures are astounding: between 1,400 and 2,300 deaths (out of 3,500 total) and between 8,200 and 13,200 injured. This means that a Southerner is nearly twice as likely to become a casualty of a war started by a government that actively seeks to destroy his culture at home.

The College Myth

Many people enlist in the military to pay for college; unless you’re going into a STEM field, that degree will be useless paper. The better option is to learn a trade. Even if you have to enroll in a trade school, your tuition costs will be lower and the payoff after joining the workforce as a skilled tradesman will be higher. Some states will even give you a grant that pays for most or all of your tuition to trade school. Skilled trade jobs are always available and offer some of the best wages in the country.

Start a Family

Instead of joining the military at the age of 18, use that time to save money earned from working in a trade to start a family. Starting a family as a young adult is exponentially more beneficial for everyone involved. Those who start earlier can have more children during their peak child rearing years, allowing parents to take a more active role in the lives of their children. Your children will also experience more meaningful and fulfilling relationships with their grandparents and great grandparents, as well as the rest of their extended family. Polls also show that younger couples with children tend to have better sex lives, which is great for everyone involved.

If you’re considering enlisting, don’t. Stay home, learn a trade, and start a family. If you desire a fraternal bond with other men, which you should, join a fraternal order. Don’t fight wars for those who hate you. Remember, we love you and we need you here.

This is more important.

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